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Picknick vs. Picnic: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 10, 2024
Picknick is incorrect. The correct spelling is "Picnic," referring to an outdoor meal.

Which is correct: Picknick or Picnic

How to spell Picnic?

Picknick is Incorrect

Picnic is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "Picnic" as being more concise and simpler.
Recall similar words like "stick" and "wick" with single 'k' endings.
Remember "I pick a place for a 'Picnic'" to ensure you don’t add an extra 'k'.
Visualize the scene: one basket for a picnic, hence one 'k'.
"Picnic" has one 'k' while "Picknick" mistakenly has two.

Correct usage of Picnic

Can you bring the blanket for the picknick?
Can you bring the blanket for the picnic?
She packed a basket for the picknick.
She packed a basket for the picnic.
The park is a perfect spot for a picknick.
The park is a perfect spot for a picnic.
They planned a romantic picknick by the lake.
They planned a romantic picnic by the lake.
We're going on a picknick next Saturday.
We're going on a picnic next Saturday.

Picnic Definitions

Picnic can be an informal outing where food is eaten outdoors.
The family went on a picnic to the park.
Picnic is an outdoor meal, usually in a scenic location.
We had a picnic by the lakeside.
Picnic denotes a pleasant or enjoyable situation.
The entire day was a picnic.
Picnic might suggest an occasion with shared food.
Everyone brought something for the office picnic.
Picnic can refer to an easy task or situation.
Fixing that issue was a picnic for him.
A meal eaten outdoors, as on an excursion.
(Slang) An easy task or pleasant experience
Finishing the project on time was no picnic.
A smoked section of pork foreleg and shoulder.
To go on or participate in a picnic.
An informal social gathering, usually in a natural outdoor setting, to which the participants bring their own food and drink.
We went out for a picnic in the forest.
The meal eaten at such a gathering.
(figurative) An easy or pleasant task.
We remind the guests that dealing with this problem is no picnic, and to be patient.
(obsolete) An entertainment at which each person contributed some dish to a common table.
A cut of pork from the shoulder area (above the front leg) of a pig.
To take part in a picnic.
Formerly, an entertainment at which each person contributed some dish to a common table; now, an excursion or pleasure party in which the members partake of a collation or repast (usually in the open air, and from food carried by themselves).
To go on a picnic, or pleasure excursion; to eat in public fashion.
A day devoted to an outdoor social gathering
Any undertaking that is easy to do;
Marketing this product will be no picnic
Any informal meal eaten outside or on an excursion
Eat alfresco, in the open air;
We picnicked near the lake on this gorgeous Sunday

Picnic Sentences

For our picnic, we brought sandwiches, fruit, and lemonade.
The children played games while the adults enjoyed a picnic under the trees.
The best part of the picnic was lying on the grass, looking at the clouds.
The family picnic at the beach was filled with fun and laughter.
They chose a sunny spot in the park for their picnic.
On a sunny day, there's nothing better than a picnic in the countryside.
The picnic area by the lake is popular with families on weekends.
The botanical garden offers a beautiful backdrop for a peaceful picnic.
Our company picnic includes a barbecue and team-building activities.
A picnic basket makes it easy to carry your meal to the park.
She made a special picnic lunch to celebrate their anniversary.
A surprise picnic is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with someone special.
For a picnic, it's fun to try making different types of salads and sandwiches.
Everyone was excited for the school's end-of-year picnic at the park.
Bringing a portable speaker to the picnic adds to the fun with music.
A picnic is not complete without a game of frisbee or football.
Planning a picnic at sunset offers a beautiful view and a romantic atmosphere.
The picnic by the riverside was the highlight of their summer vacation.
A chilly autumn day can still be perfect for a picnic with warm drinks and blankets.
The wildlife reserve has several picnic spots for visitors to enjoy.
The annual family picnic is an event everyone looks forward to.
Don't forget to pack a picnic blanket and sunscreen for our day out.
At the school picnic, there were races and games for the children.
Remember to leave the picnic spot as clean as you found it, or cleaner.
A nighttime picnic under the stars can be a magical experience.

Picnic Idioms & Phrases

Picnic blanket

A blanket used to sit on or over grass or sand during a picnic.
Don't forget to bring the picnic blanket; it'll keep our clothes clean while we eat.

Teddy bear picnic

A themed picnic event or party, particularly for children, where teddy bears are the guests of honor.
For her birthday, she wanted a teddy bear picnic in the backyard with all her friends and their bears.

Picnic area

A designated area where people can have picnics, often equipped with tables and sometimes grills.
The park has a lovely picnic area next to the playground, perfect for families.

Picnic spread

The assortment of food and drinks laid out for a picnic.
Their picnic spread was impressive, with a variety of homemade dishes and desserts.

Picnic weather

Weather conditions that are ideal for having a picnic, typically sunny and warm.
This weekend's forecast is perfect picnic weather, so let's plan to go to the lake.

