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Inititation vs. Initiation: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Inititation" is incorrect; the correct spelling is "initiation," which refers to the act of starting something.

Which is correct: Inititation or Initiation

How to spell Initiation?

Inititation is Incorrect

Initiation is Correct


Key Differences

Only one 't' in "initiation" - think of starting one new thing.
"Initiation" starts with "initi-" like "initial."
Link "initiation" to "initiate," its verb form, which also has one 't'.
"Initiation" matches "action" in rhythm; both end in "-ation."
Remember, "initiation" has the same number of 'i's as "initial."

Correct usage of Initiation

The inititation of the new members will take place next week.
The initiation of the new members will take place next week.
His inititation into the society was a memorable event.
His initiation into the society was a memorable event.
The project's inititation phase involves detailed planning.
The project's initiation phase involves detailed planning.
The inititation ceremony was held at dawn.
The initiation ceremony was held at dawn.
She went through a long inititation process to join the club.
She went through a long initiation process to join the club.

Initiation Definitions

Initiation sometimes refers to the first stage or step in a series of events.
The treaty's signing marked the initiation of peace talks.
Initiation is the act of beginning something or starting off.
The initiation of the project required careful planning.
In social contexts, initiation refers to the rites or ceremonies marking admission into a group or community.
Her initiation into the club was celebrated with a special ceremony.
In a technical sense, initiation can describe the process of triggering a reaction or process.
The initiation of the chemical reaction was observed closely.
Initiation can mean the introduction to a new field, activity, or skill.
His initiation into the world of digital art was swift and enthusiastic.
The act or process of initiating something.
The process of being initiated.
The condition of being initiated.

Initiation Sentences

The initiation ceremony was an important tradition in the community.
New employees go through an initiation process to learn about the company culture.
The initiation rites of the tribe are shrouded in secrecy.
The initiation of the project required careful coordination.
She looked forward to her initiation into the honor society.
He remembered his college fraternity initiation as a challenging experience.
The new software's initiation phase is crucial for its success.
They underwent a spiritual initiation on their journey.
The organization holds an annual initiation ceremony for its new members.
The group's initiation rituals were steeped in history and tradition.
The initiation of peace talks was a hopeful sign for the conflict-ridden area.
The initiation phase of the study focused on gathering preliminary data.
The club's initiation fee is quite high.
Her initiation into the world of professional sports was not easy.
The scout's initiation included learning essential outdoor survival skills.
The initiation of the agreement marked a new era in trade relations.
She took part in the initiation of a new charity event.
The secret society's initiation is a topic of much speculation.
After his initiation, he felt fully integrated into the community.
With the initiation of the new policy, employees noticed significant changes at work.
The initiation of construction is scheduled for next month.
The initiation process for the program is detailed and rigorous.
The initiation ceremony into the club was an unforgettable experience.
Leadership initiation programs are essential for grooming future leaders.
Their initiation into adulthood is celebrated with a special ceremony.

Initiation Idioms & Phrases

Undergo initiation

To experience or subject oneself to the process of being initiated.
Every member of the group must undergo initiation to understand our values and traditions.

Initiation rite

Another term for a ceremony or process that marks the admission of an individual into a group or society.
The initiation rite for the secret society is kept strictly confidential.

The first step is the initiation

Starting something is often the most important part of the process.
For her, writing a book, the first step is the initiation, committing to the first chapter.

Initiation into adulthood

The process or ceremony of being recognized as an adult in a community or culture.
The coming-of-age ceremony is an initiation into adulthood for the community's youth.

Rite of initiation

A ceremony or series of actions performed when someone joins a group or takes on a new role.
The rite of initiation into the fraternity involved a series of challenges.

Begin the initiation

To start the formal process of introducing someone to a new role or group.
We'll begin the initiation of the new members next Friday.

Initiation ceremony

A formal event marking the beginning of something, such as membership in a group.
The initiation ceremony will include traditional dances and a pledge of allegiance to the group's principles.

Initiation process

The series of steps or actions taken to become a part of an organization or group.
The initiation process can be quite demanding, testing both your physical and mental strength.

