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Clasic vs. Classic: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Clasic" is a common misspelling of the correct term "Classic," which refers to something of recognized value and enduring appeal.

Which is correct: Clasic or Classic

How to spell Classic?

Clasic is Incorrect

Classic is Correct


Key Differences

Double the 's' for something superior, as in "classic."
Recall the phrase "class is classic" to ensure you include both 's's.
"Classic" has two 's's to match its lasting success.
The word "classic" has the same number of letters as "timeless," emphasizing its enduring value.
Think of "class" and add "ic" to remember "classic."

Correct usage of Classic

She prefers clasic cars over modern ones.
She prefers classic cars over modern ones.
He has a collection of clasic literature at home.
He has a collection of classic literature at home.
The movie is considered a clasic in its genre.
The movie is considered a classic in its genre.
The dress had a simple, clasic design.
The dress had a simple, classic design.
That song is a clasic; it never gets old.
That song is a classic; it never gets old.

Classic Definitions

In sports, a classic is a significant or historic competition.
The World Series is a baseball classic.
Classic can refer to a school subject focused on ancient Greek and Latin literature and languages.
She excelled in classics at university.
Belonging to the highest rank or class.
Serving as the established model or standard
A classic example of colonial architecture.
Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.
Adhering or conforming to established standards and principles
A classic piece of research.
Of a well-known type; typical
A classic mistake.
Of or characteristic of the literature, art, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome; classical.
Formal, refined, and restrained in style.
Simple and harmonious; elegant
The classic cut of a suit.
The classic lines of a clipper ship.
Having historical or literary associations
Classic battlefields of the Civil War.
An artist, author, or work generally considered to be of the highest rank or excellence, especially one of enduring significance.
A work recognized as definitive in its field.
A literary work of ancient Greece or Rome.
Classics The languages and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Used with the.
One that is of the highest rank or class
The car was a classic of automotive design.
A typical or traditional example.
(Informal) A superior or unusual example of its kind
The reason he gave for being late was a classic.
A traditional event, especially a major sporting event that is held annually
A golf classic.
Of or relating to the first class or rank, especially in literature or art.
Exemplary of a particular style; defining a class/category; typical.
Exhibiting timeless quality and excellence.
"To Kill a Mockingbird" is a 1960 classic book by Harper Lee.
Characteristic of or from the past; old; retro; vintage.
Watching classic movies as a hobby
Of or pertaining to the ancient Greeks and Romans, especially to Greek or Roman authors of the highest rank, or of the period when their best literature was produced; of or pertaining to places inhabited by the ancient Greeks and Romans, or rendered famous by their deeds.
Traditional; original.
Users who dislike the new visual layout can return to classic mode.
A perfect and/or early example of a particular style.
An artistic work of lasting worth, such as a film or song; a work of enduring excellence.
The author of such a work.
A major, long-standing sporting event.
(horse racing) Any of the British Classic Races, five long-standing Group 1 horse races run during the traditional flat racing season.
(dated) One learned in the literature of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome; a student of classical literature.
Of or pertaining to the ancient Greeks and Romans, esp. to Greek or Roman authors of the highest rank, or of the period when their best literature was produced; of or pertaining to places inhabited by the ancient Greeks and Romans, or rendered famous by their deeds.
Though throned midst Latium's classic plains.
The epithet classical, as applied to ancient authors, is determined less by the purity of their style than by the period at which they wrote.
He [Atterbury] directed the classical studies of the undergraduates of his college.
Conforming to the best authority in literature and art; chaste; pure; refined; as, a classical style.
Classical, provincial, and national synods.
A work of acknowledged excellence and authority, or its author; - originally used of Greek and Latin works or authors, but now applied to authors and works of a like character in any language.
In is once raised him to the rank of a legitimate English classic.
One learned in the literature of Greece and Rome, or a student of classical literature.
A creation of the highest excellence
An artist who has created classic works
Characteristic of the classical artistic and literary traditions
Adhering to established standards and principles;
A classic proof
Classic refers to a work of art of recognized and established value.
Pride and Prejudice is a classic novel.
Classic signifies enduring quality, style, or appeal.
The Beatles produced classic songs.
Classic can describe something typical or quintessential.
Her response was a classic example of wit.

