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Acknoledgment vs. Acknowledgement: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 29, 2024
"Acknoledgment" is an incorrect spelling, while "acknowledgement" is correct spelling, which refers to the act of recognizing or admitting something.

Which is correct: Acknoledgment or Acknowledgement

How to spell Acknowledgement?

Acknoledgment is Incorrect

Acknowledgement is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize "acknowledgement" as a longer word, reflecting its comprehensive nature.
Link "acknowledge" with "edge" to remember the "dge" at the end.
Associate "acknowledgement" with "gentle" to recall the "g" before the "e."
Think of the extra "e" as an "echo" of the "e" in "knowledge."
Remember "knowledge" is in "acknowledgement," ensuring the correct spelling.

Correct usage of Acknowledgement

The lack of acknoledgment for her hard work was disappointing.
The lack of acknowledgement for her hard work was disappointing.
Your acknoledgment of the terms is required for us to continue.
Your acknowledgement of the terms is required for us to continue.
Please sign this form as an acknoledgment of receiving the package.
Please sign this form as an acknowledgement of receiving the package.
He did not give any acknoledgment of my contribution to the project.
He did not give any acknowledgement of my contribution to the project.
I need your acknoledgment before we proceed.
I need your acknowledgement before we proceed.

Acknowledgement Definitions

Recognition or admission of another's statement or claim.
Her nod was an acknowledgement of the speaker's point.
Expression of gratitude or appreciation.
His acknowledgement of the support received was humbling.
Crediting contributors or influences.
The author's acknowledgement of her mentor was heartfelt.
Confirmation of receiving something.
He sent an acknowledgement upon receiving the package.
Awareness or acceptance of reality.
Her acknowledgement of the challenges ahead showed her understanding.
The act of admitting the existence or truth of something
Acknowledgment that the service was poor.
Recognition or notice
Peace based on acknowledgment of a nation's sovereignty.
An expression of thanks or appreciation
Included acknowledgments of people who helped in making the book.

Acknowledgement Sentences

The company sent an acknowledgement email after receiving my application.
His speech included an acknowledgement of all the hard work done by his team.
The book began with an acknowledgement page, thanking those who helped.
She received a certificate of acknowledgement for her volunteer service.
In his thesis, he made a special acknowledgement to his mentor.
The acknowledgement section of the report highlighted key contributors.
After the presentation, she expressed her acknowledgement of the team's efforts.
A nod of acknowledgement is a common nonverbal gesture of recognition.
The museum plaque included an acknowledgement of the donors.
A formal acknowledgement of the agreement was recorded in the minutes.
Her acknowledgement of the mistake was the first step towards correction.
The teacher's acknowledgement of his improvement boosted his confidence.
The ceremony included an acknowledgement of the traditional land owners.
Her public acknowledgement of the support received was very heartfelt.
The email concluded with an acknowledgement of the ongoing support from customers.
The acknowledgements in her autobiography made for a long list.
The system automatically sends an acknowledgement receipt for submitted feedback.
He appreciated the acknowledgement of his contribution to the project.
Receiving an acknowledgement from the author made her feel appreciated.
In the meeting, his acknowledgement of her idea was very encouraging.

Acknowledgement Idioms & Phrases

In acknowledgement of

Recognizing or showing appreciation for someone's effort or achievement.
The plaque was placed in acknowledgement of the founder's contributions.

Token of acknowledgement

A small gift or gesture to show appreciation or recognition.
The volunteers were given small gifts as a token of acknowledgement for their hard work.

Acknowledgement of receipt

Confirmation that something has been received.
I received an acknowledgement of receipt for my application.

Grudging acknowledgement

Recognizing something or someone reluctantly or unwillingly.
He finally gave a grudging acknowledgement of his rival's success.

Silent acknowledgement

A nonverbal gesture that indicates recognition or understanding.
They shared a silent acknowledgement of the challenges they had overcome together.

Without acknowledgement

Ignoring or not recognizing someone's contribution or presence.
The contribution was made without any acknowledgement from the organization.

