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Recommand vs. Recommend: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Recommand" is incorrect; the right spelling is "Recommend," which means to advise or suggest something as a course of action.

Which is correct: Recommand or Recommend

How to spell Recommend?

Recommand is Incorrect

Recommend is Correct


Key Differences

Also, remember there is only one "c" and two "m's" in Recommend.
To remember the correct spelling "Recommend," think of the word “mend,” as you recommend something to mend or improve a situation.

Correct usage of Recommend

I would like to recommand a good book for you to read.
I would like to recommend a good book for you to read.
It's hard to recommand just one app for learning languages.
It's hard to recommend just one app for learning languages.
They will recommand their favorite movies to watch over the weekend.
They will recommend their favorite movies to watch over the weekend.
Can you recommand a restaurant in this area?
Can you recommend a restaurant in this area?

Recommend Definitions

Recommend is to advise or suggest favorably. Example
The doctor recommends regular exercise for a healthy life.
Recommend is to counsel or suggest something beneficial. Example
The counselor recommends stress-reduction techniques.
Recommend means to present as worthy or desirable. Example
I recommend trying the new seafood restaurant.
Recommend refers to endorsing someone or something as suitable or good. Example
I highly recommend this book for its intriguing plot.
Recommend implies suggesting an action or decision. Example
We recommend arriving early to secure good seats.
To praise or commend to another as being worthy or desirable; endorse
Recommended him for the job.
Recommended a car instead of an SUV.
To make attractive or acceptable
This book has much to recommend it.
To advise or counsel
She recommended that we be on time.
To commit to the charge of another; entrust
"By these our letters we would have the safety of his person ... recommended to your care" (John Milton).
To give advice or counsel
"recommended against signing an international agreement" (Time).
(transitive) To bestow commendation on; to represent favourably; to suggest, endorse or encourage as an appropriate choice.
The board recommends Philips, given his ample experience in similar positions.
(transitive) To make acceptable; to attract favor to.
A city that has much to recommend it.
(transitive) To advise, propose, counsel favorably
The therapist recommends resting the mind and exercising the body.
My therapist recommended that I rest the mind and exercise the body.
To commit, confide to another's care, confidence or acceptance, with favoring representations
A medieval oblate's parents recommended the boy for life to God and the monastery.
To commend to the favorable notice of another; to commit to another's care, confidence, or acceptance, with favoring representations; to put in a favorable light before any one; to bestow commendation on; as, he recommended resting the mind and exercising the body.
Mæcenas recommended Virgil and Horace to Augustus, whose praises . . . have made him precious to posterity.
To make acceptable; to attract favor to.
A decent boldness ever meets with friends,Succeeds, and e'en a stranger recommends.
To commit; to give in charge; to commend.
Paul chose Silas and departed, being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God.
Push for something;
The travel agent recommended strongly that we not travel on Thanksgiving Day
Express a good opinion of
Make attractive or acceptable;
Honesty recommends any person

Recommend Sentences

Critics recommend this film for its outstanding cinematography.
Can you recommend a good mechanic in the area?
I highly recommend trying the new Italian restaurant downtown.
For a scenic route, I recommend driving along the coast.
Experts recommend saving at least 20% of your income each month.
Parents recommend this school for its excellent programs.
I recommend keeping a journal to track your progress and reflections.
I recommend making reservations in advance during peak season.
I would recommend booking your flight early to get the best prices.
Many users recommend this app for its user-friendly interface.
I recommend trying the local cuisine when you visit a new country.
I recommend starting with the basics if you're new to painting.
If you love history, I recommend reading this biography.
I recommend checking the weather forecast before planning your hike.
For learning a new language, I recommend immersing yourself in it.

Recommend Idioms & Phrases

Recommend itself

To be clearly advantageous or beneficial without needing endorsement.
The benefits of regular exercise recommend itself to anyone looking to improve their health.

