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Biled vs. Build: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 8, 2024
"Biled" is an incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is "build" which refers to the process of constructing or putting parts together systematically.

Which is correct: Biled or Build

How to spell Build?

Biled is Incorrect

Build is Correct


Key Differences

Use mnemonic: "Builders Use Intelligent Design," emphasizing the "u" and "i" in "build."
Recall "I before E except after C" does not apply here; instead, "ui" is the correct order.
"Build" contains "u" as in "construction," linking it to creating or constructing something.
Think of "build" as having a foundation with "u" in the middle, essential for stability.
Associate "build" with "building," keeping in mind the "ui" pattern in both words.

Correct usage of Build

He biled a model airplane out of wood.
He build a model airplane out of wood.
The community biled a new playground in the park.
The community build a new playground in the park.
She biled her confidence up over years of practice.
She build her confidence up over years of practice.
They biled their dream house in two years.
They build their dream house in two years.
The company biled a strong reputation for quality.
The company build a strong reputation for quality.

Build Definitions

To increase or strengthen by adding gradually.
She builds her skills through practice.
To create a basis or foundation for something.
They build trust over time.
To shape or construct by assembling individuals or elements.
He builds the model with precision.
To make or assemble something with parts or materials.
They plan to build a new house.
To expand or grow in intensity or extent.
The excitement builds as the event nears.
To form by combining materials or parts; construct.
To order, finance, or supervise the construction of
The administration built several new housing projects.

Build Sentences

She plans to build a sandcastle at the beach tomorrow.
They want to build a better relationship with their neighbors.
He aims to build his stamina by jogging every day.
Scientists are working to build a more accurate climate model.
They're excited to build their first snowman this winter.
He used Legos to build a replica of the Statue of Liberty.
The children tried to build the tallest tower with blocks.
We need to build a fence around our backyard.
Volunteers came together to build homes for the homeless.
The team worked hard to build a winning strategy.
The company is going to build a new office downtown.
She's trying to build a collection of rare books.
The community helped build a garden in the school yard.
She's building her knowledge by reading a lot.
The artist wants to build an installation that interacts with viewers.
Kids love to build forts out of blankets and pillows.
The chef is building a menu based on seasonal ingredients.
It's important to build trust in any relationship.
The company hopes to build a new product line by next year.
Teachers help build the foundation of knowledge for their students.
To build a fire, you need dry wood and kindling.
Students build skills through practice and perseverance.
The architect plans to build an eco-friendly house.
They're looking to build a community around their brand.
It takes time to build good habits.

Build Idioms & Phrases

Build a case

To gather evidence or arguments in support of something.
The lawyer spent months building a case for her client.

Build out

To expand or develop something that already exists.
The company plans to build out its services to reach more customers.

Build from the ground up

To start something from the beginning and develop it to be successful.
He built his business from the ground up, starting with just a small loan.

Build on sand

To base something on a weak or unstable foundation.
Starting a business without a plan is like trying to build on sand.

Build into

To make something a part of another thing through design or development.
Safety features were built into the new model of the car.

Build back better

To rebuild something in a way that improves on its previous state, often after it has been damaged or destroyed.
The community's goal is to build back better after the hurricane.

Build bridges

To improve relationships between people who are very different or do not like each other.
After years of rivalry, the two families decided to build bridges and work together for the community's benefit.

Build castles in the air

To dream about a beautiful or exciting future without any basis in reality.
It's fun to build castles in the air about winning the lottery, but it's important to stay grounded.

Build up a head of steam

To gather momentum or make energetic progress.
The campaign really built up a head of steam in its final weeks.

Build in

To incorporate something as a permanent part of something else.
The software was built in such a way that updates are easy to install.

Build against

To construct something in a way that offers resistance to something else, like weather or pressure.
The sea wall was built against future storms.

Build upon

To use something as a basis or foundation for further development.
The new theory builds upon the work of earlier scientists.

Build around

To develop something with a particular focus or central element.
The curriculum is built around student-centered learning.

Build out of

To create or construct something using specific materials.
They built their house out of eco-friendly materials.

Build someone up

To give someone support or confidence.
Her mentor built her up to believe in her own abilities.

Build under

To construct something below a certain level or beneath something else.
The new subway line was built under the city.

Build across

To develop or extend something so that it reaches or affects different areas or groups.
The program is designed to build across community boundaries.

Build down

To reduce or diminish something in size, amount, or intensity.
The city is working to build down pollution levels through green initiatives.

Build up to

To lead gradually towards something, especially an event or climax.
The novel builds up to a dramatic conclusion.

Build for

To design or construct with a particular purpose or for future use in mind.
They're building the new bridge for increased traffic flow.


Why is it called build?

It's called build because it comes from Old English "byldan," meaning to construct or make.

What is the verb form of build?

The verb form of build is "build" in present, "built" in past and past participle.

What is the pronunciation of build?

Build is pronounced as /bɪld/.

Which vowel is used before build?

The letter "u" is the vowel used before "i" in build.

What is the root word of build?

The root word of build is the Old English "byldan."

Which conjunction is used with build?

"And" is often used with build to join ideas, as in "build and expand."

What is the plural form of build?

Build does not have a plural form; its usage depends on context.

Is build a negative or positive word?

Build is generally a positive word, associated with creation and development.

Which preposition is used with build?

"On" or "upon" is commonly used with build, as in "build on success."

Is build a countable noun?

As a noun, build can be countable in contexts where it refers to a type of construction or physique.

Is the word build imperative?

"Build" can be used as an imperative verb in commands.

What is the singular form of build?

The singular form of build is "build."

Which article is used with build?

The indefinite article "a" or the definite article "the" can be used with build.

Is build an adverb?

No, build is not an adverb.

Is build an abstract noun?

No, when used as a noun, build refers to a tangible construction or physique.

How do we divide build into syllables?

Build is a single syllable and is not divided.

What is another term for build?

Another term for build is construct.

Is the build term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically in contexts beyond physical construction.

How many syllables are in build?

There is one syllable in build.

Which determiner is used with build?

Determiners like "a," "the," or "this" can be used with build.

What is the second form of build?

The second form is "built."

What is the third form of build?

The third form is also "built."

How is build used in a sentence?

"We will build a new deck this summer."

Is build a noun or adjective?

Build is primarily a verb, but it can also be a noun describing physical structure.

Is build a collective noun?

No, build is not typically used as a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in build?

Since build has only one syllable, that syllable is stressed.

What part of speech is build?

Build is a verb, but it can also be a noun.

Is build a vowel or consonant?

The word "build" starts with a consonant.

What is the opposite of build?

The opposite of build is destroy.

What is the first form of build?

The first form is "build."
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