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Facullty vs. Faculty: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on April 4, 2024
Facullty is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "faculty", which refers to a division within a university or the collective body of teachers or the inherent mental or physical powers of an individual.

Which is correct: Facullty or Faculty

How to spell Faculty?

Facullty is Incorrect

Faculty is Correct


Key Differences

Faculty shares its structure with "capacity"; both have a single 'l' and end in "ty," indicating a measure or ability.
Faculty ends with "ty," a common ending for nouns denoting condition or capacity.
Faculty has only one 'l', not double. Remember it as one 'l' for learning.
The word faculty contains "cult," think of the cultivation of knowledge in a faculty.
Visualize a university faculty, structured and singular in its purpose, symbolized by the single 'l.'

Correct usage of Faculty

The facullty lounge is on the second floor.
The faculty lounge is on the second floor.
The university has a large facullty of arts and sciences.
The university has a large faculty of arts and sciences.
She joined the university as a member of the facullty last year.
She joined the university as a member of the faculty last year.
Our school's facullty meeting is scheduled for Monday.
Our school's faculty meeting is scheduled for Monday.
He received an award for outstanding contribution to the facullty.
He received an award for outstanding contribution to the faculty.

Faculty Definitions

The collective body of teachers or educators in a school or university.
The faculty is meeting to discuss the new curriculum.
A division within a university comprising one subject area or a group of related subject areas.
She is a member of the science faculty.
A natural ability to perform a particular activity well.
Music has always been her faculty since childhood.
An inherent mental or physical power.
His critical thinking is his strongest faculty.
The staff and administration of a school or educational institution.
The faculty agreed to extend the library's working hours.
An inherent power or ability
The faculty of speech.
A talent or natural ability for something
Has a wonderful faculty for storytelling.
(used with a sing. or pl. verb) The teachers and instructors of a school or college, or of one of its divisions, especially those considered permanent, full-time employees.

Faculty Sentences

Every faculty at our school is involved in extracurricular activities.
The faculty members are planning a new curriculum for next year.
Our faculty includes experts from various fields of study.
The university is known for its distinguished engineering faculty.
The faculty senate voted on the new academic policy yesterday.
New faculty members are introduced at the beginning of each academic year.
She received a faculty award for excellence in teaching.
He's been a part of the history faculty for over twenty years.
She is respected by her peers and students alike in the faculty.
The faculty lounge is a quiet place for teachers to relax.
Our faculty is committed to providing a supportive learning environment.
Faculty research contributes significantly to scientific advancements.
The faculty retreat is an opportunity for team building and planning.
The faculty advisor helped me choose my major.
The faculty meeting discussed improvements to the library system.
The faculty directory includes contact information for all professors.
Faculty and staff parking is located behind the main building.
The faculty exhibition showcases the artistic talents of our teachers.
Faculty salaries are reviewed annually by the administration.
The faculty handbook contains important policies and procedures.
Students often seek faculty advice on career opportunities.
He is the newest member of the English faculty.
The faculty collaborates with international institutions for research.
The science faculty hosts an annual public lecture series.
Faculty members are encouraged to attend professional development workshops.

Faculty Idioms & Phrases

Faculty senate

A governing body in a university, consisting of members of the faculty, that participates in academic decision-making.
The faculty senate approved the new course additions for next semester.

Faculty assembly

A meeting of all faculty members at an institution to discuss and vote on academic policies.
The annual faculty assembly is where important university-wide decisions are made.

Faculty advisor

A faculty member who provides advice and guidance to students on academic matters.
My faculty advisor helped me decide which courses to take to complete my major.

On the faculty

Being a member of the teaching or academic staff at an educational institution.
He has been on the faculty of the law school for ten years.

Faculty fellowship

A grant or scholarship awarded to faculty members for research or study.
He received a faculty fellowship to conduct research abroad.

Faculty recruitment

The process of hiring new teachers or professors for a school or university.
Faculty recruitment focuses on bringing in experts to enhance the educational offerings.

Faculty lounge

A room in a school or university where teachers and professors may relax or socialize.
After classes, the teachers gathered in the faculty lounge for a quick meeting.

Faculty mentor

An experienced faculty member who provides guidance and support to newer colleagues.
Having a faculty mentor made the transition to academia much smoother for her.

