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Leant vs. Leaned: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on March 11, 2024
Leant is incorrect in American English; the correct spelling is "Leaned" which means to incline or rest against something.

Which is correct: Leant or Leaned

How to spell Leaned?

Leant is Incorrect

Leaned is Correct


Key Differences

"Lean" + "ed" = Leaned. Break the word down into its base and its past tense ending.
Remember that "leant" is old-fashioned and used in British English.
Think of the word "cleaned" – just like "cleaned" ends with "ed", so does "leaned".
Associate "leant" with "ant", which is not related to leaning.
Associate "Leaned" with American English (AE) and remember "AE for America".

Correct usage of Leaned

She leant the ladder against the house.
She leaned the ladder against the house.
They leant in to hear the secret being told.
They leaned in to hear the secret being told.
He leant against the wall waiting for her.
He leaned against the wall waiting for her.
The tree leant precariously to one side after the storm.
The tree leaned precariously to one side after the storm.

Leaned Definitions

Having a slant or tilt.
The picture leaned to the right.
Possessing knowledge or expertise in a particular field.
She's a leaned scholar in ancient history.
To express a tendency or preference.
The report leaned towards positive outcomes.
To bend or slant away from the vertical.
To incline the weight of the body so as to be supported
Leaning against the doorpost.
To rely for assistance or support
Lean on me for help.
To have a tendency or preference
A government that leans toward fascism.
(Informal) To exert pressure
The boss is leaning on us to meet the deadline.
To set or place so as to be resting or supported
Leaned the ladder against the wall.
To cause to incline
Leaned the boards so the rain would run off.
A tilt or an inclination away from the vertical.
Simple past tense and past participle of lean
To incline or bend from a vertical position.
He leaned against the wall.
To rely on or derive support from.
She leaned on her friend during tough times.

Leaned Sentences

The tired hiker leaned against a tree to rest.
The fence leaned to the right, weakened by the wind.
The painting leaned against the wall, waiting to be hung.
She leaned on her friend for support during tough times.
He leaned over the balcony to see the parade below.
The dog leaned against its owner's leg, seeking affection.
He leaned out the window to get a better view.
He leaned forward to share a confidential piece of information.
They leaned into the curve as they rode their bikes.
She leaned back in her chair, feeling satisfied with her work.
The old barn leaned dangerously, ready to collapse.
The gate leaned, needing repair to stand straight again.
The sign leaned to one side, not properly secured.
The flowers leaned towards each other as if in conversation.
The sunflowers leaned towards the sunlight, growing tall and strong.
He leaned closer to the microphone to be heard clearly.
They leaned together, whispering and giggling at the joke.
He leaned his bike against the fence before entering the store.
The tower leaned slightly due to its ancient foundation.
He leaned into every task with determination and focus.
The children leaned over the pond's edge to see the fish.
She leaned her head on his shoulder during the movie.
The bookshelf leaned under the weight of too many books.
She leaned out to catch the falling leaf.
The lamp leaned awkwardly after being bumped.


What is the verb form of Leaned?

The verb form is "lean".

Why is it called Leaned?

It's called "leaned" because it's the past tense of the verb "lean", meaning to incline or rest against something.

What is the pronunciation of Leaned?

Leaned is pronounced as /lēnd/.

What is the root word of Leaned?

The root word is "lean".

Which vowel is used before Leaned?

The letter "a" is used before "leaned" in "a leaned ladder".

What is the singular form of Leaned?

Leaned itself is in singular form.

What is the plural form of Leaned?

Leaned does not have a plural form as it is a verb in the past tense.

Which preposition is used with Leaned?

"Against" is commonly used, as in "he leaned against the wall".

Which conjunction is used with Leaned?

Any conjunction can be used with "leaned" depending on the sentence, e.g., "and", "but", "or".

Is Leaned a noun or adjective?

Leaned is a verb.

Which article is used with Leaned?

"Leaned" doesn't typically require an article. However, "a" or "the" can be used if the context demands it.

Is Leaned an adverb?

No, "leaned" is not an adverb.

Is Leaned a vowel or consonant?

"Leaned" is a word, not a single letter. It contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Leaned an abstract noun?

No, "leaned" is not an abstract noun.

Is Leaned a negative or positive word?

Leaned is neutral; it is neither negative nor positive.

What is another term for Leaned?

Another term is "tilted" or "inclined".

What is the opposite of Leaned?

The opposite of leaned could be "straightened" or "upright".

What is the second form of Leaned?

The second form is "leaned" or "leant" (British English).

Is the word Leaned imperative?

No, "leaned" is in the past tense, not the imperative mood.

What part of speech is Leaned?

Leaned is a verb.

How many syllables are in Leaned?

Leaned has one syllables.

What is the third form of Leaned?

The third form is "leaned" or "leant" (British English).

How is Leaned used in a sentence?

He leaned against the fence, watching the sunset.

Is Leaned a countable noun?

No, "leaned" is not a noun, hence not countable.

Is Leaned a collective noun?

No, "leaned" is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Leaned?

The first syllable, "lea", is stressed in "leaned".

Which determiner is used with Leaned?

Determiners like "the" or "a" can be used depending on the context.

What is the first form of Leaned?

The first form is "lean".

Is the Leaned term a metaphor?

No, "leaned" itself isn't a metaphor, but can be used metaphorically.
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