Classic Sentences

Classic movies often stand the test of time.
That is a classic example of a misunderstanding.
They danced to a classic love song at their wedding.
She wore a classic black dress to the event.
Classic cars are displayed at the annual auto show.
She enjoys reading classic novels from the 19th century.
The book is a classic work of American literature.
The artist's style is a blend of modern and classic techniques.
He prefers classic video games from the 1980s.
His taste in music leans towards classic rock.
The chef prepared a classic dish with a modern twist.
The play is a classic tragedy with timeless themes.
The game is considered a classic in the world of sports.
That joke is a classic; it always makes everyone laugh.
Classic styles in fashion often return to popularity.
Classic board games like chess and checkers are fun for all ages.
Classic architecture is characterized by its elegance and simplicity.
She has a collection of classic comic books.
Classic educational theories continue to influence teaching methods.
The film festival features classic movies from around the world.
She performs classic ballet as well as contemporary dance.
The restaurant is known for its classic French cuisine.
The teacher recommended a list of classic books to read over the summer.
He restored a classic motorcycle from the 1960s.
A classic haircut like a bob never goes out of style.

Classic Idioms & Phrases

Classic look

A simple, elegant, and timeless style.
She prefers a classic look for her clothing, opting for pieces that never go out of fashion.

Instant classic

Something new that is so good it is immediately regarded as being of the highest quality for years to come.
The new novel was an instant classic, earning accolades from critics and readers alike.

A classic case

A typical or very clear example of something.
Forgetting your keys when you're in a hurry is a classic case of Murphy's law.

A touch of classic

Adding an element that is traditionally considered elegant or stylish.
The modern building was designed with a touch of classic, featuring grand columns at the entrance.

Classic mistake

A common error that many people make.
Underestimating the complexity of the project was a classic mistake.


What is the pronunciation of Classic?

It's pronounced as "KLAS-ik."

Which vowel is used before Classic?

The vowel "a" is used before "classic" (as in "a classic").

What is the root word of Classic?

The root word is from the Latin "classicus."

Which preposition is used with Classic?

The preposition "of" is often used with "classic" (as in "a classic of literature").

Why is it called Classic?

It's called "classic" to denote something as having enduring quality, value, or appeal.

What is the singular form of Classic?

The singular form is "classic."

What is the plural form of Classic?

The plural form is "classics."

Is Classic a negative or positive word?

It is generally considered a positive word.

What is the verb form of Classic?

There is no standard verb form of "classic."

Is Classic a countable noun?

Yes, when used as a noun, it is countable (e.g., "several classics").

How do we divide Classic into syllables?


What part of speech is Classic?

It can be a noun or an adjective.

What is another term for Classic?

Another term could be "timeless."

What is the opposite of Classic?

The opposite could be "modern" or "trendy."

Which conjunction is used with Classic?

There's no specific conjunction used exclusively with "classic."

Is Classic an adverb?

No, "classic" is not an adverb.

Is Classic a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

What is the first form of Classic?

As an adjective or noun, the first form is "classic."

What is the third form of Classic?

There is no third form for "classic."

How many syllables are in Classic?

Two syllables.

Is the Classic term a metaphor?

Not inherently, though it can be used metaphorically.

Is the word Classic imperative?

No, "classic" is not an imperative verb.

What is a stressed syllable in Classic?

The first syllable, "Clas," is stressed.

Which determiner is used with Classic?

"The" or "a" can be used as determiners.

What is the second form of Classic?

There is no second form for "classic."

Which article is used with Classic?

The indefinite article "a" is often used (as in "a classic").

Is Classic a noun or adjective?

"Classic" can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is Classic an abstract noun?

Yes, when used as a noun, it is an abstract noun.

Is Classic a vowel or consonant?

"Classic" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.
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