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Nannie vs. Nanny: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Nannie" is an incorrect spelling. "Nanny" is the correct term for a person, usually a woman, who cares for children.

Which is correct: Nannie or Nanny

How to spell Nanny?

Nannie is Incorrect

Nanny is Correct


Key Differences

"Nanny" has double 'n' but only one 'y'.
Think of "can" as in "nanny can care," not "cane."
"Y" is the typical ending for professions like "spy," "ally," and "nanny."
Remember that "granny" is for grandparents and "nanny" is for caregivers.
Use "nanny" as in "nanny goat."

Correct usage of Nanny

The nannie read them a bedtime story.
The nanny read them a bedtime story.
Nannie took care of the kids yesterday.
Nanny took care of the kids yesterday.
Can we call our nannie to come over?
Can we call our nanny to come over?
She is a professional nannie for a living.
She is a professional nanny for a living.
Their nannie helps them with homework.
Their nanny helps them with homework.

Nanny Definitions

Nanny is a woman employed to care for a child in its own home.
The nanny ensured the baby was fed and put to bed.
Nanny is a term used endearingly for a grandmother.
I visited my nanny this weekend.
Nanny denotes a person's regular and consistent source of support or aid.
My older sister was like a nanny to me growing up.
Nanny might colloquially suggest an overly protective person or government.
Some people feel the regulations are a result of a nanny state.
A person, traditionally a woman, employed to take care of a child.
A child's nurse.
(colloquial) A grandmother.
A godmother.
A female goat.
To serve as a nanny.
To treat like a nanny's charges; to coddle.
A diminutive of Ann or Anne, the proper name.
A caretaker for a child; a child's nurse; a nursemaid.
Grandmother; - a child's word, used especially as a form of address. See also nana.
A woman who is the custodian of children
Female goat
Nanny can refer to a female goat.
The young nanny grazed in the pasture.

Nanny Sentences

Every morning, the nanny prepares breakfast for the family.
Our nanny taught us how to tie our shoes.
Our nanny knows all the best stories to tell at bedtime.
The children love it when their nanny plays games with them.
My nanny helps me with my homework every evening.
My nanny has been with us since I was a baby.
The nanny makes the best chocolate chip cookies.
I can always count on my nanny to help me with my science project.
When I'm sad, my nanny knows exactly how to cheer me up.
My nanny helps me practice spelling for my tests.
The best nanny in town is known for her incredible patience with kids.
On weekends, our nanny takes us to the park.
I told my nanny a secret, and she promised to keep it.
Our nanny surprised us with a picnic in the backyard.
The nanny teaches us new songs to sing together.
When I grow up, I want to be as kind as my nanny.
I feel safe when my nanny is around.
On rainy days, our nanny organizes indoor treasure hunts.
The nanny always listens when I talk about my day.
Our nanny helps us build the tallest Lego towers.
We made a thank-you card for our nanny to show our appreciation.
Our nanny knows how to make the perfect hot cocoa.
My nanny helps me remember to feed our pet fish.

Nanny Idioms & Phrases

Like a nanny with a new baby

To be very attentive and caring.
Ever since the puppy arrived, she's been fussing over it like a nanny with a new baby.

Finding a nanny in a haystack

An expression used to describe the difficulty of finding a good nanny.
With her high standards, finding a nanny in a haystack would be easier than finding one she approves of.

To nanny

To take care of or manage something with the diligence of a nanny.
He's been nannying the project to ensure its success.

To play nanny

To act as a caretaker or protector, often without being officially assigned the role.
He played nanny to the younger campers, making sure they stayed out of trouble.

Nanny state

A government or authorities that are overly protective and involve themselves too much in the personal choices and freedoms of its citizens.
Some people argue that banning sugary drinks in schools is an example of a nanny state in action.

As protective as a nanny

To be extremely protective of someone or something.
He's as protective as a nanny when it comes to his younger sister.

A nanny for every child

An ideal situation where every child would have the dedicated care and attention of a nanny.
In a perfect world, there would be a nanny for every child.

To need a nanny

To require guidance or care in a situation.
After the surgery, he really needed a nanny to help him through his recovery.


What is the verb form of Nanny?

There isn't a standard verb form of "Nanny." However, in informal contexts, "to nanny" means to work or act as a nanny.

Why is it called Nanny?

It's derived from a child's term for "grandmother" and evolved to mean a female child caregiver.

What is the pronunciation of Nanny?

It is pronounced as /ˈnæ.ni/.

What is the root word of Nanny?

The term "Nanny" evolved from a child's term for "grandmother."

What is the plural form of Nanny?

The plural form is "Nannies."

Which preposition is used with Nanny?

It varies by context. "For" can be used, as in "nanny for the children."

Which article is used with Nanny?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "Nanny" depending on context.

Is Nanny a noun or adjective?

Nanny is primarily a noun.

Is Nanny an adverb?

No, "Nanny" is not an adverb.

Which vowel is used before Nanny?

The vowel "a" is used in "Nanny."

What is the singular form of Nanny?

The singular form is "Nanny."

Is Nanny a vowel or consonant?

"Nanny" is a word that contains both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in Nanny?

There are two syllables in "Nanny."

What is the first form of Nanny?

Nanny is a noun and doesn't have verb forms. The related informal verb "to nanny" has its base form as "nanny."

Which conjunction is used with Nanny?

No specific conjunction is exclusively used with "Nanny." It can be used with any conjunction depending on the context.

Is Nanny an abstract noun?

No, "Nanny" is a concrete noun.

How do we divide Nanny into syllables?


What is the stressed syllable in Nanny?

The first syllable, "Nan", is stressed.

What is another term for Nanny?

Another term for "Nanny" is "caregiver" or "babysitter."

Is Nanny a negative or positive word?

"Nanny" is neutral. Its positivity or negativity depends on context.

Is Nanny a countable noun?

Yes, "Nanny" is a countable noun.

Is Nanny a collective noun?

No, "Nanny" is not a collective noun.

What is the second form of Nanny?

See answer to #27. Informally, the past form could be "nannied."

Is the Nanny term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but "Nanny" can be used metaphorically, such as in "nanny state."

What part of speech is Nanny?

Nanny is a noun.

What is the opposite of Nanny?

There isn't a direct opposite, but in terms of roles, "employer" or "parent" could be considered opposites.

What is the third form of Nanny?

See answer to #27. Informally, the past participle could be "nannied."

Is the word Nanny imperative?

No, "Nanny" is not an imperative verb.

Which determiner is used with Nanny?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "my" can be used with "Nanny."

How is Nanny used in a sentence?

The parents hired a nanny to help with their two young children.
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