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Somthing vs. Something: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Somthing" is an incorrect spelling of the word "something," which is a pronoun used to refer to an unspecified or unknown item or concept.

Which is correct: Somthing or Something

How to spell Something?

Somthing is Incorrect

Something is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, 'thing' on its own is always spelled with a 'th.'
To remember "something," think of it as "some" + "thing," two complete words.
"Somthing" lacks the second 'e' found in 'some.'
When in doubt, split it up: "some thing" then combine.
Associate 'something' with 'everything' which also has the 'e.'

Correct usage of Something

He gave me a somthing special on my birthday.
He gave me something special on my birthday.
I need to find my somthing that I lost.
I need to find something that I lost.
Can you hear that? There's somthing outside.
Can you hear that? There's something outside.
There's somthing in my shoe that's bothering me.
There's something in my shoe that's bothering me.
She wants to tell you somthing important.
She wants to tell you something important.

Something Definitions

An unspecified object or matter.
She was looking for something in her bag.
A thing of some kind.
There's something under the table.
A person or thing of importance.
He's really something in the world of finance.
An unspecified amount.
They must have waited for something like two hours.
To some degree.
The results were something less than impressive.
A remarkable or important thing or person
He thinks he is something in that uniform.
One who falls into a specified age range. Often used in combination
Fortysomethings who attended their class reunion.

Something Sentences

If you know something about the incident, please tell us.
I feel like doing something fun today.
He's got something up his sleeve for the competition.
She's looking for something to wear to the party.
Can you see something moving in the bushes?
Can you tell me something about your project?
I thought I heard something outside the window.
Is there something wrong with the computer?
I need something to open this jar with.
They found something strange in the woods.
There's something special about this place.
Let's find something to do this weekend.
I need to buy something for dinner tonight.
I'm looking for something to read.
There has to be something we can do to help.
He's planning something for our anniversary.
Can we watch something interesting on TV?
She said something that made everyone laugh.
Did you say something?
I'm sure something good will happen today.
Is there something I can assist you with?
I have something in my eye.
He gave her something shiny for her birthday.
She felt something brush against her leg in the water.
I wish I could remember something about that day.

Something Idioms & Phrases

Do something proud

To do something well enough to gain pride.
He did his family proud with his achievements.

Something fishy

Something is suspicious or not right.
There's something fishy about his story.

Something to write home about

Something is very impressive or noteworthy.
That performance was something to write home about.

Make something of oneself

To become successful in life.
He's really made something of himself in the business world.

On to something

Having a good idea or being correct about something.
I think you're on to something with your theory.

Have something against someone

To have a reason to dislike someone.
Do you have something against him? You hardly speak to him.

Something in the air

A feeling or expectation that something is going to happen.
There's something in the air tonight; it feels like a storm is coming.

Something or other

An unspecified or unknown thing.
He's busy with something or other.

Something for nothing

Getting something without any effort or cost.
You can't expect to get something for nothing in this world.

A little something

A small gift or item given to someone.
I brought you a little something from my trip.

Something tells me

I have a feeling or intuition about something.
Something tells me we're going to get lost.

Have something going for you

To have an advantage or beneficial quality.
He's very charming, which is something he's got going for him.

Turn something inside out

To thoroughly examine or search something.
They turned the room inside out looking for the missing ring.

Throw something together

To quickly make or prepare something without much planning.
I just threw something together for dinner.

Kick something around

To discuss or think about something casually.
Let's kick some ideas around for the new marketing campaign.

Cut something short

To end something before it's planned to finish.
We had to cut our trip short because of the storm.

Give someone something to talk about

Do something noteworthy that people will discuss.
Their stunning wedding gave everyone something to talk about.

Make something clear

To explain something in a way that is easy to understand.
I want to make something clear about the rules.


What is the verb form of something?

"Something" does not have a verb form; it's a pronoun or noun.

What is the pronunciation of something?

Something is pronounced as /ˈsʌmθɪŋ/.

What is the root word of something?

The root words are "some" and "thing."

What is the plural form of something?

There is no plural form; "something" is uncountable.

Why is it called something?

It's called "something" as it refers to an unspecified or unknown item or issue.

Which conjunction is used with something?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with "something."

What is the singular form of something?

The singular form is "something."

Which preposition is used with something?

Prepositions like "about," "of," and "for" can be used with "something."

Is the something term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

Which determiner is used with something?

Typically, "something" doesn't require a determiner.

Is something an adverb?

"Something" can be used as an adverb meaning to some degree.

Is something a negative or positive word?

"Something" is neutral; context gives it positive or negative connotations.

What is a stressed syllable in something?

The first syllable is stressed: /ˈsʌmθɪŋ/.

Which vowel is used before something?

No vowel is used immediately before "something."

Which article is used with something?

"Something" usually does not take an article; it's indefinite.

Is something a countable noun?

No, "something" is not countable.

How many syllables are in something?

There are two syllables in "something."

What part of speech is something?

"Something" can be a noun or an adverb.

What is another term for something?

Another term for "something" is "an object" or "an item."

What is the opposite of something?

The opposite of "something" is "nothing."

What is the third form of something?

There is no third form; "something" is not a verb.

How is something used in a sentence?

"I need to tell you something important."

Is something a noun or adjective?

"Something" is a pronoun or noun.

Is something an abstract noun?

No, it's not typically considered an abstract noun.

Is something a vowel or consonant?

The word "something" starts with a consonant 's.'

Is the word something imperative?

No, "something" is not imperative; it's a noun or pronoun.

How do we divide something into syllables?

Something is divided into syllables as some-thing.

What is the first form of something?

"Something" is not a verb; it does not have verb forms.

What is the second form of something?

There is no second form; "something" is not a verb.

Is something a collective noun?

No, "something" is not a collective noun.
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