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Manuever vs. Maneuver: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 12, 2024
The incorrect spelling is "manuever," while the correct spelling is "maneuver." A maneuver is a controlled change in movement or direction.

Which is correct: Manuever or Maneuver

How to spell Maneuver?

Manuever is Incorrect

Maneuver is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize a car "maneuvering" through a European alley.
The 'eu' sequence follows alphabetical order; 'e' comes before 'u.'
Think of "eu" as in "Europe," where many historical maneuvers took place.
Use the mnemonic "Man, EU versed well!" to remember the 'eu' and 'ver.'
Spell it like "maneuverable," dropping the "able" to get "maneuver."

Correct usage of Maneuver

He used a clever manuever to win the game.
He used a clever maneuver to win the game.
The pilot performed a complex manuever to avoid the storm.
The pilot performed a complex maneuver to avoid the storm.
It was a difficult manuever to park in such a tight space.
It was a difficult maneuver to park in such a tight space.

Maneuver Definitions

It also refers to a controlled change in the direction or position of a vehicle.
She had to maneuver the car through narrow lanes.
A movement or combination of movements involving skill and dexterity
A gymnastics maneuver.
A controlled change in movement or direction of a moving vehicle or vessel, as in the flight path of an aircraft.
A strategic or tactical military or naval movement.
Often maneuvers A large-scale tactical exercise carried out under simulated conditions of war.
A skillful or cunning action undertaken to gain an end
"the canny maneuvers of a man after money and ease" (Cynthia Ozick).
The undertaking of such actions
"a skilled diplomat's eye for maneuver" (Garry Wills).
To make a controlled series of changes in movement or direction toward an objective
Maneuvered to get closer to the stage.
To carry out a military or naval maneuver.
To act with skill or cunning in gaining an end
The opposition maneuvered to force a vote.
To move or direct through a series of movements or changes in course
Maneuvered the drill into position.
Maneuvered the car through traffic.
To alter the tactical placement of (troops or warships).
To manipulate into a desired position or toward a predetermined goal
Maneuvered him into signing the contract.
(military) The planned movement of troops, vehicles etc.; a strategic repositioning; later also a large training field-exercise of fighting units.
The army was on maneuvers.
Joint NATO maneuvers are as much an exercise in diplomacy as in tactics and logistics.
Any strategic or cunning action; a stratagem.
A movement of the body, or with an implement, instrument etc., especially one performed with skill or dexterity.
(medicine) A specific medical or surgical movement, often eponymous, done with the doctor's hands or surgical instruments.
The otorhinolaryngologist performed an Epley maneuver and the patient was relieved of his vertigo.
A controlled (especially skillful) movement taken while steering a vehicle.
Parallel parking can be a difficult maneuver.
(ambitransitive) To move (something, or oneself) carefully, and often with difficulty, into a certain position.
To guide, steer, manage purposefully
To intrigue, manipulate, plot, scheme
The patriarch maneuvered till his offspring occupied countless key posts
Management; dexterous movement; specif., a military or naval evolution, movement, or change of position.
Management with address or artful design; adroit proceeding; stratagem.
To perform a movement or movements in military or naval tactics; to make changes in position with the intention of getting an advantage in attack or defense.
To make changes in one's approach to solving a problem, so as to achieve maximum advantage in a changing situation; - used especially in competitive situations, as in politics, diplomacy, or sports.
To manage with address or art; to scheme.
To change the positions of, as of troops of ships.
A military training exercise
A plan for attaining a particular goal
A deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill;
He made a great maneuver
The runner was out on a play by the shortstop
A move made to gain a tactical end
An action aimed at evading an opponent
Direct the course; determine the direction of travelling
Act in order to achieve a certain goal;
He maneuvered to get the chairmanship
She maneuvered herself into the directorship
Perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense
A maneuver is a strategic movement in a military context.
The army executed a complex maneuver.
In medical terms, a maneuver is a specific movement or technique.
The Heimlich maneuver can save someone from choking.
In sports, a maneuver is a skillful move to gain an advantage.
The player performed a brilliant maneuver to score.
In conversation, maneuver can refer to a clever or deceitful action.
He maneuvered his way into the promotion.

Maneuver Sentences

The pilot's maneuver through the mountains was breathtaking.
The political maneuver was designed to outwit the opposition.
A skilled maneuver helped the athlete win the race.
The chess player's clever maneuver caught his opponent off guard.
His maneuver in the final moments secured the team's victory.
She made a quick maneuver to catch the falling vase.
The driver's quick maneuver avoided an accident.
The driver executed a tight maneuver to fit into the parking spot.
The hiker's maneuver around the obstacle saved time and energy.
Implementing the new policy required a diplomatic maneuver.
The surgeon performed a delicate maneuver during the operation.
A tactical maneuver allowed the troops to advance.
The debate team's strategic maneuver outmaneuvered their rivals.
The company's market maneuver expanded its customer base.
The negotiation team's maneuver led to a successful agreement.
The athlete's maneuver during the competition impressed the judges.
The firefighter's maneuver through the building ensured everyone's safety.

