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Pavillion vs. Pavilion: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Pavillion" is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Pavilion," which refers to a light, usually open building used for shelter, concerts, or exhibitions.

Which is correct: Pavillion or Pavilion

How to spell Pavilion?

Pavillion is Incorrect

Pavilion is Correct


Key Differences

Keep in mind: One building, one "l."
Think of the French origin, "pavillon," which also has one "l."
Visualize a pavilion as a single, large tent with one central pole (like the one "l").
Relate "Pavilion" to "Vision" – both have one "i" before the “on” ending.
Remember that "Pavilion" only has one "l" in the middle.

Correct usage of Pavilion

The wedding reception took place in the beautiful garden pavillion.
The wedding reception took place in the beautiful garden pavilion.
They set up the exhibit in the pavillion.
They set up the exhibit in the pavilion.
Pavillion is a great place for concerts.
Pavilion is a great place for concerts.
She waited for him at the entrance of the pavillion.
She waited for him at the entrance of the pavilion.
Our company picnic will be held at the pavillion in the park.
Our company picnic will be held at the pavilion in the park.

Pavilion Definitions

A light open building used for shelter or concerts.
The band played a wonderful concert at the park's pavilion.
An ornate tent.
A light, sometimes ornamental roofed structure, used for amusement or shelter, as at parks or fairs
A picnic pavilion.
A usually temporary structure erected at a fair or show for use by an exhibitor
The French pavilion at the World's Fair.
A large structure housing sports or entertainment facilities; an arena.
A structure or another building connected to a larger building; an annex.
One of a group of related buildings forming a complex, as of a hospital.
The lower surface of a brilliant-cut gem, slanting outward from the culet to the girdle.
To cover or furnish with or as if with a pavilion.
To put in or as if in a pavilion.
A light roofed structure used as a shelter in a public place.
A structure, sometimes temporary, erected to house exhibits at a fair, etc.
(cricket) The building where the players change clothes, wait to bat, and eat their meals.
A detached or semi-detached building at a hospital or other building complex.
The lower surface of a brilliant-cut gemstone, lying between the girdle and collet.
(anatomy) The cartiliginous part of the outer ear; auricle.
(anatomy) The fimbriated extremity of the Fallopian tube.
(military) A flag, ensign, or banner.
A flag or ensign carried at the gaff of the mizzenmast.
(heraldry) A tent used as a bearing.
A covering; a canopy; figuratively, the sky.
(transitive) To furnish with a pavilion.
(transitive) To put inside a pavilion.
To enclose or surround (after Robert Grant's hymn line "pavilioned in splendour").
A temporary movable habitation; a large tent; a marquee; esp., a tent raised on posts.
A single body or mass of building, contained within simple walls and a single roof, whether insulated, as in the park or garden of a larger edifice, or united with other parts, and forming an angle or central feature of a large pile.
A flag, colors, ensign, or banner.
Same as Tent (Her.)
That part of a brilliant which lies between the girdle and collet. See Illust. of Brilliant.
The auricle of the ear; also, the fimbriated extremity of the Fallopian tube.
To furnish or cover with, or shelter in, a tent or tents.
The field pavilioned with his guardians bright.
Large and often sumptuous tent
A projecting part of a building, especially at a hospital.
The new patient pavilion has state-of-the-art facilities.
A detached or semi-detached building at a sports ground.
Players retreated to the pavilion due to rain.
The part of a cut gem projecting above the setting.
The diamond's pavilion was brilliantly cut.

Pavilion Sentences

The park's pavilion is a popular spot for weddings.
The pavilion was decorated with lights for the festival.
An art exhibition was set up inside the pavilion.
A large crowd gathered at the outdoor pavilion for the concert.
They enjoyed a picnic under the shade of the pavilion.
Local bands perform at the pavilion every weekend.
Children played games near the pavilion during the fair.
The pavilion offers a stunning view of the lake.
The pavilion is surrounded by beautiful gardens.
Yoga classes are held at the pavilion every morning.
Bird watchers gather at the pavilion to observe local species.
Families gathered at the pavilion for the community event.
The pavilion was built over a hundred years ago.
A new pavilion is being constructed to accommodate more visitors.
The pavilion serves as a shelter during sudden rainstorms.
Vendors set up their stalls around the pavilion for the market.
The pavilion is a favorite spot for photographers.
The pavilion can be rented for private functions.
The pavilion is lit up beautifully at night.
Craft workshops take place at the pavilion on Saturdays.
Walking paths around the pavilion are perfect for evening strolls.
The pavilion is the centerpiece of the park.
A small café operates within the pavilion during the summer.
The pavilion is often used for outdoor educational programs.


What is the root word of Pavilion?

The root comes from the Old French "pavillon" meaning "tent."

What is the verb form of Pavilion?

There isn't a standard verb form derived from "Pavilion."

What is the pronunciation of Pavilion?

It's pronounced as /pəˈvɪljən/.

Why is it called Pavilion?

The term "pavilion" comes from the French "pavillon" meaning "tent," reflecting its typical use.

Is Pavilion an abstract noun?

No, it refers to a tangible structure or object.

Which conjunction is used with Pavilion?

No specific conjunction is uniquely associated with "Pavilion."

Which article is used with Pavilion?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.

Is Pavilion a noun or adjective?

"Pavilion" is a noun.

Which vowel is used before Pavilion?

Typically, the article "a" is used.

What is the plural form of Pavilion?

The plural form is "pavilions."

Which preposition is used with Pavilion?

"In" or "at," as in "in the pavilion" or "at the pavilion."

Is the word Pavilion imperative?


Is Pavilion a countable noun?


What is the second form of Pavilion?

N/A, as "Pavilion" is a noun.

What is the singular form of Pavilion?

"Pavilion" is already in singular form.

Is Pavilion a vowel or consonant?

"Pavilion" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in Pavilion?

Three syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in Pavilion?

The second syllable, "vil."

What is another term for Pavilion?

Gazebo or tent.

Is Pavilion an adverb?

No, "Pavilion" is not an adverb.

Is Pavilion a negative or positive word?


What part of speech is Pavilion?

"Pavilion" is a noun.

What is the first form of Pavilion?

The word itself, "Pavilion."

Is Pavilion a collective noun?


How do we divide Pavilion into syllables?


What is the opposite of Pavilion?

There isn't a direct opposite, but in certain contexts, it could be "open space."

What is the third form of Pavilion?


Is the Pavilion term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically in specific contexts.

Which determiner is used with Pavilion?

"This" or "that" can be used.
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