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Jewlery vs. Jewelry: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Jewlery" is the incorrect spelling; the correct form is "jewelry," denoting ornaments such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Which is correct: Jewlery or Jewelry

How to spell Jewelry?

Jewlery is Incorrect

Jewelry is Correct


Key Differences

The word "jewelry" shares its "-ry" ending with "bakery," another place you find valuable things.
Associate the "e" in "jewel" with "elegant," which jewelry often is.
Think of the word “jewel” and just add “-ry” to the end.
Remember that "jewelry" has two syllables, just like "ring" and "gem."
Think of a “gem” in “jewelry,” since both have a single “e.”

Correct usage of Jewelry

He bought a piece of jewlery for his wife's birthday.
He bought a piece of jewelry for his wife's birthday.
Jewlery is my favorite accessory.
Jewelry is my favorite accessory.
She lost her expensive jewlery at the beach.
She lost her expensive jewelry at the beach.
The jewlery store had a sale last weekend.
The jewelry store had a sale last weekend.
My grandmother has a collection of antique jewlery.
My grandmother has a collection of antique jewelry.

Jewelry Definitions

Personal ornaments made of precious metals and gems.
She wore an array of gold jewelry.
Decorative items worn for adornment.
He designs jewelry for a living.
Artifacts made by jewelers and artisans.
This antique jewelry is valuable.
Articles for personal decoration, often signifying status or affiliation.
The tribe had unique jewelry.
Body ornaments, not necessarily made of valuable materials.
He wore wooden bead jewelry.
Ornaments, such as bracelets, necklaces, or rings, especially when made of precious metals set with gems.
Standard spelling of jewellery
(intransitive) To make jewelry.
(intransitive) To adorn with jewelry or make into jewelry.
The art or trade of a jeweler.
Jewels, collectively; as, a bride's jewelry.
An adornment (as a bracelet or ring or necklace) made of precious metals and set with gems (or imitation gems)

Jewelry Sentences

The museum had an exhibit on ancient Egyptian jewelry.
She prefers silver jewelry over gold.
She wears her mother's jewelry on special occasions.
He surprised her with a piece of jewelry hidden inside the cake.
The jewelry box was full of sparkling gems.
The jewelry designer won an award for her innovative designs.
Cleaning your jewelry regularly keeps it shiny and new-looking.
The detective was looking for the stolen jewelry.
My brother got me a piece of jewelry for my birthday.
He saved up money to buy a jewelry set for his girlfriend.
She inherited some valuable jewelry from her grandmother.
They found the missing jewelry behind the dresser.
Her favorite piece of jewelry is a simple silver bracelet.
The jewelry sale attracted many customers.
They went to the jewelry store to pick out engagement rings.
The artisan makes handmade jewelry from natural stones.
Jewelry making is a popular hobby.
They bought costume jewelry for the play.
She keeps her most precious jewelry in a safe.
Her jewelry collection includes pieces from all over the world.
The jewelry workshop teaches how to make rings and necklaces.
She lost a piece of jewelry while swimming in the ocean.
The jewelry in the showcase sparkled under the lights.
The antique jewelry was worth a fortune.
He gave her a piece of jewelry as a symbol of their love.


Why is it called jewelry?

Derived from the word "jewel," which comes from the Old French "jouel."

What is the root word of jewelry?


What is the verb form of jewelry?

There is no standard verb form for jewelry; one can "adorn with jewelry" or "wear jewelry."

Which vowel is used before jewelry?

'A' as in "a piece of jewelry."

Which preposition is used with jewelry?

"Of," "with," or "in," depending on context.

Which conjunction is used with jewelry?

"And," "or," as appropriate to the context.

Is jewelry a noun or adjective?

It is a noun.

What is the pronunciation of jewelry?


Is jewelry an abstract noun?

No, it refers to physical objects.

What is the singular form of jewelry?

Jewelry. It is a non-count noun in American English.

What is the plural form of jewelry?

Jewelry. It doesn't have a plural form in American English.

Is jewelry an adverb?


Is jewelry a countable noun?

No, it's generally a non-count noun.

How many syllables are in jewelry?

In American English, it generally has three syllables.

Is the jewelry term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically to signify value or beauty.

What is the opposite of jewelry?

Plainness or unadornment.

Which determiner is used with jewelry?

"The," "some," "any," depending on context.

Which article is used with jewelry?

"The" or "a," depending on context.

Is jewelry a negative or positive word?

Generally neutral; can be positive depending on context.

Is jewelry a collective noun?


Is the word jewelry imperative?


What is another term for jewelry?


What is the first form of jewelry?

Jewelry (it doesn't conjugate).

How is jewelry used in a sentence?

"She received a beautiful piece of jewelry for her birthday."

Is jewelry a vowel or consonant?

It starts with a consonant ('J').

How do we divide jewelry into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in jewelry?

The first syllable, "Jew."

What part of speech is jewelry?


What is the second form of jewelry?

Jewelry (it doesn't conjugate).

What is the third form of jewelry?

Jewelry (it doesn't conjugate).
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