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Authorative vs. Authoritative: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Authorative" is an incorrect spelling, while "authoritative" is correct. Authoritative means having or showing authority; commanding and self-assured.

Which is correct: Authorative or Authoritative

How to spell Authoritative?

Authorative is Incorrect

Authoritative is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "authoritative" with strong leadership, which has two 'i's, like 'influence'.
Remember that "authoritative" has two 'i's, unlike "authorative."
Think of "authoritative" as "authority" with the suffix '-tive'.
Picture the word "authoritative" with the 'i's in bold to emphasize them.
Break it into sounds: au-thor-i-ta-tive, emphasizing the second 'i'.

Correct usage of Authoritative

He is regarded as an authorative figure in the industry.
He is regarded as an authoritative figure in the industry.
She spoke in an authorative tone.
She spoke in an authoritative tone.
His book was considered very authorative on the subject.
His book was considered very authoritative on the subject.
Their study is the most authorative on this issue.
Their study is the most authoritative on this issue.
The report lacked an authorative voice.
The report lacked an authoritative voice.

Authoritative Definitions

Authoritative can refer to something officially recognized.
The report was considered authoritative on the subject.
Authoritative means being reliable and accurate.
She provided an authoritative account of the incident.
Authoritative implies commanding respect through knowledge or dignity.
His authoritative voice calmed the crowd.
Authoritative also means having or showing authority.
The teacher's authoritative approach maintained discipline in class.
Authoritative denotes showing confidence and assertiveness.
Her authoritative stance impressed the committee.
Having or arising from authority; official
An authoritative decree.
Authoritative sources.
Of acknowledged accuracy or excellence; highly reliable
An authoritative account of the revolution.

Authoritative Sentences

The teacher's authoritative voice silenced the classroom instantly.
His book is considered an authoritative source on ancient history.
The committee issued an authoritative report on the matter.
She gave an authoritative presentation that impressed everyone.
The documentary provided an authoritative account of the events.
He's an authoritative figure in the world of finance.
The professor is an authoritative voice on environmental policy.
Her expertise made her an authoritative advisor to the government.
She provided an authoritative analysis of the legal issues involved.
Their research is known to be thorough and authoritative.
He spoke with an authoritative tone that commanded respect.
They sought the authoritative text on medieval architecture.
The encyclopedia is an authoritative source of information.
She wrote an authoritative guide to starting your own business.
The panel provided authoritative answers to the audience's questions.
The guidebook is considered the most authoritative on local flora.
His recommendations carry an authoritative weight in the industry.
He offered an authoritative explanation of the complex problem.
Her articles are recognized as authoritative critiques of modern art.
The judge's ruling was seen as authoritative and final.
The book provides an authoritative overview of the topic.
The authoritative version of the software includes advanced features.
He gave an authoritative lecture on quantum mechanics.
She is an authoritative critic of contemporary literature.
The manual is the most authoritative guide for the equipment.

Authoritative Idioms & Phrases

Authoritative voice

A tone or manner of speaking that commands respect and conveys expertise.
She delivered her speech with an authoritative voice that captured everyone's attention.

Authoritative source

A highly reliable and respected resource for information.
The report is based on data from authoritative sources within the industry.

Authoritative content

Information that is accurate, reliable, and respected.
The website is known for its authoritative content on health and wellness.

Authoritative leadership

A style of leading characterized by confidence and command.
Her authoritative leadership inspired trust and respect among her team.

Establish as authoritative

To recognize or set up as being reliable and respected.
The study helped establish her as an authoritative voice in her field.

Authoritative figure

A person respected for their knowledge, power, or expertise.
As a seasoned journalist, he's an authoritative figure in media circles.

Authoritative stance

A position on an issue that is informed by expertise and confidence.
The organization took an authoritative stance against the proposed regulation.

Authoritative reference

A source considered to be definitive and reliable on a subject.
The dictionary is seen as an authoritative reference for language questions.

Authoritative tone

A way of communicating that conveys expertise and confidence.
The teacher's authoritative tone made the subject matter more engaging.

