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Posessed vs. Possessed: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Posessed" is a misspelling, while "Possessed" is correct, meaning having ownership or control over something.

Which is correct: Posessed or Possessed

How to spell Possessed?

Posessed is Incorrect

Possessed is Correct


Key Differences

"Possessed" relates to ownership, and you'd want double security for things you own, hence two S's.
The word "possess" is the base, and it already contains double S's, so remember that "possessed" keeps them.
Similar to "obsessed," which means having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something, "possessed" also uses double S's to show intensity.
Think of a pair of socks for the double S's; you need both to complete the pair, just as "possessed" needs both S's.
Double the S for double the possession, indicating a stronger form of the verb "possess."

Correct usage of Possessed

The family was posessed of a great fortune.
The family was possessed of a great fortune.
He felt posessed by a sudden urge to sing.
He felt possessed by a sudden urge to sing.
They believed the artifact was posessed with magical powers.
They believed the artifact was possessed with magical powers.
The spirit posessed the old house.
The spirit possessed the old house.
She was posessed by the idea that she could win.
She was possessed by the idea that she could win.

Possessed Definitions

Influenced by strong feelings
The crowd was possessed by enthusiasm.
Having ownership
She possessed a rare coin.
Controlled by a spirit or emotion
He seemed possessed by fear.
Having a certain attribute
She possessed a keen intellect.
Held as property or an attribute
He possessed a lot of land.
Owning or mastering something. Used with of
One who is possessed of great wealth.
Controlled by a spirit, demon, god, or other supernatural force.
Controlled by a strong inner drive; obsessed
Possessed by love.
Possessed with rage.
Calm; collected
One who remained possessed in times of great trial.
Simple past tense and past participle of possess
Controlled by evil spirits.
He was exorcised because he was thought to be possessed by the Devil.
Seized by powerful emotions.
(uncomparable) Followed by of: having; owning.
The president was possessed of great wealth.
Influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion;
By love possessed
In a murderous frenzy as if possessed by a demon;
The soldier was completely amuck
Berserk with grief
A berserk worker smashing windows

Possessed Sentences

He was possessed with an insatiable desire for knowledge.
She felt as if she was possessed when she played the piano, completely lost in the music.
The possessed doll in the movie scared everyone who watched it.
The ancient book was possessed by the librarian for many years.
The story was about a haunted house possessed by spirits.
Legends say that the treasure is possessed by a curse that brings misfortune to its finder.
In the video game, players must defeat a dragon possessed by dark magic.
The old mansion is rumored to be possessed by the ghosts of its former owners.
Possessed by a dream, she worked tirelessly to make it reality.
The kingdom was once possessed by a wise and just queen.
The enchanted forest was said to be possessed by the spirits of nature.
The artist was possessed by a creative vision that led to his masterpiece.
He became possessed by the idea of finding the lost city.
The documentary showed animals that seemed possessed by strange behaviors during certain lunar phases.
She was possessed of a gentle spirit and a kind heart.
The possessed object could move on its own, according to the legend.
He was possessed of a talent for speaking languages fluently.
Possessed by a fierce determination, she overcame every obstacle.
The scientist was possessed with the idea of creating a time machine.
At night, the old schoolhouse seemed possessed by eerie sounds.


What is the root word of Possessed?

The root word is "possess."

What is the verb form of Possessed?

"Possessed" is the past participle and past tense of the verb "possess."

Which vowel is used before Possessed?

The vowel "e" is used before "Possessed."

Which preposition is used with Possessed?

Prepositions like "by" (possessed by) can be used with "Possessed."

Which conjunction is used with Possessed?

No specific conjunction is used with "Possessed;" it depends on the sentence.

What is the pronunciation of Possessed?

It's pronounced as /pəˈzɛst/.

What is the plural form of Possessed?

As a verb form, "Possessed" doesn't have a plural, but the related noun "possessions" does.

Why is it called Possessed?

It's called "Possessed" because it comes from the verb "to possess," meaning to have or to hold control over something or someone.

What is the singular form of Possessed?

"Possessed" doesn't have a singular form as it's a verb form itself; however, the related noun would be "possession."

Which article is used with Possessed?

Articles "a" or "the" can be used depending on the context.

Is Possessed a collective noun?

No, "Possessed" is not a collective noun.

Is Possessed a negative or positive word?

It's neutral, but can have either negative or positive connotations based on context.

Is Possessed a noun or adjective?

"Possessed" is primarily used as a verb form but can also function as an adjective.

Is Possessed an adverb?

No, "Possessed" is not an adverb.

Is Possessed a countable noun?

"Possessed" is not a noun; it's a verb form and can be an adjective.

What is a stressed syllable in Possessed?

The stressed syllable is on the second part: -sessed.

What is another term for Possessed?

Another term could be "owned" or "controlled," depending on context.

Which determiner is used with Possessed?

No specific determiner is used with "Possessed;" it depends on the sentence.

What is the third form of Possessed?

The third form is "possessed."

Is Possessed an abstract noun?

"Possessed" is not a noun; it's a verb form and can be an adjective.

Is Possessed a vowel or consonant?

"Possessed" is a word, not a letter; it contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the Possessed term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, especially when describing someone being controlled by an emotion or a spirit.

Is the word Possessed imperative?

No, "Possessed" is not imperative; it's past tense.

What is the opposite of Possessed?

The opposite could be "dispossessed" or "lacking," depending on context.

How is Possessed used in a sentence?

"She possessed an extraordinary talent for music."

How many syllables are in Possessed?

There are three syllables in "Possessed."

How do we divide Possessed into syllables?

It is divided as: pos-sessed.

What part of speech is Possessed?

"Possessed" is a form of a verb and can also be used as an adjective.

What is the first form of Possessed?

The first form is "possess."

What is the second form of Possessed?

The second form is also "possess."
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