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Boredness vs. Boredom: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Boredness" is an incorrect spelling. The correct term is "Boredom," which signifies a state of weariness due to lack of interest or engagement.

Which is correct: Boredness or Boredom

How to spell Boredom?

Boredness is Incorrect

Boredom is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize a dome of nothingness when you think of boredom.
Connect "boredom" to feelings of monotony.
Recall "endless boredom" to link the correct ending.
Remember "Boredom" has "dome," not "ness" at the end.
Think of the word "kingdom" when remembering "boredom."

Correct usage of Boredom

He tried to fight his boredness by picking up a new hobby.
He tried to fight his boredom by picking up a new hobby.
The lecture induced a sense of boredness in the students.
The lecture induced a sense of boredom in the students.
The movie's boredness made it hard to watch till the end.
The movie's boredom made it hard to watch till the end.
Her boredness at work led her to look for a new job.
Her boredom at work led her to look for a new job.
Boredness is what she feels after doing the same task for hours.
Boredom is what she feels after doing the same task for hours.

Boredom Definitions

The state of being disinterested in one's surroundings or situation.
Weekends with nothing to do lead to boredom.
A sense of ennui or dissatisfaction arising from uneventful moments.
Rainy days often brought boredom to the children.
A feeling of weariness and discomfort due to lack of interest.
The lecture induced sheer boredom in the students.
An emotional state where individuals feel unengaged and unstimulated.
Without hobbies, one might easily succumb to boredom.
A mood characterized by a lack of enthusiasm or motivation.
He read a book to shake off his boredom.
The condition of being bored; ennui.
(uncountable) The state of being bored.
(countable) An instance or period of being bored; A bored state.
The state of being bored, or pestered; a state of ennui.
The realm of bores; bores, collectively.
The feeling of being bored by something tedious

Boredom Sentences

Boredom often leads to finding creative ways to entertain oneself.
The boredom of the long flight was mitigated by watching movies.
Reading new books is a great way to combat boredom.
Many people turn to hobbies to escape the boredom of daily routines.
Boredom in the classroom can hinder students' learning.
Traveling is a wonderful antidote to boredom.
Social media can be a temporary relief from boredom.
He started painting as a way to deal with his boredom during the summer.
Children often come up with imaginative games out of boredom.
She started a blog to share her experiences and overcome boredom.
Listening to music or podcasts can be a great way to relieve boredom.
To fight boredom, she organized a small get-together with friends.
To avoid boredom, the teacher introduced interactive lessons.
The boredom of waiting in line was lessened by chatting with others.
Finding ways to stay active can help alleviate boredom.
Exploring nature is an effective cure for boredom.
Creative activities can transform boredom into opportunities for innovation.
Engaging in volunteer work is a rewarding way to counteract boredom.
Boredom sometimes inspires people to take up new and challenging tasks.
Educational apps have become a tool for parents to combat children's boredom.
Taking up a new sport can be both a remedy for boredom and a way to stay healthy.
During the lockdown, many found baking a delightful escape from boredom.
Boredom led him to rediscover his passion for writing.
The monotony and boredom of the job made her reconsider her career path.
Crafting and DIY projects have become popular ways to address boredom.

Boredom Idioms & Phrases

Beat the boredom

To actively find ways to entertain oneself and avoid feeling bored.
She beat the boredom by learning to knit and creating her own scarves.


What is the root word of Boredom?

The root word is "bore."

Which conjunction is used with Boredom?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the context.

What is the verb form of Boredom?


Why is it called Boredom?

It's derived from the verb "bore," indicating a lack of interest or engagement, with the suffix "-dom" to signify a state or condition.

What is the pronunciation of Boredom?


What is the plural form of Boredom?


Which preposition is used with Boredom?

"Of" as in "boredom of routine."

Which article is used with Boredom?

"The" as in "the boredom felt."

Is Boredom a noun or adjective?


Which vowel is used before Boredom?

The article "a" as in "a boredom."

What is the singular form of Boredom?


How do we divide Boredom into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Boredom?


What is the opposite of Boredom?


What is the second form of Boredom?

Boredom is a noun, so it doesn't have verb forms.

Is Boredom a collective noun?


Is the Boredom term a metaphor?


How many syllables are in Boredom?

Two syllables.

Is Boredom an abstract noun?


Is Boredom a negative or positive word?

Typically negative.

Is Boredom a vowel or consonant?

"Boredom" is a word, not a letter. It contains both vowels and consonants.

What part of speech is Boredom?


What is the third form of Boredom?

Boredom is a noun, so it doesn't have verb forms.

Is Boredom an adverb?


Is Boredom a countable noun?

Generally uncountable.

Is the word Boredom imperative?


What is the first form of Boredom?

Boredom is a noun, so it doesn't have verb forms.

How is Boredom used in a sentence?

"He often felt a deep sense of boredom during long meetings."

What is another term for Boredom?


Which determiner is used with Boredom?

"This" as in "this boredom."
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