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Mistakingly vs. Mistakenly: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Mistakingly" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "mistakenly." Mistakenly means in error or by mistake.

Which is correct: Mistakingly or Mistakenly

How to spell Mistakenly?

Mistakingly is Incorrect

Mistakenly is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "mistakenly" with similar adverbs ending in "-ly," like "suddenly."
Note that "mistakenly" sounds more fluid than "mistakingly."
Recall the base word "mistake" and add "nly" to form "mistakenly."
Recognize the common adverbial "-ly" ending after "take" in "mistake."
Visualize the word "mistake" and then add "-enly."

Correct usage of Mistakenly

She mistakingly entered the wrong password too many times.
She mistakenly entered the wrong password too many times.
They mistakingly thought the meeting was tomorrow.
They mistakenly thought the meeting was tomorrow.
The email was mistakingly sent to the entire company.
The email was mistakenly sent to the entire company.
I mistakingly took your book instead of mine.
I mistakenly took your book instead of mine.
He mistakingly believed he could win without practicing.
He mistakenly believed he could win without practicing.

Mistakenly Definitions

Mistakenly often indicates a decision or judgment made in error.
The location was mistakenly identified as safe.
Mistakenly can describe an action taken in error.
He mistakenly deleted the important file.
Mistakenly refers to having a wrong belief or impression.
She mistakenly thought the meeting was tomorrow.
Mistakenly describes something done by accident, not intentionally.
The email was mistakenly sent to the wrong person.
Mistakenly implies a context of misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
The comment was mistakenly interpreted as rude.
Past participle of mistake.
Wrong or incorrect in opinion, understanding, or perception.
Based on error; wrong
A mistaken view of the situation.
Wrongly, erroneously
I mistakenly assumed that the shop was still there.
By accident, by mistake, in error without intention to do so
Today I mistakenly took your packed lunch to work.
By mistake.
In a mistaken manner;
He mistakenly believed it

Mistakenly Sentences

The message was mistakenly deleted.
She mistakenly assumed the party was on Saturday.
He mistakenly left his keys at the office.
She mistakenly filled out the form with outdated information.
He mistakenly drank my coffee instead of his.
She mistakenly signed the wrong document.
I mistakenly clicked the wrong button and lost my work.
The tourists mistakenly walked into a private area.
I mistakenly believed the project was due next week.
They mistakenly boarded the wrong train.
The package was mistakenly delivered to my neighbor.
We mistakenly thought the store was open late.
The email was mistakenly marked as spam.
The teacher mistakenly marked her answer as incorrect.
He mistakenly added salt instead of sugar to the cake.
He mistakenly thought he had the day off from work.
We mistakenly underestimated the time it would take to get there.
The invitation was mistakenly sent without the location.
She mistakenly wore her sweater inside out.
The guests mistakenly went to the wrong venue.
She mistakenly thought the deadline had been extended.
They mistakenly set the alarm for PM instead of AM.
I mistakenly interrupted their conversation, thinking they were speaking to me.
They mistakenly locked themselves out of the house.
I mistakenly erased the recording.

Mistakenly Idioms & Phrases

Mistakenly taken

To be wrongly acquired or interpreted.
The comment was mistakenly taken as an insult, but it was intended as a joke.

Mistakenly identified

To incorrectly recognize someone or something as being a particular person or thing.
The witness mistakenly identified the wrong person as the suspect.

Mistakenly assume

To take something for granted or accept something as true without verification, leading to a mistake.
She mistakenly assumed the meeting was cancelled and didn't show up.

Mistakenly trust

To place confidence in someone or something erroneously.
She mistakenly trusted the faulty navigation system and got lost.

Mistakenly attribute

To incorrectly ascribe a work or characteristic to someone or something.
He mistakenly attributed the quote to the wrong author.

Mistakenly overlook

To fail to notice or consider something by mistake.
They mistakenly overlooked the most important detail of the contract.

Mistakenly believe

To hold a belief that is incorrect.
He mistakenly believed that he could trust the misleading advertisement.

