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Conjour vs. Conjure: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Conjour is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is Conjure, which means to summon or bring forth, especially through magic.

Which is correct: Conjour or Conjure

How to spell Conjure?

Conjour is Incorrect

Conjure is Correct


Key Differences

Remember the "u" comes before the "r" in Conjure, just like "pure" or "cure."
"Journey" has a similar vowel-consonant placement. In a magical journey, you "conjure."
Connect it to "juncture"; both have a similar "un" before the "j/r."
Imagine a magician saying, "With this gesture, I conjure!"
Think of the "e" at the end of "conjure" as the end of a magic spell.

Correct usage of Conjure

Can you conjour up a story for the children?
Can you conjure up a story for the children?
He tried to conjour a solution, but nothing came to mind.
He tried to conjure a solution, but nothing came to mind.
They managed to conjour a feast seemingly out of thin air.
They managed to conjure a feast seemingly out of thin air.
The magician claimed he could conjour rabbits out of his hat.
The magician claimed he could conjure rabbits out of his hat.
She attempted to conjour the spirit of the ancient warrior.
She attempted to conjure the spirit of the ancient warrior.

Conjure Definitions

Conjure means to summon a spirit or demon, especially through a ritual.
Witches are believed to conjure spirits.
Conjure can refer to creating something out of thin air.
He seemed to conjure money from nowhere.
Conjure implies invoking or appealing to someone as an authority.
She conjured her mentor's teachings during the lecture.
Conjure also means to bring to mind or recall.
The song conjures memories of my childhood.
Conjure can denote performing tricks as a conjuror or magician.
The magician conjured a rabbit from his hat.
To summon (a devil or spirit) by magical or supernatural power.
To influence or effect by or as if by magic
Tried to conjure away the doubts that beset her.
To call or bring to mind; evoke
"Arizona conjures up an image of stark deserts for most Americans" (American Demographics).
To imagine; picture
"a sight to store away, then conjure up someday when they were no longer together" (Nelson DeMille).
(Archaic) To call on or entreat solemnly, especially by an oath.
To perform magic tricks, especially by sleight of hand.
To summon a devil by magic or supernatural power.
To practice black magic.
See hoodoo.
Of or practicing folk magic
A conjure woman.
(intransitive) To perform magic tricks.
He started conjuring at the age of 15, and is now a famous stage magician.
(transitive) To summon (a devil, etc.) using supernatural power.
To enchant or bewitch.
(transitive) To evoke. en
(transitive) To imagine or picture in the mind.
To make an urgent request to; to appeal to or beseech.
To conspire or plot.
(African American Vernacular English) The practice of magic; hoodoo; conjuration.
To call on or summon by a sacred name or in solemn manner; to implore earnestly; to adjure.
I conjure you, let him know,Whate'er was done against him, Cato did it.
To combine together by an oath; to conspire; to confederate.
Drew after him the third part of Heaven's sonsConjured against the Highest.
To affect or effect by conjuration; to call forth or send away by magic arts; to excite or alter, as if by magic or by the aid of supernatural powers.
The habitation which your prophet . . . conjured the devil into.
To practice magical arts; to use the tricks of a conjurer; to juggle; to charm.
She conjures; away with her.
Evoke or call forth, with or as if by magic;
Raise the specter of unemployment
He conjured wild birds in the air
Stir a disturbance
Call down the spirits from the mountain
Ask for or request earnestly;
The prophet bid all people to become good persons
Engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together;
They conspired to overthrow the government

Conjure Sentences

The campfire stories conjure images of ghosts and goblins.
She can conjure the most delicious recipes from just a few ingredients.
The music seemed to conjure a feeling of nostalgia.
Can you conjure up an excuse for being late?
He could conjure flames with a snap of his fingers.
She hoped to conjure some enthusiasm among her team.
The poet's words conjure a sense of calm and peace.
The ancient texts speak of wizards who could conjure storms.
To conjure a bird from the empty cage was his final trick.
He managed to conjure a smile despite his sadness.
Magicians conjure illusions to amaze their audience.
A good leader can conjure a vision that inspires others.
He tried to conjure an answer from the depths of his memory.
They conjure a plan to escape their predicament.
The decorations conjure a festive atmosphere.
She could conjure a story that captivated everyone's attention.

