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Frustation vs. Frustration: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Frustation" is a common misspelling; the correct form is "Frustration," referring to the feeling of being upset or annoyed due to inability to change or achieve something.

Which is correct: Frustation or Frustration

How to spell Frustration?

Frustation is Incorrect

Frustration is Correct


Key Differences

Picture "frustration" as being "full of rust," both including the letters "f," "r," "u," and "st."
Think of "frustration" as a compound of "frustrate" and "action" - the "action" of feeling "frustrate(d)."
Think of the word "fruit," which starts similarly but is pleasant, unlike "frustration," which includes an "r" in its bitterness.
Remember that "frustration" comes from "frustrate," so it keeps the "r" and adds "-tion."
Associate "frustration" with "rust," which is unwanted and irritating, just like the feeling of frustration.

Correct usage of Frustration

She felt a lot of frustation when she couldn't solve the puzzle.
She felt a lot of frustration when she couldn't solve the puzzle.
He expressed his frustation over the lack of communication.
He expressed his frustration over the lack of communication.
The frustation in the room was palpable after the announcement.
The frustration in the room was palpable after the announcement.
I couldn't hide my frustation when I lost the game.
I couldn't hide my frustration when I lost the game.
The constant delays led to frustation among the team members.
The constant delays led to frustration among the team members.

Frustration Definitions

"Frustration" can describe the feeling of dissatisfaction or disappointment
The frustration of their early departure was palpable.
"Frustration" refers to a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs
He felt frustration at the lack of progress.
"Frustration" denotes the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something
Her constant interruptions caused me great frustration.
"Frustration" is the invalidation of a legal contract or agreement
The frustration of the contract occurred because of unforeseen circumstances.
"Frustration" is the prevention of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something
He shook his head in frustration after failing the test.
The act of preventing the accomplishment or fulfillment of something
The defense's frustration of their opponent's attempts to score.
The feeling or state of being frustrated
I couldn't get a real person to talk to and slammed down the phone in frustration.
Something that causes such a feeling or state
A job with many frustrations.
The feeling of annoyance at impassibility from resistance.
The act of frustrating, or the state, or an instance of being frustrated.
(law) The state of contract that allows a party to back away from its contractual obligations due to (unforeseen) radical changes to the nature of the thing a party has been obligated to.
A thing that frustrates.
Anger not directed at anything or anyone in particular.
The act of frustrating; disappointment; defeat; as, the frustration of one's designs.
The feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals
An act of hindering someone's plans or efforts
A feeling of annoyance at being hindered or criticized;
Her constant complaints were the main source of his frustration

Frustration Sentences

She screamed in frustration when she dropped her ice cream.
My brother's frustration grew as he tried to solve the math problem.
Feeling frustration, the artist threw down her paintbrush.
The traffic jam caused a lot of frustration among commuters.
The puppy whined in frustration when it couldn't reach its toy.
The frustration of losing a close game was evident on their faces.
The teacher sensed the students' frustration with the new concept.
After hours of trying, his frustration at building the model airplane peaked.
Her frustration was clear when she couldn't find her keys.
She tore up her drawing in frustration and started over.
The constant interruptions were a source of frustration during the meeting.
The computer's slow performance led to frustration while doing homework.
Reading the confusing instructions filled me with frustration.
Her frustration at losing her notes was visible to everyone.
The frustration of waiting in line for hours was overwhelming.
The frustration of being stuck indoors on a sunny day was real.
The baby's frustration at not being understood was palpable.
His frustration with the project made him want to quit.
The coach's frustration with the team's performance was justified.
He kicked the ball in frustration after missing the goal.
Trying to tie his shoelaces, the little boy felt a surge of frustration.
The broken vending machine was a daily frustration for students.
He threw his hands up in frustration after his third attempt failed.
The team expressed their frustration at the game's cancellation.
The frustration of not being able to help made him feel useless.


What is the root word of Frustration?

The root word is the Latin "frustra," meaning "in vain."

Why is it called Frustration?

It's called "frustration" because it stems from the Latin word "frustratio," meaning "a deceiving."

What is the plural form of Frustration?

The plural form is "frustrations."

Which preposition is used with Frustration?

Prepositions like "with," "in," or "from" can be used with "frustration."

What is the verb form of Frustration?

The verb form is "frustrate."

What is the pronunciation of Frustration?

It's pronounced as /frʌˈstreɪʃ(ə)n/.

Which conjunction is used with Frustration?

There's no specific conjunction used with "frustration"; it depends on the sentence.

Which vowel is used before Frustration?

The vowel "u" is used.

What is the singular form of Frustration?

"Frustration" is typically used in the singular form.

Is Frustration an abstract noun?

Yes, it describes an intangible emotion.

Which article is used with Frustration?

Both "a" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is Frustration a noun or adjective?

"Frustration" is a noun.

Is Frustration a countable noun?

Yes, you can have multiple distinct "frustrations."

Is the Frustration term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically.

What is a stressed syllable in Frustration?

The stress is on the second syllable: "tra."

Is Frustration a vowel or consonant?

"Frustration" is a word, not a letter or sound classification.

How do we divide Frustration into syllables?

It's divided as frus-tra-tion.

Which determiner is used with Frustration?

Determiners like "my," "your," or "the" can be used, depending on the context.

What is the second form of Frustration?

Nouns don't have a second form; "frustration" remains the same.

Is Frustration an adverb?

No, "frustration" is a noun.

Is Frustration a negative or positive word?

It is generally considered a negative word.

Is the word Frustration imperative?

No, "frustration" is a noun and cannot be imperative.

How many syllables are in Frustration?

There are three syllables in "frustration."

What is another term for Frustration?

Synonyms include "exasperation," "irritation," or "annoyance."

What is the opposite of Frustration?

Opposites include "satisfaction," "contentment," or "fulfillment."

What is the first form of Frustration?

"Frustration" itself is the first form as a noun.

What part of speech is Frustration?

"Frustration" is a noun.

How is Frustration used in a sentence?

"His frustration was evident when he couldn't solve the complex math problem."

Is Frustration a collective noun?

No, it is not.

What is the third form of Frustration?

Nouns don't have a third form; "frustration" remains the same.
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