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Arived vs. Arrived: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 8, 2024
"Arived" is incorrect; the correct spelling is "arrived." Arrived refers to having reached a destination or achieved a goal.

Which is correct: Arived or Arrived

How to spell Arrived?

Arived is Incorrect

Arrived is Correct


Key Differences

"Arrived" has double 'r's, unlike "arived."
Use a mnemonic i.e."A Rare Ride Ends in 'Ved'," focusing on the double 'r.'
Remember, it's like "arrive" with a 'd' at the end, not "arive."
Think of "drive" which becomes "drived" (incorrectly), similarly "arrive" becomes "arrived."
Associate "arrived" with "survived" - both have double consonants before the 'ed.'

Correct usage of Arrived

They arived home late after a long day of sightseeing.
They arrived home late after a long day of sightseeing.
He finally arived at the conclusion after much deliberation.
He finally arrived at the conclusion after much deliberation.
She arived at the party just in time for the cake.
She arrived at the party just in time for the cake.
The package has arived earlier than expected.
The package has arrived earlier than expected.
The train arived at the station right on schedule.
The train arrived at the station right on schedule.

Arrived Definitions

Having come to a specific place or destination.
They finally arrived at the mountain's summit.
Achieving a goal or reaching a state of success.
With his book published, he felt he had truly arrived.
Coming into existence or starting to be noticeable.
The digital age arrived swiftly, changing many industries.
Coming to a particular point in time or event.
Spring arrived with a burst of flowers.
Reaching a decision or conclusion.
After much deliberation, the jury arrived at a verdict.
To reach a destination.
To come at length; take place
The day of reckoning has arrived.
To achieve success or recognition
He had finally arrived as a designer.
Simple past tense and past participle of arrive

Arrived Sentences

The letter arrived in the mail yesterday.
Spring has finally arrived after a long winter.
The moment they arrived at the beach, they ran towards the water.
He arrived at the office before anyone else.
The plane arrived late due to bad weather.
The guests arrived early for the wedding.
The news of their victory arrived quickly.
She arrived at a solution after hours of brainstorming.
The shipment arrived ahead of schedule, which was a pleasant surprise.
They arrived at the concert just as it was starting.
My order arrived in perfect condition.
The new year arrived with fireworks and celebrations.
They arrived at the hotel tired from their journey.
The moment he arrived, the atmosphere changed.
She arrived back at home feeling exhausted but happy.
The pizza arrived hot and fresh.
News of the event arrived too late for us to participate.
The rescue team arrived at the scene within minutes.
He arrived at the party and immediately noticed the elaborate decorations.
The taxi arrived just in time to take them to the airport.
The moment to act has finally arrived.
She arrived at the decision to move abroad after much thought.
The flowers arrived at the office as a surprise for her birthday.
He arrived at the interview well-prepared and confident.
The reinforcements arrived just in time to turn the battle.

Arrived Idioms & Phrases

Arrived out of the blue

Arriving unexpectedly or without warning.
He arrived out of the blue, surprising everyone at the family reunion.

Have arrived

To have achieved success or recognition.
With his latest novel topping the bestseller list, he has truly arrived as a writer.

Arrived at a crossroads

Reaching a point where a crucial decision must be made.
After graduating, she arrived at a crossroads in her career path.

Arrived on the scene

Appearing or becoming involved in a situation or place.
The new manager arrived on the scene with a lot of fresh ideas.

Arrived in style

Arriving in a manner that attracts attention because of its impressiveness.
They arrived in style, pulling up in a limousine.

Arrived at an understanding

Reaching a mutual agreement or comprehension.
After a long discussion, both parties arrived at an understanding.

Arrived at an agreement

Reaching a consensus or accord.
The two companies arrived at an agreement after intense negotiations.

Arrived at dawn/dusk

Arriving as the sun rises or sets.
The fishermen arrived at dawn, ready for a day at sea.

Arrived on the dot

Arriving exactly at the scheduled or expected time.
She always arrived on the dot for meetings, never late.

Arrived in the nick of time

Arriving just in time to prevent something bad from happening.
The firefighter team arrived in the nick of time to save the house from burning down.

Newly arrived

Recently having come to a place.
The newly arrived students were welcomed with an orientation.

Finally arrived

Reaching a destination or achieving something after a long period.
After years of hard work, her dream of opening a bakery finally arrived.

Arrived bearing gifts

Arriving while bringing presents or contributions.
He arrived bearing gifts for everyone, spreading joy.

Arrived at a decision

Making a final choice after consideration.
After weeks of deliberation, she finally arrived at a decision about her future.

Arrived at a conclusion

Reaching the end of a thought process or analysis.
After examining all the evidence, the detective arrived at a conclusion.

Arrived ahead of time

Arriving before the scheduled or expected time.
He always arrived ahead of time for interviews, showing his punctuality.

Arrived at a junction

Coming to a point where a decision between different paths or options must be made.
The plot arrived at a junction, leaving readers to wonder which direction the story would take.

Quietly arrived

Arriving or appearing without much attention or fanfare.
The artist's new exhibit quietly arrived, attracting a discerning crowd.

Arrived under the radar

Arriving or achieving something without attracting much attention.
The indie film arrived under the radar but quickly gained a cult following.

Arrived with a bang

Starting or appearing in a very noticeable or impressive way.
The new restaurant arrived with a bang, earning rave reviews in its first week.


What is the verb form of arrived?

The verb form is "arrive" (present tense).

What is the pronunciation of arrived?

Arrived is pronounced as /əˈraɪvd/.

Which vowel is used before arrived?

The vowel 'a' or 'an' can be used before "arrived," depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with arrived?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "before" can be used with "arrived."

Which article is used with arrived?

Articles are not typically used directly with the verb "arrived."

Why is it called arrived?

"Arrived" comes from the past tense of "arrive," which means to reach a destination.

What is the root word of arrived?

The root word is "arrive."

What is the singular form of arrived?

"Arrived" does not have a singular or plural form as it is a verb in the past tense.

What is the plural form of arrived?

"Arrived" remains the same in plural usage as it is a past tense verb.

Is arrived an abstract noun?

No, arrived is a verb and not a noun.

Which preposition is used with arrived?

Prepositions like "at," "in," or "on" are used with "arrived."

Is arrived an adverb?

No, arrived is not an adverb.

Is the arrived term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

How many syllables are in arrived?

There are two syllables in "arrived."

How do we divide arrived into syllables?

It is divided as ar-rived.

What is a stressed syllable in arrived?

The second syllable, "rived," is the stressed syllable in "arrived."

What is the opposite of arrived?

The opposite could be "departed" or "left."

How is arrived used in a sentence?

Example: "As soon as they arrived at the beach, they set up their umbrella."

Is arrived a negative or positive word?

Arrived is neutral; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is arrived a vowel or consonant?

"Arrived" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is arrived a countable noun?

Arrived is not a noun; it's a verb.

Is the word arrived imperative?

No, "arrived" is not imperative; it's a past tense verb.

What is another term for arrived?

Another term for arrived could be "reached" or "got there."

Is arrived a collective noun?

No, arrived is not a collective noun.

What is the second form of arrived?

The second form is "arrived."

Is arrived a noun or adjective?

Arrived is a verb (past tense).

What part of speech is arrived?

Arrived is a verb (past tense).

Which determiner is used with arrived?

Determiners are not typically used directly with the verb "arrived."

What is the first form of arrived?

The first form is "arrive."

What is the third form of arrived?

The third form is also "arrived."
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