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Quizz vs. Quiz: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 12, 2024
"Quizz" is incorrect; the correct spelling is "Quiz," a short test or game to gauge knowledge.

Which is correct: Quizz or Quiz

How to spell Quiz?

Quizz is Incorrect

Quiz is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize a single zigzag line to remember the single 'z' in "Quiz."
Think of "Quiz" as a concise word, both in meaning and spelling.
Note that "Quiz" has only one 'z' to remember the correct spelling.
Practice writing "Quiz" to reinforce memory of the correct spelling.
Associate "Quiz" with "quick," as they both start with “qu” and are short forms of assessment.

Correct usage of Quiz

The app features daily quizz challenges to keep your mind sharp.
The app features daily quiz challenges to keep your mind sharp.
She thought the online quizz was very challenging.
She thought the online quiz was very challenging.
He always enjoys a good pub quizz with friends.
He always enjoys a good pub quiz with friends.
The teacher prepared a quizz for the students to review the chapter.
The teacher prepared a quiz for the students to review the chapter.
For homework, complete the quizz at the end of the book.
For homework, complete the quiz at the end of the book.

Quiz Definitions

Quiz can mean to question or interrogate someone.
The journalist decided to quiz the mayor about the new policy.
Quiz implies a brief, sudden, and informal test or assessment.
The teacher gave a pop quiz to check the students' understanding of the lesson.
Quiz refers to a short test to assess knowledge or learning.
The students prepared for the upcoming quiz.
Quiz can be an informal interrogation or examination.
The detective gave the suspect a quick quiz about his whereabouts.
Quiz denotes a form of game or competition where knowledge is tested.
We enjoy participating in the weekly trivia quiz at the local pub.
To question (someone), especially closely or repeatedly
"His searching questions as he quizzed me on my work made me tongue-tied at first" (Susan Sellers).
To test the knowledge of by posing questions
Quizzed the class on state capitals.
(Archaic) To poke fun at; mock.
A questioning or inquiry.
A short oral or written test.
(Archaic) A practical joke.
(dated) An odd, puzzling or absurd person or thing.
(dated) One who questions or interrogates; a prying person.
A competition in the answering of questions.
We came second in the pub quiz.
(education) A school examination of less importance, or of greater brevity, than others given in the same course.
To hoax; to chaff or mock with pretended seriousness of discourse; to make sport of, as by obscure questions.
To peer at; to eye suspiciously or mockingly.
(transitive) To question (someone) closely, to interrogate.
(transitive) To instruct (someone) by means of a quiz.
To play with a quiz. en
A riddle or obscure question; an enigma; a ridiculous hoax.
One who quizzes others; as, he is a great quiz.
An odd or absurd fellow.
An exercise, or a course of exercises, conducted as a coaching or as an examination.
To puzzle; to banter; to chaff or mock with pretended seriousness of discourse; to make sport of, as by obscure questions.
He quizzed unmercifully all the men in the room.
An examination consisting of a few short questions
Examine someone's knowledge of something;
The teacher tests us every week
We got quizzed on French irregular verbs

Quiz Sentences

They won a prize for coming first in the charity quiz night.
Every Friday, we have a vocabulary quiz in English class.
The history quiz covered all the material from the semester.
The quiz had a surprise question that no one could answer.
Our team participates in a national academic quiz competition every year.
She creates a quiz for her students to practice online.
The quiz show on TV challenges contestants with general knowledge questions.
The quiz had multiple-choice and short-answer questions.
Before you can use the app, you must pass a safety quiz.
She got full marks on the math quiz.
The science teacher uses a quiz to assess our understanding of the topic.
He studies for hours to prepare for the weekly geography quiz.
The online platform allows students to take the quiz remotely.
Quiz nights at the local pub are popular among college students.
The quiz results are used to determine which lessons need more review.
The end-of-chapter quiz helps students review key concepts.
After completing the quiz, students receive immediate feedback on their answers.
A pop quiz in class caught everyone off guard.
A quiz bowl is a great way for students to compete and learn at the same time.
The quiz helps teachers gauge how well the class understands the material.
For extra credit, the teacher offers a bonus question on each quiz.
She downloaded a new app to take part in daily quiz challenges.
To enter the contest, participants had to answer a quiz on the company's products.