Mutual acknowledgement

When two parties recognize or accept something about each other.
Their handshake was a mutual acknowledgement of a deal well negotiated.

Public acknowledgement

Recognizing someone's contributions or achievements in a public manner.
The mayor's public acknowledgement of the heroes was a touching moment.

Seek acknowledgement

To look for recognition or validation for one's actions or achievements.
She didn't seek acknowledgement, but her work spoke for itself.

Acknowledgement in kind

Responding to a gesture or action with a similar one.
They exchanged gifts as an acknowledgement in kind for each other's support.

Give acknowledgement to

To officially recognize or credit someone for something.
The ceremony was held to give acknowledgement to the volunteers' dedication.


The act of not recognizing or ignoring something or someone.
His non-acknowledgement of the issue only made matters worse.

Written acknowledgement

Recognition or confirmation that is given in written form.
A written acknowledgement of the donation was sent to all contributors.

Express acknowledgement

Clearly and directly recognizing or admitting something.
The company made an express acknowledgement of the issue and promised to address it.

Stand in acknowledgement

To rise or stand up as a sign of respect or recognition.
The audience stood in acknowledgement of the veteran's service.

Acknowledgement copy

A duplicate of a document that is signed and returned as confirmation.
Please return the signed acknowledgement copy for our records.

Due acknowledgement

Appropriate recognition or credit given to someone.
The inventor received due acknowledgement for her groundbreaking work.

Acknowledgement slip

A small piece of paper that confirms receipt or recognition of something.
Please fill out and return the attached acknowledgement slip.

Verbal acknowledgement

Recognition or admission made through spoken words.
She received verbal acknowledgement from her peers for her leadership.


Which vowel is used before acknowledgement?

The vowel "a" is used at the beginning of "acknowledgement."

What is the verb form of acknowledgement?

The verb form is "acknowledge."

What is the pronunciation of acknowledgement?

It is pronounced as /əkˈnɒlɪdʒmənt/.

What is the singular form of acknowledgement?

The singular form is "acknowledgement."

Why is it called acknowledgement?

It's called "acknowledgement" because it denotes the act of recognizing, admitting, or expressing gratitude.

Which conjunction is used with acknowledgement?

Commonly, "and" is used, especially in listing acknowledgements.

Which article is used with acknowledgement?

"The" is used when referring to a specific acknowledgement.

Is acknowledgement a noun or adjective?

Acknowledgement is a noun.

Is acknowledgement a negative or positive word?

It is generally positive or neutral, depending on context.

Which preposition is used with acknowledgement?

"Of" is commonly used, as in "acknowledgement of a fact."

What is the root word of acknowledgement?

The root is "acknowledge."

Is acknowledgement a countable noun?

Yes, it can be countable (e.g., acknowledgements).

Is acknowledgement an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb.

What is another term for acknowledgement?

Recognition, confirmation, or validation.

What is the third form of acknowledgement?

The third form is "acknowledged" (past participle).

What is the plural form of acknowledgement?

The plural form is "acknowledgements."

Is acknowledgement an abstract noun?

Yes, it is an abstract noun.

Is the acknowledgement term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically but is not inherently a metaphor.

Which determiner is used with acknowledgement?

"The" or "an" can be used, depending on the context.

Is acknowledgement a collective noun?

No, it is not typically considered a collective noun.

Is the word acknowledgement imperative?

The word itself is not imperative; it's a noun.

How many syllables are in acknowledgement?

There are four syllables.

How do we divide acknowledgement into syllables?

It is divided as: ack-now-ledg-ment.

What is a stressed syllable in acknowledgement?

The first syllable "ack" is stressed.

What part of speech is acknowledgement?

It is a noun.

What is the opposite of acknowledgement?

Denial or disregard.

Is acknowledgement a vowel or consonant?

The word itself consists of both vowels and consonants.

What is the first form of acknowledgement?

The first form is "acknowledge."

What is the second form of acknowledgement?

The second form is also "acknowledge" (past tense).

How is acknowledgement used in a sentence?

"The author included an acknowledgement of all contributors in her book."
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