Mistakenly conclude

To arrive at an incorrect conclusion.
The research team mistakenly concluded that the treatment was effective, overlooking critical data.

Mistakenly discard

To throw away something valuable or useful by mistake.
I mistakenly discarded an important document, thinking it was junk mail.

Mistakenly interpret

To misunderstand the meaning or significance of something.
The instructions were mistakenly interpreted, leading to the device being assembled incorrectly.

Mistakenly send

To transmit a message or item to the wrong recipient.
He mistakenly sent the confidential email to the entire department.

Mistakenly think

To have a wrong idea or opinion about something.
They mistakenly thought that the job would be easy.

Mistakenly judge

To form an incorrect opinion or decision about someone or something.
He was mistakenly judged to be unqualified for the position.

Mistakenly perceive

To incorrectly interpret or view something in a certain way.
The painting was mistakenly perceived as a genuine masterpiece, but it was a forgery.

Mistakenly admit

To erroneously confess or acknowledge something.
She mistakenly admitted to causing the problem, not realizing it was actually caused by a system error.

Mistakenly report

To inaccurately convey information or news.
The journalist mistakenly reported the outcome of the election before all votes were counted.

Mistakenly delete

To unintentionally remove or erase data or information.
I mistakenly deleted the file I needed for my presentation.

Mistakenly ignore

To neglect or pay no attention to something important by mistake.
The company mistakenly ignored the early signs of a cybersecurity breach.

Mistakenly enter

To go into a place or input information incorrectly.
She mistakenly entered the wrong password and was locked out of her account.

Mistakenly invest

To allocate resources or money based on incorrect assumptions.
The company mistakenly invested in outdated technology, not foreseeing the rapid advancements.


What is the pronunciation of mistakenly?

Pronounced as "mis-TAY-ken-lee."

What is the verb form of mistakenly?

The verb form is "mistake."

What is the root word of mistakenly?

The root word is "mistake."

Which preposition is used with mistakenly?

Prepositions are not typically used directly with "mistakenly."

Which conjunction is used with mistakenly?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used in sentences containing "mistakenly."

What is the plural form of mistakenly?

Adverbs don't have plural forms, so it's just "mistakenly."

Is mistakenly a negative or positive word?

It's neutral, typically indicating an error.

Which vowel is used before mistakenly?

The vowel "e" is used before "mistakenly."

Why is it called mistakenly?

It's called "mistakenly" because it derives from the word "mistake" with the adverbial suffix "-ly."

What is the singular form of mistakenly?

As an adverb, it doesn't have a singular or plural form; it remains "mistakenly."

Is mistakenly a noun or adjective?

It's an adverb.

Is mistakenly a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, neither a vowel nor a consonant.

Is the mistakenly term a metaphor?

No, it's not typically used as a metaphor.

What is a stressed syllable in mistakenly?

The second syllable "tak" is stressed.

What part of speech is mistakenly?

It's an adverb.

Is mistakenly an adverb?

Yes, it is an adverb.

Is mistakenly a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Is the word mistakenly imperative?

No, it's not imperative.

How many syllables are in mistakenly?

There are four syllables.

How do we divide mistakenly into syllables?

Divided as 'mis-tak-en-ly.'

What is another term for mistakenly?

"Erroneously" or "inadvertently."

What is the third form of mistakenly?

The third form is "mistaken" (past participle of mistake).

Is mistakenly a countable noun?

It's not a noun, so it's neither countable nor uncountable.

What is the first form of mistakenly?

The first form is "mistake" (verb).

How is mistakenly used in a sentence?

"He mistakenly believed that the office was open on weekends."

Which article is used with mistakenly?

Articles are not used with adverbs like "mistakenly."

Is mistakenly an abstract noun?

No, it's not a noun at all.

What is the opposite of mistakenly?

"Deliberately" or "intentionally."

Which determiner is used with mistakenly?

Determiners are not typically used with adverbs like "mistakenly."

What is the second form of mistakenly?

The second form is "mistook" (past tense of mistake).
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