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Twelveth vs. Twelfth: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Twelveth" is incorrect; the correct spelling is "Twelfth," denoting the one in the twelfth position.

Which is correct: Twelveth or Twelfth

How to spell Twelfth?

Twelveth is Incorrect

Twelfth is Correct


Key Differences

"Twelfth" has an 'f' before the 'th.'
"Twelfth" follows the pattern of ‘sixth,’ which also ends in ‘th.’
Regularly using "twelfth" in reading and writing can reinforce the correct spelling.
"Twelve followed by 'th' makes 'Twelfth'."
Remember to avoid placing ‘v’ after ‘lve’ in “twelfth.”

Correct usage of Twelfth

Her birthday is on the twelveth of June.
Her birthday is on the twelfth of June.
This is his twelveth attempt to pass the test.
This is his twelfth attempt to pass the test.
She lives on the twelveth floor of the building.
She lives on the twelfth floor of the building.
The twelveth chapter of the book was the most interesting.
The twelfth chapter of the book was the most interesting.
He finished in the twelveth place in the race.
He finished in the twelfth place in the race.

Twelfth Definitions

It refers to one of twelve equal parts of a whole.
One twelfth of the pizza was left.
It’s used to represent the ordinal number of twelve in a sequence.
He finished twelfth in the race.
The point in an ordered scale next to the eleventh.
He ranked twelfth in his class.
In music, an interval spanning twelve chromatic notes.
The musician played a twelfth on his guitar.
It denotes the one in the twelfth position in a sequence.
December is the twelfth month of the year.
The ordinal number matching the number 12 in a series.
One of 12 equal parts.
The ordinal form of the number twelve, describing a person or thing in position number 12 of a sequence.
The answer appears on the twelfth page of the book.
She finished twelfth in the race.
One of twelve equal parts of a whole.
A twelfth of 240 is 20.
Five twelfths of the population voted in support of the proposal.
(music) An interval equal to an octave plus a fifth.
Next in order after the eleventh; coming after eleven others; - the ordinal of twelve.
Constituting, or being one of, twelve equal parts into which anything is divided.
The quotient of a unit divided by twelve; one of twelve equal parts of one whole.
The next in order after the eleventh.
An interval comprising an octave and a fifth.
Position 12 in a countable series of things
Coming next after the eleventh and just before the thirteenth in position

Twelfth Sentences

The twelfth month of the year is December.
He was the twelfth person to walk on the moon.
My twelfth birthday was the best day ever.
The twelfth chapter of the book is where the story really picks up.
She finished twelfth in the marathon, which was a personal best.
His twelfth attempt at the recipe finally turned out perfect.
On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me twelve drummers drumming.
The twelfth grade is the final year of high school in the United States.
On her twelfth anniversary, they went to Paris.
The twelfth piece of pizza was surprisingly the best one.
Their team ranked twelfth in the league.
The twelfth amendment to the United States Constitution deals with the election of the president and vice president.
On the twelfth day, they finally reached their destination.
He received twelfth place in the national spelling bee.
The twelfth of never is a phrase meaning never in a poetic way.
The twelfth floor of the building offers the best view of the city.
The twelfth president of the United States was Zachary Taylor.
His twelfth shot at the target was finally successful.
Her twelfth attempt at the driving test was the charm; she finally passed.
The twelfth hour of the day is noon.
For his twelfth project, he built a robot.
In line for the movie, we realized we were twelfth, which meant we might not get good seats.
He made his twelfth sale of the day, setting a new record.
The twelfth player on the team made a significant difference in the game.
The clock struck twelve on her twelfth birthday, making it a moment to remember.


What is the singular form of Twelfth?

"Twelfth" is considered singular.

What is the verb form of Twelfth?

"Twelfth" does not have a verb form; it's an ordinal number.

What is the pronunciation of Twelfth?


Which article is used with Twelfth?

"The" is commonly used with "twelfth."

Which vowel is used before Twelfth?

The vowel “e” is used before "twelfth."

Which preposition is used with Twelfth?

"On" or "in" can be used with "twelfth," depending on context.

Why is it called Twelfth?

It is called "twelfth" as it represents the ordinal form of the number twelve, indicating its position in a sequence.

What is the root word of Twelfth?

The root word is "twelve."

Which conjunction is used with Twelfth?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the sentence structure.

What is the plural form of Twelfth?


Is Twelfth a negative or positive word?

"Twelfth" is neutral; it can be used in both negative and positive contexts.

Is the Twelfth term a metaphor?

Not typically, but it could be used metaphorically in literature or creative writing.

Is Twelfth a vowel or consonant?

"Twelfth" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

What is the first form of Twelfth?

There are no different forms of "twelfth" as it is not a verb.

What is the second form of Twelfth?

Not applicable.

Is Twelfth a noun or adjective?

"Twelfth" can be used as both a noun and an adjective.

How many syllables are in Twelfth?

"Twelfth" has one syllable.

How do we divide Twelfth into syllables?

Twelfth is a one-syllable word.

What is a stressed syllable in Twelfth?

The whole word "twelfth" is stressed as it has only one syllable.

What part of speech is Twelfth?

"Twelfth" can be both a noun and an adjective.

What is the opposite of Twelfth?

There is no direct opposite for "twelfth."

Is Twelfth an abstract noun?

No, "twelfth" is not an abstract noun.

What is another term for Twelfth?

Another term is "one twelfth" or "12th."

What is the third form of Twelfth?

Not applicable.

Is Twelfth an adverb?

No, "twelfth" is not an adverb.

Is Twelfth a countable noun?

Yes, "twelfth" is a countable noun.

Is Twelfth a collective noun?

No, "twelfth" is not a collective noun.

Is the word Twelfth imperative?

No, "twelfth" is not imperative.

How is Twelfth used in a sentence?

"He arrived on the twelfth day of the month."

Which determiner is used with Twelfth?

"The" is a common determiner used with "twelfth."
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