Quiz Idioms & Phrases

Pop quiz

A surprise quiz given without warning to test students' knowledge of recent material.
The teacher announced a pop quiz, catching the class off guard.

Ace the quiz

To do very well on a quiz, often getting all the answers correct.
She studied hard and managed to ace the quiz.

Quiz night

An event, often held in pubs or community centers, where teams compete by answering questions.
The library hosts a monthly quiz night that's open to the public.

Fail the quiz

To not achieve a passing score on a quiz.
He didn't study and unfortunately failed the quiz.

Quiz bowl

A competitive event where teams answer questions on a variety of subjects.
The school's quiz bowl team is preparing for the state championship.

Take a quiz

The act of completing a quiz to test knowledge or for fun.
Visitors can take a quiz to find out which historical figure they're most like.

Quiz yourself

The practice of testing your own knowledge on a subject, often as a study method.
To prepare for the exam, quiz yourself on the key terms and concepts.

Quiz master

The person who asks the questions in a quiz game or competition.
As the quiz master, he prepared challenging questions for the pub quiz night.

Make a quiz of

To treat something as if it were a quiz or to create a quiz about it.
The teacher made a quiz of the week's readings to test our comprehension.


Which vowel is used before Quiz?

The vowel “a” is used as the indefinite article before words beginning with a consonant sound, so it’s “a quiz.”

What is the pronunciation of Quiz?

Quiz is pronounced as /kwɪz/.

What is the plural form of Quiz?

The plural form is “quizzes.”

Which preposition is used with Quiz?

"On" is commonly used, as in "quiz on a topic."

Which conjunction is used with Quiz?

Any conjunction can be used with "quiz," depending on the sentence structure.

What is the singular form of Quiz?

The singular form is “quiz.”

Is Quiz an abstract noun?

Yes, when "quiz" represents an instance of quizzing or testing, it is abstract.

Is Quiz a negative or positive word?

"Quiz" is a neutral word.

What is the root word of Quiz?

The origin of "quiz" is uncertain, so it doesn’t have a known root word.

Why is it called Quiz?

The origin is uncertain, but it is believed to have been called "Quiz" as it denotes a short and quick assessment.

What is the verb form of Quiz?

The verb form is also "quiz," meaning to interrogate or question.

Which article is used with Quiz?

"A" or "the" can be used with "quiz," depending on the context.

Is Quiz a countable noun?

Yes, "quiz" is a countable noun.

Is Quiz a collective noun?

No, "quiz" is not a collective noun.

Is Quiz a noun or adjective?

"Quiz" is a noun, but it can also be used as a verb.

Is Quiz an adverb?

No, "quiz" is not an adverb.

Is Quiz a vowel or consonant?

The word "quiz" contains both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in Quiz?

"Quiz" has one syllable.

How do we divide Quiz into syllables?

"Quiz" is a one-syllable word and cannot be divided.

What is another term for Quiz?

Another term for "quiz" is "test."

Which determiner is used with Quiz?

Determiners like “this,” “that,” “my,” “our,” etc., can be used with "quiz," depending on context.

What is the first form of Quiz?

The first form is "quiz" when used as a verb.

What part of speech is Quiz?

"Quiz" can be a noun or a verb.

What is the third form of Quiz?

The third form is "quizzed" when used as a verb.

How is Quiz used in a sentence?

"The teacher decided to conduct a quiz to assess the students' understanding of the chapter."

Is the Quiz term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically in specific contexts.

What is the opposite of Quiz?

There is no direct opposite for "quiz."

What is the second form of Quiz?

The second form is "quizzed" when used as a verb.

Is the word Quiz imperative?

No, "quiz" is not imperative.

What is a stressed syllable in Quiz?

The single syllable in "quiz" is stressed.
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