Summer picnic

A picnic that takes place during the summer, often associated with sunny, warm weather and outdoor activities.
The annual summer picnic is a great way for the community to come together and enjoy the outdoors.

No picnic

A difficult or unpleasant task.
Moving to a new city alone is no picnic, but it can be a rewarding experience.

Picnic lunch

A meal prepared to be eaten outdoors as part of a picnic.
They prepared a simple picnic lunch of sandwiches and fruit for their hike.

Picnic basket essentials

The key items needed for a picnic, such as utensils, plates, and food items.
When packing a picnic basket, essentials include napkins, cutlery, and a cutting board.

Picnic basket

A basket used for carrying food and utensils for a picnic.
She packed a picnic basket with all their favorite foods for their day at the beach.

Have a picnic

The act of having a meal outdoors in a casual setting.
They decided to have a picnic by the river to enjoy the beautiful spring day.

Picnic-friendly recipes

Recipes that are ideal for picnics, typically not requiring refrigeration and easy to transport.
She looked up picnic-friendly recipes to find the perfect dishes to bring to the family reunion.

Picnic table

A table, often found in parks and camping areas, designed for outdoor dining.
They found an empty picnic table and set up their lunch with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Go on a picnic

To leave one's home or usual dining area to eat a meal outdoors, typically in a scenic or designated picnic area.
They decided to go on a picnic to take advantage of the beautiful autumn foliage.

Picnic date

A romantic outing involving a meal eaten outdoors.
For their anniversary, they went on a picnic date to the place where they first met.

Picnic in the park

A common activity where individuals, couples, or groups enjoy meals outdoors in a park.
Sundays are perfect for a picnic in the park with the whole family.

Picnic fare

The type of food typically served at picnics, often easy to eat and prepare.
The picnic fare included a variety of sandwiches, salads, and fresh fruits.

Picnic outing

An excursion or trip planned with the purpose of having a picnic.
The company organized a picnic outing for employees and their families as a team-building event.

Pack a picnic

The act of preparing and packing food and supplies for a picnic.
Let's pack a picnic and find a quiet spot by the lake for lunch.

Picnic under the stars

A picnic held at night, offering a unique and romantic setting.
For their anniversary, they planned a picnic under the stars at their favorite beach.


Why is it called Picnic?

The word "picnic" is believed to come from the French word "pique-nique," meaning to pick or peck, referring to a shared meal where everyone picks something.

What is the verb form of Picnic?

The verb form is "to picnic."

Which vowel is used before Picnic?

The indefinite article "a" is used before "picnic."

What is the singular form of Picnic?

The singular form is "picnic."

Which preposition is used with Picnic?

Common prepositions used with picnic include "at" and "on" (e.g., picnic at the park).

Is Picnic a noun or adjective?

"Picnic" is primarily a noun, but can also be used as a verb (e.g., to picnic).

Is Picnic an abstract noun?

No, it is a concrete noun.

What is the root word of Picnic?

The root word is believed to be from the French "pique-nique."

What is the plural form of Picnic?

The plural form is "picnics."

What is the pronunciation of Picnic?

It's pronounced /ˈpɪk.nɪk/.

Which conjunction is used with Picnic?

Any conjunction can be used based on the sentence structure.

Is Picnic a vowel or consonant?

"Picnic" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

Which article is used with Picnic?

The articles "a" or "the" can be used with "picnic" based on the context.

Is the word Picnic imperative?

No, unless used in a command like "Picnic here!"

How many syllables are in Picnic?

"Picnic" has two syllables.

Which determiner is used with Picnic?

Determiners like "a," "an," "the," "my," "our" can be used with "picnic."

What part of speech is Picnic?

"Picnic" is primarily a noun but can also be a verb.

What is the opposite of Picnic?

There isn't a direct opposite, but "indoor meal" could be contrasted contextually.

What is the second form of Picnic?

The past tense is "picnicked."

Is Picnic a negative or positive word?

Generally, "picnic" has a positive connotation.

How do we divide Picnic into syllables?

Picnic is divided as Pic-nic.

Is Picnic an adverb?

No, "picnic" is not an adverb.

Is the Picnic term a metaphor?

In some contexts, "picnic" can be metaphorical, referring to something easy or pleasant.

What is a stressed syllable in Picnic?

The stressed syllable is "Pic."

What is another term for Picnic?

Another term might be "outdoor meal" or "alfresco dining."

What is the first form of Picnic?

As a verb, the base form is "picnic."

What is the third form of Picnic?

The past participle is "picnicked."

How is Picnic used in a sentence?

"We enjoyed a lovely picnic by the riverbank last Sunday."

Is Picnic a countable noun?

Yes, "picnic" is a countable noun.

Is Picnic a collective noun?

No, "picnic" is not a collective noun.
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