Complete the initiation

To finish all required processes or ceremonies to become a member of a group.
After you complete the initiation, you'll be a full-fledged member of the club.


Activities or steps taken before the formal initiation process begins.
The pre-initiation meeting is where we outline what the new recruits can expect.

Trial of initiation

A challenge or test that one must pass to be initiated.
The trial of initiation was both a physical and mental test of endurance.

Pass through the initiation

To successfully complete the initiation process.
Once you pass through the initiation, you'll gain access to all the community resources.

Initiation phase

The beginning stage of a project or process.
During the initiation phase, we'll identify key objectives and assign roles.

Spiritual initiation

A ritual or process that marks a person's introduction into spiritual or religious life.
His spiritual initiation was a deeply moving experience, marking the start of his journey.

Cultural initiation

The process of being introduced to and integrated into the cultural practices and beliefs of a group.
Her cultural initiation involved learning the language and customs of the community.

Symbol of initiation

An object or act that represents or signifies the process of being initiated.
The necklace she wears is a symbol of initiation into the sisterhood.

Initiation fee

A charge for being admitted into an organization.
The club requires a one-time initiation fee, which covers the cost of your welcome package.


The period or activities that follow after someone has been initiated.
Post-initiation, there will be a mentorship program to guide you through your first year.

Initiation right

The entitlement to undergo an initiation.
In some cultures, reaching a certain age grants you the initiation right to participate in sacred ceremonies.

Secret initiation

A private or hidden ceremony for entering a group, often surrounded by mystery.
The details of the club's secret initiation are known only to its members.


What is the pronunciation of initiation?

Initiation is pronounced as /ɪˌnɪʃiˈeɪʃən/.

Which vowel is used before initiation?

The vowel "i" is used before the -ation in initiation.

What is the verb form of initiation?

The verb form is "initiate."

Why is it called initiation?

It's called initiation because it denotes the act of beginning or introducing something.

Which conjunction is used with initiation?

"And" can be used, as in "initiation and induction ceremonies."

Is initiation a negative or positive word?

Initiation is neutral; its connotation depends on the context.

What is the singular form of initiation?

The singular form is "initiation."

What is the plural form of initiation?

The plural form is "initiations."

Which preposition is used with initiation?

"Into" is commonly used, as in "initiation into a society."

What is the root word of initiation?

The root word is "initiate," derived from the Latin "initiare," meaning to begin.

Is initiation an adverb?

No, initiation is not an adverb.

Is initiation a noun or adjective?

Initiation is a noun.

Is initiation a vowel or consonant?

The word "initiation" starts with the vowel 'i'.

How do we divide initiation into syllables?

Initiation is divided into syllables as "i-ni-ti-a-tion."

What is the opposite of initiation?

The opposite could be "conclusion" or "termination."

Which determiner is used with initiation?

Determiners like "the," "an," "this," and "each" can be used, as in "the initiation ceremony," "an initiation process," "this initiation rite," "each initiation phase."

Which article is used with initiation?

"An" or "the" can be used, as in "an initiation ritual" or "the initiation process."

Is the word initiation is imperative?

No, initiation is not imperative; it describes an action or process.

How many syllables are in initiation?

There are five syllables in "initiation."

What is another term for initiation?

Another term for initiation could be "commencement" or "inauguration."

Is initiation a collective noun?

No, initiation is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in initiation?

The third syllable "ti" is stressed in "initiation."

What part of speech is initiation?

Initiation is a noun.

What is the second form of initiation?

The second form (past tense) of initiate is "initiated."

How is initiation used in a sentence?

Initiation is used to denote the beginning or entrance into something, e.g., "The initiation ceremony was an important tradition for the community."

Is initiation an abstract noun?

Yes, initiation is an abstract noun as it refers to an act or process.

Is initiation a countable noun?

Yes, initiation is a countable noun.

Is the initiation term a metaphor?

Initiation can be used metaphorically to describe the start of various processes or experiences.

What is the first form of initiation?

"Initiate" is the base form related to initiation.

What is the third form of initiation?

The third form (past participle) of initiate is also "initiated."
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