Maneuver Idioms & Phrases

Tight maneuver

A difficult or precise movement or action.
Parking in the city often requires a tight maneuver.

Strategic maneuver

A planned action designed to achieve a specific goal, often in a competitive or challenging situation.
The team's strategic maneuver clinched their victory.

Tactical maneuver

A movement or series of moves in a battle or contest that are planned to gain an advantage.
The general's tactical maneuver outflanked the enemy.

Maneuver into position

To move or plan carefully to be in a more advantageous situation.
The diplomat managed to maneuver into position for the negotiations.

Evade and maneuver

To avoid something or someone skillfully.
The running back is known for his ability to evade and maneuver past defenders.

Diplomatic maneuver

A move or strategy designed to achieve a diplomatic goal or solve a diplomatic issue.
The treaty was secured through a series of diplomatic maneuvers.

Political maneuver

An action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific political result.
The bill's passage was the result of a complex political maneuver.

Maneuver around

To find a way around an obstacle or difficulty.
She maneuvered around the regulations to get her project approved.

High-stakes maneuver

An action or strategy that involves significant risk but could lead to great rewards.
The merger was a high-stakes maneuver that paid off for both companies.

Maneuver for advantage

To act in a way that seeks to gain a favorable position or outcome.
In the debate, each candidate maneuvered for advantage.

Maneuver through obstacles

To navigate successfully through difficulties or challenges.
The entrepreneur maneuvered through obstacles to build her business.

Maneuver under pressure

To perform an action or make decisions in a stressful or urgent situation.
The pilot maneuvered under pressure to make an emergency landing.

Masterful maneuver

An action performed with great skill or expertise.
The lawyer's masterful maneuver surprised the courtroom.

Navigate and maneuver

To skillfully guide oneself through complex situations or environments.
The team had to navigate and maneuver through the dense jungle.

Maneuver against time

To act quickly or efficiently in a situation where time is limited.
The rescue team maneuvered against time to save the trapped miners.

Covert maneuver

A hidden or secretive action intended to achieve a specific purpose.
The spy's covert maneuver went undetected.

Maneuver for position

To make movements or take actions aimed at securing a more favorable place or status.
The young executive maneuvered for position within the company hierarchy.

Defensive maneuver

An action taken to protect oneself or one's position.
The boxer used a defensive maneuver to avoid the knockout punch.

Offensive maneuver

An aggressive action aimed at gaining an advantage over an opponent or obstacle.
The army's offensive maneuver broke through the enemy lines.

Skillful maneuver

An action done with great skill and precision.
The driver's skillful maneuver avoided a collision on the icy road.


Which vowel is used before maneuver?

The vowel 'e' is used before 'u' in "maneuver."

Which preposition is used with maneuver?

"Through," as in "maneuver through traffic."

Which conjunction is used with maneuver?

"While," as in "while maneuvering."

What is the verb form of maneuver?

The verb form is "to maneuver."

What is the root word of maneuver?

The root word is the Latin "manuoperare."

What is the pronunciation of maneuver?

It's pronounced /məˈnuːvər/ in American English.

What is the plural form of maneuver?


Which article is used with maneuver?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.

Is maneuver an abstract noun?

No, it refers to concrete actions or movements.

Why is it called maneuver?

The term comes from the Latin word "manuoperare," meaning to work by hand.

Is the word maneuver imperative?

It can be used in an imperative sentence, like "Maneuver the ship!"

What is the singular form of maneuver?


What is another term for maneuver?

Stratagem, tactic.

Is maneuver a vowel or consonant?

Maneuver is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

What is a stressed syllable in maneuver?

The second syllable, "neu."

What is the third form of maneuver?


Is maneuver a negative or positive word?

Neutral; context-dependent.

Is maneuver a collective noun?


Is the maneuver term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

How many syllables are in maneuver?

Three syllables.

What is the opposite of maneuver?

Stagnation, inaction.

Which determiner is used with maneuver?

"The," "a," "an," and "some" can be used, depending on context.

What is the second form of maneuver?


Is maneuver a noun or adjective?

Primarily a noun, but also used as a verb.

Is maneuver an adverb?


Is maneuver a countable noun?

Yes, as in "several maneuvers."

How do we divide maneuver into syllables?


What part of speech is maneuver?

It is a noun and a verb.

What is the first form of maneuver?


How is maneuver used in a sentence?

"The pilot had to maneuver the plane through turbulent weather."
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