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Developped vs. Developed: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Developped is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is 'developed,' meaning advanced or grown in a particular way.

Which is correct: Developped or Developed

How to spell Developed?

Developped is Incorrect

Developed is Correct


Key Differences

Compare with similar words like 'wrapped' (double 'p') and 'developed' (single 'p').
Associate it with the phrase "developed countries," commonly seen in its correct form.
Remember, 'developed' has only one 'p,' like 'develop.'
The word 'developed' sounds like it has a single 'p.'
Write 'developed' correctly several times, focusing on the single 'p.'

Correct usage of Developed

The country has developped a new economic strategy.
The country has developed a new economic strategy.
The software has been developped to assist with online learning.
The software has been developed to assist with online learning.
They have developped a unique approach to solving the problem.
They have developed a unique approach to solving the problem.
She has developped a keen interest in astronomy.
She has developed a keen interest in astronomy.
His skills have greatly developped over the course of the program.
His skills have greatly developed over the course of the program.

Developed Definitions

Developed means having reached an advanced stage.
The developed nation had a strong economy.
Describes being technologically or industrially advanced.
The software is fully developed.
It refers to something that has grown or expanded.
The city has developed rapidly.
In photography, it means processed or refined.
The film was successfully developed.
Means having matured or evolved over time.
His skills have developed considerably.
Advanced in industrial capability, technological sophistication, and economic productivity
Traveled through the least developed areas of the world.
(said of a country) Not primitive; not third-world.

Developed Sentences

The city has developed rapidly over the past decade.
Researchers have developed a vaccine for the disease.
The athlete developed her skills through years of practice and dedication.
The plot of the novel developed slowly, revealing secrets in each chapter.
The artist developed his own style after experimenting with different mediums.
Environmental policies have developed to address climate change more effectively.
The garden has developed beautifully since we planted it last spring.
The company has developed a reputation for excellence in customer service.
The child has developed a strong bond with her grandparents.
The writer developed the character's backstory to make her more relatable to readers.
Schools have developed new teaching methods to improve online learning.
Technology has developed at an unprecedented rate in the 21st century.
The team developed a plan to increase sales over the next quarter.
The relationship between the two countries has developed significantly in recent years.
The company developed a strategy to enter new markets.
The director developed a vision for the film that excited everyone involved.
The town has developed a plan to improve public transportation.
The chef developed a menu that caters to both vegetarians and meat-eaters.
The programmer developed an app that helps people manage their finances.
The project has developed in scope and now includes partners from around the world.
The student developed a hypothesis for her science fair project.
The scientist developed a theory based on his observations of nature.
The photographer has developed a unique way of capturing light in his pictures.
She has developed a new technique for solving complex equations.
Communities have developed initiatives to support local businesses during the pandemic.


Which vowel is used before developed?

The vowel 'e' is used before 'developed.'

What is the pronunciation of developed?

Developed is pronounced as \dɪ-ˈvel-əpt.

What is the root word of developed?

The root word of 'developed' is 'develop.'

What is the singular form of developed?

'Developed' is both singular and plural in form.

Is developed a noun or adjective?

'Developed' is primarily an adjective.

What is the plural form of developed?

The plural form of 'developed' is also 'developed.'

Why is it called developed?

It's called 'developed' because it describes something that has undergone development or growth.

Which conjunction is used with developed?

Conjunctions such as 'and,' 'but,' or 'or' can be used with 'developed.'

What is the verb form of developed?

The verb form of 'developed' is 'develop.'

Is developed a collective noun?

No, 'developed' is not a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with developed?

Prepositions like 'into,' 'by,' and 'through' are often used with 'developed.'

Which article is used with developed?

Both definite ('the') and indefinite ('a,' 'an') articles are used with 'developed.'

Is developed a negative or positive word?

'Developed' is typically neutral, context determines its positive or negative connotation.

Is developed a vowel or consonant?

'Developed' is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the developed term a metaphor?

'Developed' can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

What is the opposite of developed?

The opposite of 'developed' is 'undeveloped' or 'underdeveloped.'

What is the second form of developed?

The second form of 'developed' is 'developed.'

Is developed an abstract noun?

No, 'developed' is an adjective, not a noun.

Is the word developed imperative?

'Developed' is not typically used in an imperative form.

How many syllables are in developed?

'Developed' has three syllables.

What part of speech is developed?

'Developed' is primarily an adjective.

What is another term for developed?

Another term for 'developed' is 'advanced.'

Which determiner is used with developed?

Determiners like 'the,' 'a,' and 'an' are used with 'developed.'

What is the first form of developed?

The first form of 'developed' is 'develop.'

What is the third form of developed?

The third form of 'developed' is 'developed.'

How is developed used in a sentence?

Example: "The developed countries have a higher standard of living."

Is developed an adverb?

No, 'developed' is not an adverb.

Is developed a countable noun?

'Developed' is an adjective, not a countable noun.

How do we divide developed into syllables?

Developed is divided as de-vel-oped.

What is a stressed syllable in developed?

The stressed syllable in 'developed' is 'vel.'
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