Can't recommend it enough

To highly praise something, implying that no amount of recommendation could do it justice.
The performance was so good, I can't recommend it enough.

Would recommend to a friend

A phrase often used to express satisfaction with a service or product.
The service at the hotel was excellent; I would recommend it to a friend.

If you were to ask me, I'd recommend

A way to offer advice or a suggestion based on one's opinion.
If you were to ask me, I'd recommend taking the train instead of driving.

Recommend in the strongest terms

To offer the highest possible recommendation for something.
Based on my experience, I recommend this course in the strongest terms.

Have nothing to recommend it

To have no positive qualities or features that would make something desirable or valuable.
The plan was poorly thought out and had nothing to recommend it.

Recommend (someone) for a position

To endorse someone as suitable for a specific job or role.
I would gladly recommend her for the managerial position based on her skills.

Without reservation, I recommend

Expressing a recommendation without any doubts or hesitations.
Without reservation, I recommend this book to anyone interested in history.

To be recommended for

To be suggested as suitable for some purpose or recipient.
This area is recommended for those who enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.

Recommend by word of mouth

To recommend something through personal communication rather than through formal advertising.
The success of the small cafe was largely due to being recommended by word of mouth.

Recommend (someone or something) wholeheartedly

To fully endorse someone or something with enthusiasm.
I recommend this course wholeheartedly to anyone looking to improve their skills.


Which vowel is used before Recommend?

The vowel “I” as in “I recommend” is used before Recommend.

What is the verb form of Recommend?

Recommend is already in its verb form.

What is the root word of Recommend?

The root word of Recommend is the Latin word "commendare."

Why is it called Recommend?

It is called Recommend because it refers to the act of endorsing or advising something as suitable or beneficial.

What is the singular form of Recommend?

Recommend is a verb and does not have a singular or plural form.

Which conjunction is used with Recommend?

Any conjunction can be used with Recommend depending on sentence structure; there’s no specific conjunction inherently used with it.

What is the plural form of Recommend?

Recommend, being a verb, doesn’t have plural forms.

Which article is used with Recommend?

Recommend, being a verb, generally does not use an article.

What is the pronunciation of Recommend?

Recommend is pronounced as /ˌrɛkəˈmɛnd/.

Is Recommend an adverb?

No, Recommend is not an adverb.

Which preposition is used with Recommend?

The preposition “to” is often used with Recommend, as in “recommend to someone.”

Is Recommend a negative or positive word?

Recommend is generally considered a positive word as it involves endorsing or suggesting something seen as beneficial.

Is Recommend a vowel or consonant?

The word Recommend contains both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in Recommend?

Recommend has three syllables.

What is another term for Recommend?

Another term for Recommend is "endorse" or "suggest."

What is the second form of Recommend?

Recommended is the past tense and past participle form of Recommend.

Is Recommend a collective noun?

No, Recommend is a verb.

What is a stressed syllable in Recommend?

The third syllable "mend" is stressed in Recommend.

Which determiner is used with Recommend?

Being a verb, Recommend does not inherently use a determiner.

What is the third form of Recommend?

Recommended serves as both the past participle and the past tense of Recommend.

Is Recommend an abstract noun?

No, Recommend is a verb.

Is Recommend a countable noun?

Recommend is a verb and not a noun, so it’s not countable.

Is the Recommend term a metaphor?

No, the term Recommend is not typically used as a metaphor.

Is the word Recommend imperative?

Yes, Recommend can be used in the imperative mood.

What is the opposite of Recommend?

The opposite of Recommend could be "advise against" or "dissuade."

Is Recommend a noun or adjective?

Recommend is a verb.

How do we divide Recommend into syllables?


What part of speech is Recommend?

Recommend is a verb.

What is the first form of Recommend?

Recommend is in its base form as it is a verb.

How is Recommend used in a sentence?

"I recommend visiting the museum to learn more about the city's history."
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