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Preceeding vs. Preceding: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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The incorrect spelling is "preceeding," while the correct spelling is "preceding." "Preceding" means coming before something in time or order.

Which is correct: Preceeding or Preceding

How to spell Preceding?

Preceeding is Incorrect

Preceding is Correct


Key Differences

Use a mnemonic: "Pre-Ceding is the leading way."
Remember "precede" as the base word; no extra 'e' needed.
Visualize a timeline where "preceding" events have no extra 'e'.
Think of the phrase "Cease the extra 'e'!"
Associate the word with "proceed," which also has a single 'e'.

Correct usage of Preceding

In the document, the list of figures is preceeding the introduction.
In the document, the list of figures is preceding the introduction.
Preceeding the ceremony, the guests gathered in the lobby.
Preceding the ceremony, the guests gathered in the lobby.
The preceeding chapter discusses the historical background.
The preceding chapter discusses the historical background.

Preceding Definitions

Preceding refers to anything that comes before another.
Read the preceding paragraph.
It can mean earlier in a sequence.
Observe the preceding models of the car.
In time, preceding means happening before.
In the preceding years, technology advanced rapidly.
Preceding can indicate spatial order, meaning located before.
The preceding room was much smaller.
Existing or coming before another or others
In preceding years.
On a preceding page.
Existing or coming immediately before another or others
The preceding year.
The preceding page.
Occurring before or in front of something else, in time, place, rank or sequence.
On the preceding Monday Shobana had gone on vacation.
Present participle of precede
Going before; - opposed to following.
In the direction toward which stars appear to move. See Following, 2.
Existing or coming before
Preceding in time or order
Of a person who has held and relinquished a position or office;
A retiring member of the board
In legal terms, it means prior in importance.
The preceding case set a precedent.

Preceding Sentences

The preceding remarks were made by the keynote speaker.
A brief introduction is preceding the main presentation.
In the book, the author's note is preceding the first chapter.


What is the pronunciation of preceding?


What is the root word of preceding?


Why is it called preceding?

It is called preceding because it refers to things that come before in time or order.

Which vowel is used before preceding?

Depends on the preceding word in a sentence.

What is the singular form of preceding?

Preceding is an adjective and doesn't have a singular form.

Which conjunction is used with preceding?

"And," "but," "or" can be used depending on the context.

Which preposition is used with preceding?

"To," "in," "during," and "of" can be used.

Is preceding an adverb?


Is preceding an abstract noun?


What is the verb form of preceding?


What is the plural form of preceding?

Preceding is an adjective and doesn't have a plural form.

Is preceding a negative or positive word?


Is preceding a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is preceding a collective noun?


Is the preceding term a metaphor?


Is the word preceding imperative?


Which determiner is used with preceding?

"The," "a," or "an" can be used.

What is the first form of preceding?

Precede (the verb form)

What part of speech is preceding?


What is the opposite of preceding?


What is the second form of preceding?

Preceded (the past tense of the verb form)

Is preceding a noun or adjective?


How many syllables are in preceding?

3 syllables

How is preceding used in a sentence?

"The preceding chapters lay the groundwork for the conclusion."

Is preceding a countable noun?

No, it's an adjective.

How do we divide preceding into syllables?


Which article is used with preceding?

"The" or "a" can be used depending on the context.

What is a stressed syllable in preceding?

The second syllable, "ced," is stressed.

What is another term for preceding?


What is the third form of preceding?

Preceded (the past participle of the verb form)
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