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Athority vs. Authority: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Athority" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "authority." Authority refers to the power to give orders, make decisions, or enforce obedience.

Which is correct: Athority or Authority

How to spell Authority?

Athority is Incorrect

Authority is Correct


Key Differences

The word has three syllables, so don't rush and skip any parts.
It also contains "-ity," which is common in nouns that describe a state or quality.
Think of a "Thor" with "au," since Thor is an authority in mythology.
Note that "authority" contains the word "author," the person who has the power to create.
Remember that the correct spelling starts with "au-" like in "auto."

Correct usage of Authority

He questioned the athority of the local government.
He questioned the authority of the local government.
The police have the athority to arrest suspects.
The police have the authority to arrest suspects.
We need to obtain athority before making any changes.
We need to obtain authority before making any changes.
The principal has the athority to enforce school rules.
The principal has the authority to enforce school rules.
She speaks with athority on the subject of climate change.
She speaks with authority on the subject of climate change.

Authority Definitions

The power to make decisions, enforce obedience.
The manager has the authority to make changes.
The right to act in a specific way.
He has the authority to access the building.
Moral or legal supremacy.
The court has the authority to impose penalties.
A governmental body or organization.
The health authority issued guidelines.
The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge.
One that is invested with this power, especially a government or body of government officials
Land titles issued by the civil authority.
Power assigned to another; authorization
Deputies were given authority to make arrests.
A public agency or corporation with administrative powers in a specified field
A city transit authority.
An accepted source of expert information or advice
A noted authority on birds.
A reference book often cited as an authority.
A quotation or citation from such a source
Biblical authorities for a moral argument.
Justification; grounds
On what authority do you make such a claim?.
A conclusive statement or decision that may be taken as a guide or precedent.
Power to influence or persuade resulting from knowledge or experience
Political observers who acquire authority with age.
Confidence derived from experience or practice; firm self-assurance
Played the sonata with authority.
(uncountable) Power or right to make or enforce rules or give orders; or a position having such power or right.
I have the authority to penalise the staff in my department, but not the authority to sack them.
Vigilantes may have the power to nab criminals, but they lack the authority.
She lost all respect and authority after turning up drunk at the meeting.
Respect my authority!
(plural) Persons, regarded collectively, who occupy official positions of power; police or law enforcement.
Authorities say the suspect fled on foot.
(countable) A reliable, definitive source of information on a subject.
The world's foremost authority on orangutans
My cheap dictionary is not the authority on word derivations.
(uncountable) Status as a trustworthy source of information, reputation for mastery or expertise; or claim to such status or reputation.
Some thinkers regard appealing to authority as a logical fallacy; others regard it as a legitimate form of argument.
Official permission; authorisation to act in some capacity on behalf of a ruling entity.
(countable) A government-owned agency that runs a revenue-generating activity for public benefit.
New York Port Authority
Chicago Transit Authority
Legal or rightful power; a right to command or to act; power exercised buy a person in virtue of his office or trust; dominion; jurisdiction; authorization; as, the authority of a prince over subjects, and of parents over children; the authority of a court.
Thus can the demigod, Authority,Make us pay down for our offense.
By what authority doest thou these things ?
Government; the persons or the body exercising power or command; as, the local authorities of the States; the military authorities.
The power derived from opinion, respect, or esteem; influence of character, office, or station, or mental or moral superiority, and the like; claim to be believed or obeyed; as, an historian of no authority; a magistrate of great authority.
That which, or one who, is claimed or appealed to in support of opinions, actions, measures, etc.
Wilt thou be glass wherein it shall discernAuthority for sin, warrant for blame.
The power or right to give orders or make decisions;
He has the authority to issue warrants
Deputies are given authorization to make arrests
(usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others;
The authorities have issued a curfew
An expert whose views are taken as definitive;
He is an authority on corporate law
Freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities;
His assurance in his superiority did not make him popular
After that failure he lost his confidence
She spoke with authority
An administrative unit of government;
The Central Intelligence Agency
The Census Bureau
Office of Management and Budget
Tennessee Valley Authority
Official permission or approval;
Authority for the program was renewed several times
An authoritative written work;
This book is the final authority on the life of Milton
An expert in a particular field.
She is an authority on art history.

Authority Sentences

Teachers have the authority to assign homework and grade students.
The team leader has the authority to delegate tasks to members.
The government agency has the authority to regulate environmental policies.
The judge has the authority to make decisions in legal matters.
The health department has the authority to inspect restaurants.
The safety officer has the authority to shut down unsafe work sites.
Parents have the authority over their children's activities.
The museum director has the authority to approve new exhibits.
The security guard has the authority to check bags at the entrance.
Traffic wardens have the authority to issue parking tickets.
Event organizers have the authority to change the schedule.
The housing authority has the authority to allocate public housing.
The editor has the authority to approve articles for publication.
Customs officials have the authority to inspect goods entering the country.
Local councils have the authority to allocate community resources.
School boards have the authority to set educational policies.
The library manager has the authority to enforce quiet zones.
The fire marshal has the authority to enforce fire safety codes.
The IT department has the authority to manage network access.
The captain of the ship has the authority over all onboard decisions.
Animal control officers have the authority to handle stray animals.
The mayor has the authority to declare a city-wide emergency.
Military commanders have the authority to deploy troops.
Airport personnel have the authority to screen luggage and passengers.
The CEO has the authority to make major corporate decisions.

Authority Idioms & Phrases

Authority figure

Someone who holds power or influence, often used to describe someone in a position of responsibility.
As a teacher, she was an authority figure to her students, guiding them through their education.

In authority

Holding a position of power and responsibility.
Those in authority must make decisions that benefit the community.

With authority

Carrying out actions confidently and decisively.
The new manager led the team with authority, quickly earning their respect.

Question authority

To challenge the decisions or instructions of those in power.
The activist encouraged people to question authority and demand transparency from their leaders.

Authority on

Being an expert or highly knowledgeable about a subject.
He is an authority on ancient Greek history, often consulted by his peers.

Abuse of authority

Misusing one's power in a harmful or unethical way.
The investigation revealed an abuse of authority by the official, leading to his suspension.


What is the root word of authority?

The root word is Latin "auctoritas."

What is the plural form of authority?


Which article is used with authority?

"The" or "an," depending on context.

Is authority a noun or adjective?

It's primarily a noun.

Why is it called authority?

Derived from the Latin word "auctoritas," meaning invention, advice, opinion, influence, or command.

What is the verb form of authority?

The verb form is "authorize."

Which vowel is used before authority?

"An" or "the" depending on the context.

What is the singular form of authority?


What is the pronunciation of authority?


Which preposition is used with authority?

"On," "over," "under," depending on the context.

Is authority a countable noun?


Is authority an abstract noun?


Is the authority term a metaphor?


What is the second form of authority?


What is the third form of authority?


Which conjunction is used with authority?

"And," "or," depending on context.

Is the word authority imperative?


What part of speech is authority?


How is authority used in a sentence?

"The police have the authority to arrest lawbreakers."

Is authority a vowel or consonant?

It starts with a vowel ('A').

Is authority a collective noun?


How many syllables are in authority?

Four syllables.

How do we divide authority into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in authority?

The second syllable, "thor."

What is another term for authority?

Power, jurisdiction.

Is authority an adverb?


Is authority a negative or positive word?

Neutral; can be either depending on context.

What is the opposite of authority?

Subordination, powerlessness.

Which determiner is used with authority?

"The," "this," "some."

What is the first form of authority?

N/A, as it's primarily a noun.
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