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Waitting vs. Waiting: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 30, 2024
Waitting is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is waiting which refers to the act of staying in place or delaying action until a particular time or event.

Which is correct: Waitting or Waiting

How to spell Waiting?

Waitting is Incorrect

Waiting is Correct


Key Differences

Just like 'time,' 'waiting' only needs one 't' to represent the passing of time.
Think of waiting for a train; you only need one ticket, so only one 't.'
Start with 'wait,' then simply add '-ing.' Don't double the 't.'
The weight of waiting feels long, but it's not heavy with an extra 't.'
Remember, 'waiting' has two 'i's but only one 't.'

Correct usage of Waiting

They were waitting outside in the cold.
They were waiting outside in the cold.
We were waitting at the wrong gate for our flight.
We were waiting at the wrong gate for our flight.
I've been waitting for an hour.
I've been waiting for an hour.
She keeps waitting for a reply that never comes.
She keeps waiting for a reply that never comes.
He's been waitting to hear back from the university.
He's been waiting to hear back from the university.

Waiting Definitions

Waiting can mean to remain in readiness for a purpose.
She was waiting eagerly for the news.
In hospitality, waiting refers to serving food and drinks to guests.
She's been waiting tables at the local diner.
Waiting also means to postpone action until a certain time.
We're waiting until the rain stops to leave.
Waiting refers to standing in line until it's your turn.
He spent thirty minutes waiting at the bank.
In a tactical sense, waiting can mean to lie in wait or be in ambush.
The predator was waiting silently for its prey.
The act of remaining inactive or stationary.
A period of time spent waiting.

Waiting Sentences

Waiting for the bus in the rain is no fun.
The kids are waiting eagerly for their turn on the ride.
She's been waiting all day for the package to arrive.
I hate waiting in long lines at the grocery store.
They're waiting to see the doctor for their appointment.
Waiting for the results of the test made him anxious.
He spent the afternoon waiting in line for tickets.
The dog sat by the door, waiting for its owner to come home.
Waiting for the sun to rise on the beach was a magical experience.
Waiting for a friend can sometimes feel like forever.
The hardest part of cooking is waiting for the food to be ready.
Waiting for a sign can sometimes mean missing out on opportunities.
She's waiting to see if her garden's flowers will bloom this year.
Waiting for retirement, he planned all the trips he would take.
Waiting for her turn to speak, she rehearsed her presentation in her mind.
The audience was waiting in anticipation for the concert to begin.
Waiting for a reply to his text, he checked his phone every few minutes.
He's waiting to take his driving test, feeling a mix of nerves and excitement.
She's waiting to hear if she got accepted into her top-choice college.
Waiting for the snow to stop, they sipped hot cocoa by the fire.
Waiting for a good weather day to go hiking can be frustrating.
Waiting for the pizza to arrive is making me more hungry.
They were waiting at the airport for hours due to a flight delay.
Waiting for the movie to start, they shared popcorn and talked.
The cat was waiting patiently for the mouse to come out of its hole.

Waiting Idioms & Phrases

Waiting game

A strategy of biding one's time until the optimal moment to act.
Negotiating a contract often turns into a waiting game.

Waiting for the dust to settle

Waiting for a situation to become clear or stable before taking action.
They decided to wait for the dust to settle before making any major business decisions.

Waiting on hand and foot

To serve or attend to someone very attentively.
During her stay at the luxury resort, she was waited on hand and foot.

Waiting for a bus that never comes

Waiting for something that is unlikely to happen.
Hoping he'll clean his room without being asked is like waiting for a bus that never comes.

Waiting to exhale

Holding in a breath in anticipation or stress, waiting for relief or a resolution.
The whole team was waiting to exhale as the final seconds of the game ticked down.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Anticipating a seemingly inevitable event, often negative, that has yet to occur.
After the first round of layoffs, everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Waiting on tenterhooks

Being in a state of uneasy suspense or impatience.
They were waiting on tenterhooks for the test results.

Waiting out the storm

To endure a difficult period before taking action.
They're waiting out the storm before they decide to sell their house.

Waiting in the wings

Ready to take action or to make an entrance, often at a moment's notice.
The understudy was waiting in the wings, ready to take over the lead role if necessary.

Waiting at the altar

To be left waiting for a commitment that does not happen.
She felt like she was waiting at the altar when he postponed the wedding for the third time.

Waiting around

Spending time doing nothing in particular while expecting something to happen.
I don't like just waiting around; I prefer to stay busy.


What is the verb form of waiting?

The verb form is "wait."

What is the root word of waiting?

The root word is "wait."

Why is it called waiting?

It's called waiting because it involves staying in place or delaying action until a certain time or event.

Which preposition is used with waiting?

"For" is often used, as in "waiting for someone."

Which vowel is used before waiting?

Typically, "a" is used, as in "a waiting period."

What is the pronunciation of waiting?

Waiting is pronounced as /ˈweɪ.tɪŋ/.

What is the singular form of waiting?

The singular form is "waiting," as it is a non-count noun.

Is waiting a negative or positive word?

Waiting is neutral; it's not inherently negative or positive.

What is the plural form of waiting?

Waiting doesn't have a plural form; it's uncountable.

Is waiting an adverb?

No, waiting is not an adverb.

Which article is used with waiting?

The indefinite article "a" is used, as in "a waiting room."

Is waiting a noun or adjective?

Waiting can be a noun (the action or state) or an adjective (describing a type of room, like a waiting room).

Is waiting an abstract noun?

Yes, waiting is an abstract noun; it refers to a concept or state, not a physical object.

Is waiting a countable noun?

No, waiting is not typically a countable noun.

Is waiting a collective noun?

No, waiting is not a collective noun.

Is the waiting term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically but is generally used in a literal sense.

What part of speech is waiting?

Waiting is used as a noun or an adjective.

What is another term for waiting?

Another term for waiting is "anticipating" or "awaiting."

What is the opposite of waiting?

The opposite could be "acting" or "proceeding."

Which determiner is used with waiting?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "this" can be used, depending on the context.

What is the first form of waiting?

The first form is the base form "wait."

What is the third form of waiting?

The third form is also "waited."

Which conjunction is used with waiting?

"And" is often used when listing activities including waiting.

How do we divide waiting into syllables?

Waiting is divided as wait-ing.

What is a stressed syllable in waiting?

The first syllable is stressed: WAIT-ing.

Is waiting a vowel or consonant?

The word "waiting" begins with a consonant sound.

Is the word waiting imperative?

The base form "wait" can be used in an imperative form, as in "Wait here."

How many syllables are in waiting?

There are two syllables in waiting.

What is the second form of waiting?

The second form is "waited."

How is waiting used in a sentence?

"The passengers were waiting patiently for the delayed flight."
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