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Becaus vs. Because: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on April 2, 2024
"Becaus" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "because," which is a conjunction used to indicate the reason for something.

Which is correct: Becaus or Because

How to spell Because?

Becaus is Incorrect

Because is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "because" with "cause and effect," highlighting the "cause" in the spelling.
Recall that "because" contains the same number of vowels as consonants, which helps balance the word.
Remember, "because" ends with "se," not just "s."
Think of the phrase "be cause," implying a reason exists.
Use mnemonic: "Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants," with the first letters spelling out "because."

Correct usage of Because

He's happy becaus he passed his exam.
He's happy because he passed his exam.
She was late becaus her car broke down.
She was late because her car broke down.
I didn't go becaus it was raining.
I didn't go because it was raining.
We stayed home becaus of the snowstorm.
We stayed home because of the snowstorm.
They won becaus they worked hard.
They won because they worked hard.

Because Definitions

Explains the cause of an action or event.
She's absent because she's ill.
Clarifies motivation or reasoning behind a decision.
I study because I value education.
Justifies why something was done.
We left early because of the storm.
Offers the basis for a belief or action.
They're worried because their test results are delayed.
Used to introduce a statement that explains the reason for another statement.
He smiled because he was happy.
For the reason that; since.
(archaic) For the reason that.
On account of, for sake of.
My life is ruined because of you!

Because Sentences

We're going early because we want good seats.
I'm smiling because I heard the good news.
She's sad because her best friend is moving away.
She cried because she lost her favorite toy.
He studied all night because he has a test today.
I'm saving money because I want to buy a bike.
I'm wearing a coat because it's cold outside.
They're excited because it's their birthday.
He's tired because he didn't sleep well last night.
They're decorating the house because it's almost Halloween.
He apologized because he realized his mistake.
I'm calling because I miss you.
We won the game because we practiced a lot.
They're quiet because the baby is sleeping.
She's reading because she loves books.
They're singing because they're happy.
He's going to the doctor because he feels sick.
We're laughing because the movie is funny.
She's baking a cake because it's her mom's birthday.
We're planting trees because we want to help the environment.
They're whispering because they have a secret.
We're dancing because we love music.
I'm learning to swim because I'm going to the beach this summer.
She's running because she's late for the bus.
He's saving his allowance because he wants to buy a video game.

Because Idioms & Phrases

Because the night belongs to lovers

This phrase emphasizes that nighttime is a special time for those in love.
They walked hand in hand under the stars, feeling as if because the night belongs to lovers, it belonged to them.

Because of you

Indicates that someone's action or presence is the reason for something.
Because of you, I feel confident to pursue my dreams.

Because I said so

Used by someone in authority to end an argument or justify a decision without further explanation.
You need to do your homework because I said so.

No reason other than because

Emphasizes doing something for the sheer reason or joy of it.
I painted the wall bright yellow, for no reason other than because it makes me happy.

Because why not?

A rhetorical question suggesting that there is no reason not to do something.
I decided to take a dance class because why not?

It's because

Used to introduce the reason or explanation for something.
It's cold outside, it's because winter has arrived.

Just because

Used to justify an action without providing a specific reason.
Sometimes I buy flowers for my mom just because, not needing a special occasion to show love.

Because you never know

A reason for doing something because the future is uncertain.
I always carry an umbrella, because you never know when it might rain.

All because of

Indicates that something happened as a direct result of something or someone.
The park was clean all because of the volunteers who worked hard.

Because I care

A simple explanation for actions taken out of concern for someone else.
I ask about your day because I care.

Because it's there

A justification for attempting a challenge, especially used by mountaineers and explorers.
Why climb the mountain? Because it's there.

Because of love

Indicates that love is the reason behind an action.
Everything I do, I do it because of love.

Because that's how we roll

Indicates doing things in a way that is typical or characteristic for a group or person.
We always go above and beyond for our clients, because that's how we roll.

Because life is short

A justification for making the most of life and enjoying it.
I'm traveling the world now, because life is short.

Because dreams matter

A justification for pursuing one's dreams and aspirations.
I started my own business because dreams matter.

Because we can

A collective justification for taking action or making a decision as a group.
We volunteer as a family because we can.

Because you can

Encouragement to do something simply because one has the ability to do so.
Take the opportunity to study abroad because you can.

Because time flies

A reason to cherish moments and act promptly.
Spend time with loved ones because time flies.

Because it matters

A reason for doing something because it's important or meaningful.
We recycle and conserve water because it matters.

Because memories last

A reason to create lasting memories through experiences.
We're taking this trip because memories last.


What is the root word of because?

The root concept is "cause," with "be-" as a prefix meaning "by the."

What is the pronunciation of because?

Because is pronounced as /bɪˈkɔz/.

Why is it called because?

It's called because as it comes from the phrase "by cause," indicating reason.

What is the verb form of because?

Because is not a verb and does not have a verb form; it's a conjunction.

What is the plural form of because?

There is no plural form of because; it remains unchanged.

Which conjunction is used with because?

Because is itself a conjunction and is often used with "and" in complex sentences.

Is because an adverb?

No, because is not an adverb.

Is because a negative or positive word?

Because is neutral; it can introduce both positive and negative reasons.

Which vowel is used before because?

The letter "e" is used before the consonant "c" in because.

What is the singular form of because?

Because is an invariant conjunction and does not have singular or plural forms.

Is because an abstract noun?

No, because is not a noun.

Is because a vowel or consonant?

The word begins with a consonant "b."

Which preposition is used with because?

"Of" is often used with because, as in "because of."

What is a stressed syllable in because?

The stressed syllable is the second, "cause."

What is the third form of because?

Because does not change form; it's always the same.

Which article is used with because?

Articles are not typically used directly with because.

Is because a noun or adjective?

Because is a conjunction.

Is the because term a metaphor?

Because is not typically used as a metaphor; it's used to express reasoning.

What is the opposite of because?

There's no direct opposite, but "regardless" might be used in contrast to ignore reason.

Which determiner is used with because?

Determiners are not used with because.

What is the first form of because?

Because does not have different forms; it remains constant.

Is because a countable noun?

Because is not a noun, so it's not countable.

Is because a collective noun?

No, because is a conjunction, not a noun.

How is because used in a sentence?

"I'm going because I promised."

Is the word because imperative?

No, because cannot be imperative as it is not a verb.

How many syllables are in because?

There are two syllables in because.

How do we divide because into syllables?

Because is divided as be-cause.

What part of speech is because?

Because is a conjunction.

What is another term for because?

Another term is "since" or "as."

What is the second form of because?

There are no variant forms of because.
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