Authoritative decision

A ruling or choice made with confidence and authority.
The board's authoritative decision set a new direction for the company.

Lack of authoritative guidance

The absence of reliable and expert advice or direction.
The project suffered from a lack of authoritative guidance.

Authoritative text

A book or document that is considered definitive and essential in its field.
The manual is the authoritative text for the software's users.

Authoritative advice

Guidance or recommendations that are considered to be expert and reliable.
For authoritative advice on legal matters, consult a licensed attorney.

Authoritative work

A publication or piece of research that is highly respected and often cited.
His book is an authoritative work on the history of the region.

Seek authoritative information

To look for data or details that are reliable and accurate.
Researchers seek authoritative information for their studies.

Speak with authority

To communicate in a way that shows knowledge and confidence.
Experts should speak with authority on their subjects of expertise.

Authoritative review

A critical assessment or evaluation that is respected and well-regarded.
The film received an authoritative review from the leading critic.

Be regarded as authoritative

To be viewed or considered as reliable and respected.
She is regarded as authoritative on issues of economic policy.

Authoritative presence

The ability to command respect and attention through one's demeanor or expertise.
His authoritative presence dominated the conference panel.

Authoritative response

An answer or reaction that comes from a place of expertise and confidence.
The government's authoritative response to the crisis reassured the public.


Why is it called authoritative?

"Authoritative" is derived from "authority", denoting a commanding and reliable presence or source.

What is the plural form of authoritative?

Authoritative does not have a plural form as it is an adjective.

Which vowel is used before authoritative?

The vowel 'a' as in "an authoritative report".

What is the root word of authoritative?

The root word of "authoritative" is "authority".

Which conjunction is used with authoritative?

Conjunctions such as 'and', 'or', 'but' can be used with "authoritative".

Is authoritative a negative or positive word?

"Authoritative" is generally positive, denoting confidence and expertise.

What is the pronunciation of authoritative?

Authoritative is pronounced as /əˈθɔːr.ɪ.tə.tɪv/.

Which article is used with authoritative?

Both definite ('the') and indefinite ('an') articles are used with "authoritative".

Is authoritative an adverb?

No, "authoritative" is not an adverb.

What is the verb form of authoritative?

There is no verb form of "authoritative"; it is an adjective.

Which preposition is used with authoritative?

Prepositions like 'on', 'in', and 'about' are used with "authoritative".

Is authoritative a noun or adjective?

"Authoritative" is an adjective.

What is the singular form of authoritative?

The singular form is "authoritative".

Is the word authoritative imperative?

No, "authoritative" is not an imperative; it's an adjective.

What is the opposite of authoritative?

The opposite of "authoritative" could be "unreliable" or "inexperienced".

Which determiner is used with authoritative?

Determiners like 'this', 'that', 'some', 'any' are used with "authoritative".

What is the third form of authoritative?

There is no third form for "authoritative" as it's an adjective.

Is authoritative an abstract noun?

"Authoritative" is an adjective, not a noun.

Is authoritative a collective noun?

No, "authoritative" is an adjective, not a collective noun.

Is the authoritative term a metaphor?

"Authoritative" can be used metaphorically, but it is not inherently a metaphor.

How many syllables are in authoritative?

There are five syllables in "authoritative".

How do we divide authoritative into syllables?

Authoritative is divided as au-thor-i-ta-tive.

What is a stressed syllable in authoritative?

The second syllable 'thor' is stressed in "authoritative".

What is another term for authoritative?

Another term for authoritative is "commanding" or "credible".

Is authoritative a vowel or consonant?

"Authoritative" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is authoritative a countable noun?

"Authoritative" is not a noun; it's an adjective and is not countable.

What is the first form of authoritative?

There is no first form as "authoritative" is an adjective.

How is authoritative used in a sentence?

Example: "The expert's authoritative analysis was highly regarded in the industry."

What part of speech is authoritative?

"Authoritative" is an adjective.

What is the second form of authoritative?

Similarly, there is no second form for the adjective "authoritative".
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