Conjure Idioms & Phrases

Conjure into existence

To bring something into being through magical or imaginative effort.
With a few strokes of her brush, she conjured a landscape into existence on the canvas.

Conjure a spirit

To call upon a supernatural being.
The medium claimed she could conjure the spirit of the deceased.

Conjure out of

To produce something unexpectedly from a specific source.
She conjured a delicious meal out of the most basic ingredients.

Conjure a trick

To perform a magic trick.
The magician conjured a trick that left the audience speechless.

Conjure the past

To bring back memories or recreate a bygone era.
The museum's exhibit conjures the past with its artifacts.

Conjure away

To make something disappear as if by magic.
No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't conjure away his feelings of guilt.

Conjure a vision

To create a vivid mental image.
The speaker conjured a vision of a better future for all.

Conjure up a storm

To create a great amount of something, often trouble or controversy.
His remarks conjured up a storm of protest.

Conjure a spell

To perform a magical ritual.
The witch conjured a spell to bring about peace.

Conjure with

To appeal to or invoke something with earnestness.
He conjured with the audience to consider the future of the planet.

Conjure a scene

To create a vivid setting or scenario.
The novelist can conjure a scene with just a few descriptive words.

Conjure for

To attempt to summon or bring about for someone's benefit.
They conjured for rain during the drought.

Conjure by name

To specifically summon by calling a name.
The legend says you can conjure the ghost by name at midnight.

Conjure up memories

To evoke nostalgic or forgotten memories.
Visiting my old school conjured up memories of my childhood.

Conjure a plan

To devise a strategy.
They needed to conjure a plan to deal with the unforeseen complications.

Conjure an atmosphere

To create a specific mood or feeling.
The dim lighting and soft music conjured an intimate atmosphere.

Conjure into action

To motivate or prompt into taking action.
The crisis conjured the community into action.

Conjure an illusion

To create a deceptive appearance or trick.
The illusionist can conjure an illusion that baffles the mind.


What is the verb form of Conjure?

The verb form is "conjure."

What is the root word of Conjure?

The root word is from Latin "conjurare."

What is the pronunciation of Conjure?

Conjure is pronounced as /ˈkɒn.dʒər/.

Why is it called Conjure?

It is called "Conjure" from the Latin "conjurare" meaning to swear together or conspire.

What is the singular form of Conjure?

"Conjure" itself is singular.

Which vowel is used before Conjure?

The vowel "o" is used in the beginning of "conjure."

What is the plural form of Conjure?

Verbs don't have plural forms, but the noun "conjurations" could be considered.

Which preposition is used with Conjure?

"Up" as in "conjure up."

Which conjunction is used with Conjure?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the context.

Is Conjure a countable noun?

Conjure is primarily a verb; its related noun form, "conjuration," is countable.

How many syllables are in Conjure?

Conjure has two syllables.

How do we divide Conjure into syllables?


Is Conjure an adverb?

No, Conjure is not an adverb.

Is Conjure an abstract noun?

No, but the concept it represents can be abstract.

Is the Conjure term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, as in "conjure up an idea."

Is the word Conjure imperative?

It can be, as in "Conjure the spirits!"

What is another term for Conjure?

Summon or evoke.

Is Conjure a negative or positive word?

Neutral, but it can have negative connotations in certain contexts.

Is Conjure a vowel or consonant?

"Conjure" is a word that contains both vowels and consonants.

What is a stressed syllable in Conjure?

The first syllable "Con" is stressed.

Which determiner is used with Conjure?

"The" can be used, as in "the conjure ritual."

What is the first form of Conjure?


What part of speech is Conjure?

It is a verb.

What is the opposite of Conjure?

Banish or dismiss.

What is the second form of Conjure?


Which article is used with Conjure?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on context.

Is Conjure a noun or adjective?

Conjure is primarily a verb, but "conjurer" is a noun.

Is Conjure a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

What is the third form of Conjure?


How is Conjure used in a sentence?

She tried to conjure a vision of her ancestral home.
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