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Speach vs. Speech: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Speach" is an incorrect spelling, while "Speech" is the correct form, referring to the expression of thoughts with spoken words.

Which is correct: Speach or Speech

How to spell Speech?

Speach is Incorrect

Speech is Correct


Key Differences

Rhyme it with "leech" - both have "ee" and end with "ch".
"Peach" is a fruit, but "speech" is what you deliver.
Think of the word "each" - it's not in "Speech."
The word "speak" ends with "k", but "speech" ends with "ch".
Recall "beach" is to "sea" as "speech" is to "speak".

Correct usage of Speech

His speach at the conference was inspiring.
His speech at the conference was inspiring.
She gave a moving speach at the wedding.
She gave a moving speech at the wedding.
I have to write a speach for class tomorrow.
I have to write a speech for class tomorrow.
They analyzed the politician's speach for class.
They analyzed the politician's speech for class.

Speech Definitions

The ability to speak or talk.
The child developed speech at an early age.
Communication or expression through a particular language, dialect, or style.
English is her second speech.
The faculty or act of speaking.
The faculty or act of expressing or describing thoughts, feelings, or perceptions by the articulation of words.
What is spoken or expressed, as in conversation; uttered or written words
Seditious speech.
A talk or public address, or a written copy of this
The senator gave a speech.
The language or dialect of a nation or region
American speech.
One's manner or style of speaking
The mayor's mumbling speech.
The study of oral communication, speech sounds, and vocal physiology.
(uncountable) The ability to speak; the faculty of uttering words or articulate sounds and vocalizations to communicate.
He had a bad speech impediment.
After the accident she lost her speech.
(uncountable) The act of speaking, a certain style of it.
Her speech was soft and lilting.
(countable) A formal session of speaking, especially a long oral message given publicly by one person.
The candidate made some ambitious promises in his campaign speech.
(countable) A dialect, vernacular, or (dated) a language.
(uncountable) Language used orally, rather than in writing.
This word is mostly used in speech.
(grammar) An utterance that is quoted; see direct speech, reported speech
(uncountable) Public talk, news, gossip, rumour.
To make a speech; to harangue.
The faculty of uttering articulate sounds or words; the faculty of expressing thoughts by words or articulate sounds; the power of speaking.
There is none comparable to the variety of instructive expressions by speech, wherewith man alone is endowed for the communication of his thoughts.
He act of speaking; that which is spoken; words, as expressing ideas; language; conversation.
O goode God! how gentle and how kindYe seemed by your speech and your visageThe day that maked was our marriage.
The acts of God . . . to human earsCan nort without process of speech be told.
A particular language, as distinct from others; a tongue; a dialect.
People of a strange speech and of an hard language.
Talk; mention; common saying.
The duke . . . did of me demandWhat was the speech among the LondonersConcerning the French journey.
Formal discourse in public; oration; harangue.
The constant design of these orators, in all their speeches, was to drive some one particular point.
Ny declaration of thoughts.
I. with leave of speech implored, . . . replied.
The act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience;
He listened to an address on minor Roman poets
(language) communication by word of mouth;
His speech was garbled
He uttered harsh language
He recorded the spoken language of the streets
Something spoken;
He could hear them uttering merry speeches
The exchange of spoken words;
They were perfectly comfortable together without speech
Your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally;
His manner of speaking was quite abrupt
Her speech was barren of southernisms
I detected a slight accent in his speech
A lengthy rebuke;
A good lecture was my father's idea of discipline
The teacher gave him a talking to
Words making up the dialogue of a play;
The actor forgot his speech
The mental faculty or power of vocal communication;
Language sets homo sapiens apart from all other animals
The expression of thoughts using spoken words.
His speech was passionate and moved the audience.
A formal address or discourse delivered to an audience.
The president's speech on unity was broadcasted worldwide.
The manner of speaking or expressing oneself.
She had a distinct speech pattern.

Speech Sentences

After the play, the director gave a short speech.
Public speaking classes can improve your speech skills.
In his farewell speech, he thanked everyone.
Listening to a great speech can be very motivating.
The valedictorian's speech moved everyone to tears.
Practicing your speech can help reduce nerves.
Giving a speech in front of a large audience can be daunting.
The president's speech addressed several critical issues.
She received an award for her persuasive speech.
The keynote speech set the tone for the conference.
A good speech should engage and inform the audience.
The speech outlined the company's goals for the year.
His acceptance speech was humble and gracious.
Speech writing is an art that requires careful crafting.
Delivering a speech without notes can be challenging.
A speech therapist can help with speech disorders.
He worked hard to perfect his speech for the competition.


Why is it called Speech?

It's called "Speech" from Old English "spræc", denoting the act of speaking.

What is the verb form of Speech?

The verb form is "speak."

What is the root word of Speech?

The root word is Old English "spræc."

Which vowel is used before Speech?

The vowel "e" is used before the "ch" in "Speech."

What is the pronunciation of Speech?

It is pronounced as /spiːtʃ/.

Is Speech an abstract noun?

Yes, Speech can be considered an abstract noun as it represents an idea or concept.

Is Speech a negative or positive word?

It is neutral but can have either a positive or negative connotation depending on context.

Is Speech an adverb?

No, Speech is not an adverb.

Which preposition is used with Speech?

The preposition "of" is commonly used, as in "speech of gratitude."

Which conjunction is used with Speech?

There's no specific conjunction solely for "Speech"; any could be used based on the sentence's context.

What is a stressed syllable in Speech?

The entire word "Speech" is stressed as it's a single syllable.

What is the first form of Speech?

Speech is a noun, so it doesn't have verb forms. The related verb is "speak."

What is the second form of Speech?

Speech is a noun and doesn't have verb forms. The related verb "speak" has the second form "spoke."

What is the singular form of Speech?

The singular form is "Speech."

What is the plural form of Speech?

The plural form is "Speeches."

Is Speech a noun or adjective?

Speech is a noun.

What part of speech is Speech?

Speech is a noun.

What is the third form of Speech?

Speech is a noun and doesn't have verb forms. The related verb "speak" has the third form "spoken."

Is Speech a countable noun?

Yes, "Speech" can be countable, as in "several speeches."

Is the word Speech imperative?

No, Speech is not an imperative.

How do we divide Speech into syllables?

It is a single-syllable word and isn't divided.

What is the opposite of Speech?

The opposite can be "silence" or "muteness."

Which determiner is used with Speech?

Determiners like "his," "her," "its," "the," and "a" can be used with "Speech."

How is Speech used in a sentence?

Speech can be used as: "She delivered a compelling speech at the conference."

Is Speech a vowel or consonant?

"Speech" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the Speech term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically.

Which article is used with Speech?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "Speech" depending on the context.

Is Speech a collective noun?

No, Speech is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in Speech?

There is one syllable in "Speech."

What is another term for Speech?

Another term is "address" or "oration."
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