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Mentionned vs. Mentioned: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Mentionned is an incorrect spelling of Mentioned. Mentioned is the past tense or past participle of the verb "mention," meaning to refer to something briefly.

Which is correct: Mentionned or Mentioned

How to spell Mentioned?

Mentionned is Incorrect

Mentioned is Correct


Key Differences

Remember, there's only one "n" after the "tio" in "Mentioned."
Think of "mention" + "ed." No extra "n" is needed.
Associate "Mentioned" with "ended" for similar ending spellings.
Recite: "I mentioned it once, not twice, hence only one 'n'."
Spell-check often; "Mentionned" will be flagged as incorrect.

Correct usage of Mentioned

She mentionned the meeting time in her email.
She mentioned the meeting time in her email.
Did you get the document I mentionned last week?
Did you get the document I mentioned last week?
He has never mentionned that idea before.
He has never mentioned that idea before.
They haven mentioned their plans to anyone.
They haven't mentioned their plans to anyone.
I thought I had mentionned my dietary restrictions.
I thought I had mentioned my dietary restrictions.

Mentioned Definitions

Mentioned refers to having briefly spoken or written about.
She mentioned the event in her diary.
To have acknowledged or recognized.
She mentioned her colleague's contribution.
Brought up or introduced in conversation or in writing.
The article mentioned several new policies.
Made a brief or casual reference to a subject.
The teacher mentioned the test next week.
To have cited or named as noteworthy.
They mentioned him as a key player.
To speak or write about, especially briefly or incidentally
I mentioned your idea during the conversation. She mentioned that she was going to be five minutes late.
The act or an instance of mentioning something
He made no mention of the incident in his report. There was a mention of the play in the local newspaper.
A statement or citation of honor or appreciation
Sponsors were given a special mention during the opening ceremony.
Simple past tense and past participle of mention

Mentioned Sentences

My mom mentioned going to the beach this weekend.
He mentioned his friend's birthday party excitedly.
They mentioned seeing a new movie at the cinema.
The teacher mentioned a surprise quiz next week.
The letter mentioned their appreciation for the support.
She mentioned that she would be late to the meeting.
The guide mentioned the history of the castle during the tour.
He mentioned wanting to start a new hobby.
The email mentioned the deadline for the project.
The meeting mentioned the goals for the next quarter.
She mentioned her favorite book and why she loved it.
The announcement mentioned a delay in the schedule.
She mentioned the need for more volunteers.
He mentioned that he would bring snacks for everyone.
The announcement mentioned the guest speaker's achievements.
The coach mentioned the importance of teamwork.
The advertisement mentioned a sale next weekend.
The report mentioned significant improvements over last year.
The newsletter mentioned upcoming events in the community.
The teacher mentioned the topics for the final exam.
He mentioned a new restaurant that opened nearby.
She mentioned her plans to travel next month.
He mentioned a change in the meeting location.
The article mentioned the impact of recycling.
She mentioned how much she enjoyed the concert.

Mentioned Idioms & Phrases

Barely mentioned

To talk about something very minimally.
He barely mentioned his vacation, so we knew something was wrong.

Frequently mentioned

To talk about something often.
That book is frequently mentioned in literature classes.

Never mentioned

Something that is not talked about at all.
The issue was serious, but it was never mentioned in the meeting.


What is the root word of Mentioned?


Why is it called Mentioned?

It's the past tense or past participle form of the verb "mention," indicating a past reference.

What is the pronunciation of Mentioned?


Which vowel is used before Mentioned?

"A" as in "a mentioned."

What is the plural form of Mentioned?

Not applicable; "mentioned" doesn't have a plural form.

What is the verb form of Mentioned?


What is the singular form of Mentioned?

"Mentioned" does not have a singular or plural form as it's a verb form.

Is Mentioned an abstract noun?


Is Mentioned a negative or positive word?

Neutral; it depends on the context.

Which preposition is used with Mentioned?

"Of" as in "mentioned of."

Is Mentioned a noun or adjective?

It's primarily a verb but can function as an adjective in contexts like "the mentioned item."

Is Mentioned a countable noun?


Which article is used with Mentioned?

"The" or "a."

Is the Mentioned term a metaphor?

Not inherently.

Is the word Mentioned imperative?


How many syllables are in Mentioned?

two syllables.

What is the first form of Mentioned?


Which conjunction is used with Mentioned?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the sentence.

Is Mentioned an adverb?


What is the opposite of Mentioned?


Is Mentioned a collective noun?


What is a stressed syllable in Mentioned?

The first syllable, "Men."

What is another term for Mentioned?


Which determiner is used with Mentioned?

"This" or "that," depending on context.

How do we divide Mentioned into syllables?


What part of speech is Mentioned?

Verb or adjective, depending on the context.

How is Mentioned used in a sentence?

The article mentioned the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Is Mentioned a vowel or consonant?

"Mentioned" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

What is the second form of Mentioned?


What is the third form of Mentioned?

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