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Mispell vs. Misspell: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Mispell" is an incorrect spelling. The right form is "Misspell," which means to spell a word wrongly.

Which is correct: Mispell or Misspell

How to spell Misspell?

Mispell is Incorrect

Misspell is Correct


Key Differences

Remember it's "miss" like missing the mark and "spell."
If you "miss" a letter, you might "misspell" a word.
Double "s" stands for super spelling slip.
Think of it as two words: "miss" and "spell."
Visualize two S's together, standing side by side.

Correct usage of Misspell

Don't mispell your name on the application form.
Don't misspell your name on the application form.
It's easy to mispell words you don't use often.
It's easy to misspell words you don't use often.
I tend to mispell words when I'm typing quickly.
I tend to misspell words when I'm typing quickly.
He always mispells his words in emails.
He always misspells his words in emails.

Misspell Definitions

Misspell is the act of not spelling a word correctly.
Kids often misspell words in their early writing attempts.
Misspell refers to spelling a word incorrectly.
It's easy to misspell foreign names.
Misspell signifies making an error in spelling.
Autocorrect can sometimes misspell words for you.
Misspell means to write a word with the wrong letters.
She would always misspell receive.
Misspell is to set down letters of a word in the wrong order.
I tend to misspell separate a lot.
To spell incorrectly.
Spell incorrectly

Misspell Sentences

I had to correct the misspell names on the invitations.
Many people misspell "necessary" by adding an extra "c".
Proofreading can help you catch misspell words before submitting.
Even adults sometimes misspell "separate" as "seperate".
I always double-check so I don't misspell important terms.
Don't misspell the client's name in the email.
The quiz penalizes for each misspell word.
Many websites misspell celebrity names, leading to confusion.
It's common to misspell difficult words in a spelling bee.
Teachers often mark down for misspell words in essays.
She was embarrassed to misspell her own address on the form.
Kids learn not to misspell common words by practicing.
Autocorrect sometimes causes me to misspell words I know.
To misspell words in a cover letter can be detrimental.
I used flashcards to learn how not to misspell tricky words.
The most commonly misspell word in English is "receive".
The challenge is to write the paragraph without a misspell word.
Practice helps you not to misspell numbers in words.
The software highlights misspell words in red.
He used a dictionary to avoid misspell words in his report.
She made a game to help her students not misspell words.
A common mistake is to misspell "definitely" as "definately".
Misspell words can change the meaning of sentences.
He asked her to spell check his work for misspell words.
Her pet peeve is when people misspell "your" and "you're".

Misspell Idioms & Phrases

A misspell away from disaster

Being very close to making a significant mistake, particularly in writing.
With legal documents, you're just a misspell away from disaster.


Why is it called Misspell?

"Misspell" combines "miss" (meaning wrong) with "spell," indicating a wrong spelling.

What is the pronunciation of Misspell?

It's pronounced as /ˌmɪsˈspel/.

What is the root word of Misspell?

The root word is "spell."

Which vowel is used before Misspell?

The article "a" is typically used before "misspell."

What is the verb form of Misspell?

"Misspell" itself is a verb.

What is the plural form of Misspell?

"Misspells" when referring to third-person singular; however, as a verb, it doesn't typically have a plural form.

Which conjunction is used with Misspell?

There's no specific conjunction exclusively used with "misspell"; it depends on context.

What is the singular form of Misspell?

"Misspell" itself is singular.

Is Misspell a noun or adjective?

"Misspell" is primarily a verb. However, in informal contexts, it might be used as a noun.

Is Misspell an adverb?


Is Misspell a negative or positive word?

It's neutral but can be seen as negative in context, as it denotes an error.

Is the word Misspell imperative?

It can be, in contexts like "Do not misspell this word."

Which article is used with Misspell?

The article "a" can be used, as in "a misspell."

What is the third form of Misspell?


Which preposition is used with Misspell?

The preposition "as" can be used, as in "misspell as."

Is Misspell a vowel or consonant?

"Misspell" is a word, but it starts with a consonant.

Is Misspell a countable noun?

It's primarily a verb. When used informally as a noun, it might be countable.

How do we divide Misspell into syllables?


Which determiner is used with Misspell?

Common determiners like "this" or "that" can be used.

Is Misspell an abstract noun?


What is a stressed syllable in Misspell?

The second syllable, "spell."

What part of speech is Misspell?

It is a verb.

What is another term for Misspell?


What is the first form of Misspell?


How is Misspell used in a sentence?

It's common for students to misspell complicated words.

Is Misspell a collective noun?


Is the Misspell term a metaphor?


How many syllables are in Misspell?


What is the opposite of Misspell?

Correctly spell.

What is the second form of Misspell?

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