Faculty member

An individual who teaches or conducts research at a college or university.
As a faculty member, she contributes significantly to her department's success.

Faculty workshop

A training or development session for teachers and professors at an educational institution.
The faculty workshop on innovative teaching methods was very enlightening.

Faculty housing

Accommodation provided by an educational institution for its teaching staff.
The university offers faculty housing at a subsidized rate near campus.

Faculty diversity

The inclusion of faculty members from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.
Faculty diversity enriches the learning environment for all students.

Faculty lounge gossip

Informal, often speculative conversation among teachers about colleagues or school affairs.
The faculty lounge gossip kept everyone updated on the university's latest news.

Join the faculty

To become a member of the teaching or academic staff at an educational institution.
After completing her PhD, she was excited to join the faculty of the School of Public Health.

Faculty of arts and sciences

The division of a university that deals with humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
She is a professor in the faculty of arts and sciences, specializing in anthropology.

Faculty evaluation

The process of reviewing and assessing the performance of faculty members.
Faculty evaluation is essential for ensuring the quality of education and research.

Faculty appointment

The assignment of a teaching position or role to a person in an academic institution.
Her faculty appointment was in the Department of Environmental Science.

Faculty collaboration

When faculty members work together on academic projects or research.
Faculty collaboration resulted in a groundbreaking study on climate change.

Faculty-led research

Research projects initiated and conducted by faculty members, often involving students.
His participation in a faculty-led research project sparked his interest in scientific inquiry.

Faculty position

A job as a teacher or researcher at a college or university.
He was thrilled to accept a faculty position at his alma mater.


Which vowel is used before faculty?

Typically, the indefinite article 'a' is used before faculty, as in "a faculty meeting."

Why is it called faculty?

The term "faculty" comes from the Middle English "faculte," from the Old French "faculte," and from the Latin "facultas," meaning ease, opportunity, or ability.

What is the root word of faculty?

The root word of faculty is the Latin "facultas," meaning ease, opportunity, or ability.

What is the singular form of faculty?

The singular form is "faculty."

What is the verb form of faculty?

Faculty is a noun; there's no direct verb form. Related verbs could be "teach" or "instruct" when referring to educational faculty.

What is the plural form of faculty?

The plural form is "faculties."

Which conjunction is used with faculty?

"And" is commonly used, as in "faculty and staff."

What is the pronunciation of faculty?

Faculty is pronounced as /ˈfæk.əl.ti/.

Is the faculty term a metaphor?

Faculty can be used metaphorically to describe someone's abilities or powers.

Which preposition is used with faculty?

"Of" is often used with faculty, as in "faculty of arts."

Which article is used with faculty?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is faculty a negative or positive word?

Faculty is generally a neutral word.

What is the opposite of faculty?

The opposite of faculty could be "incapacity" or "inability."

Is faculty an adverb?

No, faculty is not an adverb.

Is the word faculty imperative?

No, faculty is not imperative; it's a noun.

How many syllables are in faculty?

There are three syllables in faculty.

What is the second form of faculty?

Faculty doesn't have a second form; it's a noun.

What is the third form of faculty?

Faculty doesn't have a third form; it's a noun.

What is a stressed syllable in faculty?

The first syllable "fac" is stressed in faculty.

What is another term for faculty?

Another term for faculty could be "staff" or "department" when referring to a division within a university, or "ability" when referring to inherent powers.

Which determiner is used with faculty?

Determiners like "a," "the," and "this" can be used with faculty.

What is the first form of faculty?

Faculty is a noun; it doesn't have verb forms.

Is faculty a noun or adjective?

Faculty is a noun.

Is faculty an abstract noun?

Faculty can be considered an abstract noun when referring to inherent powers or abilities.

Is faculty a vowel or consonant?

The word "faculty" starts with a consonant sound.

How do we divide faculty into syllables?

Faculty is divided as: fac-ul-ty.

What part of speech is faculty?

Faculty is a noun.

Is faculty a countable noun?

Yes, faculty is a countable noun.

Is faculty a collective noun?

Yes, faculty can be a collective noun when referring to the body of educators.

How is faculty used in a sentence?

"The university's faculty is renowned for its research in environmental science."
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