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Clok vs. Clock: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Clok" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "clock," a device used to measure and indicate time.

Which is correct: Clok or Clock

How to spell Clock?

Clok is Incorrect

Clock is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "clock" with "lock," both end in "ock."
Use mnemonic: "To check the time, see the 'ck' in clock."
Remember, "clock" has a "c" at the end - think of the sound a clock makes, "tick-tock," with a "ck."
Note the similarity in spelling between "clock" and "sock"; both end with "ock."
Visualize a clock face to remember the correct spelling includes "ck" at the end.

Correct usage of Clock

She looked at the wall and noticed the clok was wrong.
She looked at the wall and noticed the clock was wrong.
Can you please set the alarm on your clok for 7 AM?
Can you please set the alarm on your clock for 7 AM?
The teacher asked me what time the clok was.
The teacher asked me what time the clock was.
My grandmother gave me an antique clok for my birthday.
My grandmother gave me an antique clock for my birthday.
The clok in the hallway stopped working last night.
The clock in the hallway stopped working last night.

Clock Definitions

A device for measuring and indicating time.
The clock on the wall stopped working.
An instrument used in sports to measure game duration.
The game clock counts down the final seconds.
To record time, as in sports or work.
He clocked the fastest lap in the race.
A device in a computer or electronic system regulating the timing of operations.
The CPU clock speed is measured in GHz.
The time as indicated by a clock.
What does the clock say?
An instrument other than a watch for measuring or indicating time, especially a mechanical or electronic device having a numbered dial and moving hands or a digital display.
A time clock.
A source of regularly occurring pulses used to measure the passage of time, as in a computer.

Clock Sentences

He looked at the clock and realized he was late for his appointment.
I have to wind the clock every night before I go to bed.
Our classroom clock is always five minutes fast.
The clock struck twelve, and the party started to wind down.
She received a beautiful wooden clock as a wedding gift.
My favorite clock has pictures of cats on its face.
I bought a new clock for my desk at the office.
The clock in the tower is visible from miles away.
The clock on the wall ticks loudly in the quiet room.
Every morning, the alarm clock wakes me up at 6 AM.
In the library, the grandfather clock chimes every hour.
The world clock display at the airport shows the time in different cities around the world.
During the test, I kept glancing at the clock to manage my time.
The cuckoo clock scared the cat the first time it went off.
The coach timed our sprints with a stopwatch, not a regular clock.
Can you teach me how to read a clock with hands instead of digital numbers?
He fixed the old clock, and now it works perfectly.

Clock Idioms & Phrases

Around the clock

This means something happens continuously, all day and night.
The nurses worked around the clock to care for the patients.

Beat the clock

To finish something before a deadline or before time runs out.
They managed to beat the clock and submit the project on time.

Clock out

To record the time you finish work.
After a long day, I clock out at 6 PM.

Clean someone's clock

To beat someone badly in a competition.
The champion cleaned the challenger's clock in the boxing match.

Clock in

To record the time you start work.
I clock in at 9 AM every day.

Like clockwork

Something happening regularly or predictably.
The buses here run like clockwork, always on time.

Watch the clock

To frequently check the time, usually because you are eager to leave.
On Fridays, everyone seems to watch the clock, waiting for the weekend.

Turn back the clock

To return to an earlier time or situation.
Visiting my old school made me wish I could turn back the clock.

Clock is ticking

Indicates that time is passing and there is urgency.
The clock is ticking on our deadline for the grant proposal.

Under the clock

To be under pressure to complete something in a limited time.
We're all under the clock to get this done by tomorrow.

Five o'clock shadow

Stubble that men get on their face by the end of the day.
He had a noticeable five o'clock shadow by the evening.

Put someone on the clock

To give someone a limited amount of time to do something.
The debate team was put on the clock to present their arguments.

Race against the clock

To hurry to do something before a deadline.
It was a race against the clock to finish the report by midnight.

Run down the clock

To let time pass, usually in a strategic manner.
The football team ran down the clock to secure their win.

Set the clock back

To delay progress or return to an earlier state.
The new policy could set the clock back on environmental conservation.

Clock someone

To notice or pay attention to someone.
The teacher clocked the student trying to cheat during the exam.

Alarm clock

A clock that wakes you up at a set time.
My alarm clock is so loud, it wakes up the whole house.

Against the clock

Working with a very tight deadline.
The team worked against the clock to complete the project.

Face the clock

To confront the reality of a situation or challenge.
After avoiding it for weeks, he had to face the clock and deal with his responsibilities.

Reset the clock

To start over or begin something anew.
Moving to a new city allowed her to reset the clock on her career.


What is the root word of clock?

The root word is the Middle Dutch "clocke."

Why is it called clock?

Derived from the Middle Dutch "clocke," related to the bell, indicating time by bell signals.

Which vowel is used before clock?

The letter "o" is used before "ck" in "clock."

What is the plural form of clock?

The plural form is "clocks."

What is the verb form of clock?

"Clock" as a verb means to measure or record time.

Is clock an abstract noun?

No, clock is a concrete noun referring to a physical object.

What is the pronunciation of clock?

The pronunciation of clock is /klɒk/.

What is the singular form of clock?

The singular form is "clock."

Is clock a noun or adjective?

Clock is primarily a noun, but can function as a verb (e.g., to clock someone).

Is clock an adverb?

No, clock is not an adverb.

Which conjunction is used with clock?

"And" can be used when mentioning multiple clocks or times.

Is clock a negative or positive word?

Clock is neutral; its connotation depends on the context.

Is clock a collective noun?

No, clock is not a collective noun.

Is clock a vowel or consonant?

The word "clock" starts with the consonant "c" and ends with "ck."

Is clock a countable noun?

Yes, clock is a countable noun.

How do we divide clock into syllables?

Clock is a single syllable and not divided.

What is another term for clock?

Another term for clock is "timepiece."

What is the first form of clock?

As a noun, "clock" is the base form; as a verb, "clock" is also the base form.

Which preposition is used with clock?

"On" or "at" can be used with clock (e.g., on the clock, at 3 o’clock).

How many syllables are in clock?

There is one syllable in "clock."

What part of speech is clock?

Clock is a noun and can also be used as a verb.

What is the third form of clock?

The third form as a verb is "clocked" (past participle).

Which article is used with clock?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with clock, depending on the context.

What is a stressed syllable in clock?

The entire word "clock" is stressed as it is only one syllable.

What is the opposite of clock?

There isn't a direct opposite, but "stopwatch" could be considered in terms of function (counting up vs. counting down).

Which determiner is used with clock?

Determiners such as "a," "the," "this," "that" can be used with clock.

How is clock used in a sentence?

"She glanced at the clock to check the time before her meeting."

Is the clock term a metaphor?

"Clock" can be used metaphorically in phrases like "racing against the clock."

Is the word clock imperative?

"Clock" can be used in an imperative form when instructing to measure time.

What is the second form of clock?

The second form as a verb is "clocked" (past tense).
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