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Adquire vs. Acquire: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 24, 2024
"Adquire" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "acquire" which means to buy or obtain for oneself.

Which is correct: Adquire or Acquire

How to spell Acquire?

Adquire is Incorrect

Acquire is Correct


Key Differences

"Acquire" starts with "ac-" like "accumulate."
"C" comes before "q" in the alphabet, as in "acquire."
No 'd' in "acquire" – think of getting "a" "quire" of paper.
Remember "quire" as in "choir," harmoniously coming together.
"Acquire" sounds like "a choir" – both bring things together.

Correct usage of Acquire

He is looking to adquire a rare collection of books.
He is looking to acquire a rare collection of books.
She hoped to adquire new skills during the workshop.
She hoped to acquire new skills during the workshop.
The company plans to adquire three new startups this year.
The company plans to acquire three new startups this year.
The museum managed to adquire a famous painting at the auction.
The museum managed to acquire a famous painting at the auction.
Many people adquire their knowledge through online courses.
Many people acquire their knowledge through online courses.

Acquire Definitions

To come into possession or ownership of.
She acquired a new car.
To gain through actions or efforts.
He acquired skills in coding.
To gain for oneself through one's actions.
He acquired a reputation for honesty.
To buy or purchase something.
The company acquired a smaller startup.
To obtain by care and effort.
She acquired proficiency in French.
To gain possession of
Acquire 100 shares of stock.
To get by one's own efforts
Acquire proficiency in math.
To gain through experience; come by
Acquired a growing dislike of television sitcoms.

Acquire Sentences

The team was excited to acquire a new player.
They are seeking to acquire land for the new park.
The company's strategy is to acquire competitors.
She aims to acquire a deeper understanding of the subject.
Students should acquire critical thinking skills in school.
To acquire wealth, one must be willing to work hard.
The artist hopes to acquire new fans at the gallery opening.
The scientist seeks to acquire more data for his research.
He managed to acquire tickets to the sold-out show.
They worked hard to acquire the necessary permits.
The library continues to acquire books by diverse authors.
She managed to acquire a rare edition of her favorite novel.
Through travel, one can acquire a broader perspective on life.
The museum's goal is to acquire artifacts from ancient civilizations.
She has the ability to acquire friends wherever she goes.
To acquire a new skill, practice is essential.
One can acquire knowledge from both success and failure.
The business aims to acquire a larger market share.
Parents hope their children will acquire sound moral values.
The company will acquire new technology to improve production.

Acquire Idioms & Phrases

Acquire new heights

To reach new levels of success or development.
The athlete acquired new heights in her career after winning the championship.

Acquire a taste for

To develop a liking for something that one did not previously enjoy.
She eventually acquired a taste for classical music after attending several concerts.

Acquire the knack of

To learn how to do something competently.
He quickly acquired the knack of sailing during his summer at the lake.

Acquire a following

To gain supporters or enthusiasts, especially for one's work or ideas.
The writer acquired a following with her captivating blog posts on travel.

Acquire the habit of

To develop a regular tendency or practice.
He acquired the habit of reading before bed, which improved his sleep quality.

Acquire a reputation

To become known for something, often due to one's actions or qualities.
The chef acquired a reputation for his innovative dishes and bold flavors.

Acquire the edge

To gain an advantage in a competitive situation.
Through innovative strategies, the company acquired the edge over its competitors.

Acquire the spotlight

To become the focus of attention.
The young singer acquired the spotlight with her stunning performance on the talent show.

Acquire a license to

To obtain permission or authorization to do something, usually through official means.
Before opening her bakery, she needed to acquire a license to operate a food business.

Acquire a taste of one's own medicine

To experience the same harm that one has inflicted on others.
After years of teasing his siblings, he finally acquired a taste of his own medicine.

Acquire wings

To gain freedom or the ability to move or progress freely.
After graduating, she felt like she had acquired wings to explore new opportunities.

Acquire the upper hand

To gain a controlling or dominant position.
In the negotiations, they managed to acquire the upper hand by staying firm on their demands.

Acquire the means

To obtain the resources or capabilities to do something.
They acquired the means to start their own business thanks to a generous loan.

Acquire a taste for adventure

To develop a liking for exciting and risky activities.
After his first skydiving experience, he acquired a taste for adventure.

Acquire second nature

To become so practiced at something that it is almost instinctive.
Speaking the language became second nature to her after living abroad for years.

Acquire the lay of the land

To become familiar with a place or situation.
Before making any decisions, he took some time to acquire the lay of the land.

Acquire a new lease on life

To become revitalized or receive a new opportunity to improve one's situation.
After the successful surgery, he felt like he had acquired a new lease on life.

Acquire a voice

To find the means or confidence to express oneself.
Through her art, she acquired a voice that resonated with many.

Acquire a golden touch

To have the ability to make any venture successful.
Everything he invested in seemed to prosper, as if he had acquired a golden touch.

Acquire a sense of

To develop an understanding or awareness of something.
She acquired a sense of confidence after completing the challenging course.


Why is it called acquire?

It is called "acquire" from Latin "acquirere," meaning to gain or obtain.

What is the pronunciation of acquire?

Acquire is pronounced as /əˈkwaɪər/.

What is the root word of acquire?

The root word of "acquire" is the Latin "acquirere."

What is the verb form of acquire?

The verb form is "acquire."

Which vowel is used before acquire?

The vowel 'a' is used at the beginning of "acquire."

Which conjunction is used with acquire?

"And" is a conjunction that can be used with "acquire" in sentences involving multiple acquisitions.

What is the plural form of acquire?

As a verb, "acquire" does not have a plural form. Its usage does not change with number.

Is acquire a negative or positive word?

"Acquire" is neutral; its connotation depends on context.

Is acquire a countable noun?

"Acquire" is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is the acquire term a metaphor?

"Acquire" can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

How is acquire used in a sentence?

"She aims to acquire new skills through this course."

Which preposition is used with acquire?

"Acquire" is often used with the preposition "from" as in "acquire from."

Is acquire a noun or adjective?

"Acquire" is a verb.

Is acquire a collective noun?

No, "acquire" is a verb, not a collective noun.

Is the word acquire is imperative?

"Acquire" can be used in the imperative mood in commands or requests.

What is the opposite of acquire?

The opposite of "acquire" is "lose" or "relinquish."

What is the first form of acquire?

The first form is "acquire."

What is the singular form of acquire?

"Acquire" remains the same in both singular and plural forms as a verb.

How many syllables are in acquire?

There are three syllables in "acquire."

What is the third form of acquire?

The third form is also "acquired."

Is acquire an abstract noun?

No, "acquire" is a verb, not a noun.

Is acquire a vowel or consonant?

"Acquire" starts with a vowel, 'a'.

What is a stressed syllable in acquire?

The stressed syllable in "acquire" is "quire."

What is another term for acquire?

Another term for "acquire" is "obtain."

Which determiner is used with acquire?

Determiners like "to" or "can" may be used with "acquire," indicating ability or intent.

What is the second form of acquire?

The second form is "acquired."

Which article is used with acquire?

The indefinite article "an" or the definite article "the" can be used depending on context.

Is acquire an adverb?

No, "acquire" is not an adverb.

How do we divide acquire into syllables?

Acquire is divided as a-cquire.

What part of speech is acquire?

"Acquire" is a verb.
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