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Prepair vs. Prepare: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Prepair" is incorrect, while "prepare" is the correct spelling. Prepare means to make ready or arrange in advance.

Which is correct: Prepair or Prepare

How to spell Prepare?

Prepair is Incorrect

Prepare is Correct


Key Differences

Think of 'prepare' as preparing something 'pre' (before) an event.
Associate 'prepare' with 'pre-' (before) and 'pare' (make ready).
Recall 'prepare' contains 'pare', similar to 'compare', focusing on readiness.
Link 'prepare' with 'preparation'; both start with 'prep-'.
Remember 'pare' in 'prepare' relates to 'paring' or trimming, as in making things ready.

Correct usage of Prepare

Can you prepair a list of items we need?
Can you prepare a list of items we need?
I need to prepair for the exam next week.
I need to prepare for the exam next week.
She's helping to prepair the meal for the party.
She's helping to prepare the meal for the party.
We must prepair the report by tomorrow morning.
We must prepare the report by tomorrow morning.

Prepare Definitions

To set up equipment or a space for use.
They prepare the lab for experiments.
To train or educate in advance for a purpose.
He prepares students for their exams.
To create or concoct something in advance.
Let's prepare dinner together.
To make ready or arrange beforehand.
She needs to prepare her speech.
To mentally or physically ready oneself.
Athletes prepare for the race rigorously.
To make ready beforehand for a specific purpose, as for an event or occasion
The teacher prepared the students for the exams.
To put together or make by combining various elements or ingredients; manufacture or compound
Prepared a meal.
Prepared the lecture.

Prepare Sentences

Soldiers prepare for missions with rigorous training.
Chefs prepare meals in restaurants.
You should prepare for the interview by researching the company.
Always prepare your homework on time.
Before painting, you need to prepare the surface.
Gardeners prepare soil before planting seeds.
To prepare for a marathon, you need to train consistently.
Teachers prepare lesson plans for their classes.
Businesses prepare budgets to manage finances.
We need to prepare for any possible outcomes.
It's important to prepare for retirement early.
Students prepare for exams by studying and revising.
Prepare your emergency kit before the storm hits.
Prepare a shopping list to save time at the store.
Volunteers prepare food packages for the needy.
Actors prepare for roles by learning their lines.
Prepare yourself for a challenging hike.
Prepare the guest room for the visitors.
Prepare the table for dinner, please.
Scientists prepare experiments to test their hypotheses.
Teachers often prepare quizzes to test students' understanding.
Athletes prepare mentally and physically for competitions.
Prepare to be amazed by the magician's tricks.

Prepare Idioms & Phrases

Prepare for the worst

To be ready for the most severe or unfavorable outcome.
Even though the surgery is routine, we should prepare for the worst.

Prepare the ground

To create favorable conditions or lay the groundwork for something.
The meeting was to prepare the ground for the upcoming negotiations.

Prepare the table

To set the table with dishes, utensils, etc., before a meal.
Could you prepare the table for dinner?

Prepare in advance

To make necessary arrangements or take action beforehand.
It's wise to prepare in advance for natural disasters by having an emergency kit.

Prepare the way

To make preparations or arrangements that facilitate the occurrence of something.
The pioneers prepared the way for future settlements.

Prepare a case

To gather information and organize arguments for a legal battle.
The lawyer spent weeks preparing a case for the trial.

Prepare the field

To make necessary arrangements or conditions suitable for a particular activity, especially in agriculture.
Farmers prepare the field for planting by tilling the soil.

Prepare oneself for

To mentally or physically ready oneself for something, often challenging.
He had to prepare himself for the tough journey ahead.


What is the pronunciation of prepare?

Prepare is pronounced as /prɪˈpɛər/.

Why is it called prepare?

It's called 'prepare' from Latin 'praeparare', meaning 'to make ready in advance'.

What is the root word of prepare?

The root word is 'parare', which means 'to make ready' in Latin.

Which conjunction is used with prepare?

Standard conjunctions like 'and', 'but', or 'or' can be used.

What is the singular form of prepare?

The singular form is 'prepare'.

What is the verb form of prepare?

'Prepare' itself is the verb form.

Which vowel is used before prepare?

Typically, 'to' is used before 'prepare'; there's no specific rule for vowel usage.

Is prepare a countable noun?

'Prepare' is not a noun; it's a verb and hence not countable.

Is the word prepare imperative?

'Prepare' can be used in an imperative form, as in commands.

Which preposition is used with prepare?

Common prepositions used with 'prepare' include 'for', 'to', and 'by'.

Which article is used with prepare?

Both 'a' and 'the' can be used, depending on the context.

Is prepare an abstract noun?

No, 'prepare' is a verb, not a noun.

Is the prepare term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically depending on the context.

What part of speech is prepare?

'Prepare' is a verb.

What is the first form of prepare?

'Prepare' itself is the first form.

What is the plural form of prepare?

As a verb, 'prepare' does not have a plural form.

Is prepare a vowel or consonant?

'Prepare' is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is prepare a collective noun?

No, 'prepare' is not a collective noun.

What is another term for prepare?

'Ready' or 'arrange' can be alternative terms.

What is the opposite of prepare?

'Neglect' or 'disregard' could be considered opposites.

What is the third form of prepare?

The third form is also 'prepared'.

Is prepare a noun or adjective?

'Prepare' is a verb.

Is prepare an adverb?

No, 'prepare' is not an adverb.

Is prepare a negative or positive word?

'Prepare' is neutral; it can have positive or negative connotations based on context.

How many syllables are in prepare?

'Prepare' has two syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in prepare?

The second syllable, 'pare', is stressed.

How is prepare used in a sentence?

Example: "We must prepare for the upcoming meeting thoroughly."

How do we divide prepare into syllables?

It's divided as pre-pare.

Which determiner is used with prepare?

Determiners like 'the', 'a', 'this', or 'that' can be used.

What is the second form of prepare?

The second form is 'prepared'.
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