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Frozed vs. Frozen: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on March 22, 2024
"Frozed" is incorrect; the correct spelling is "frozen," meaning turned into ice or very cold.

Which is correct: Frozed or Frozen

How to spell Frozen?

Frozed is Incorrect

Frozen is Correct


Key Differences

Recall that "frozed" lacks the "n" needed to complete the past participle form.
Associate "frozen" with cold items, visualizing ice to recall the "o" before the "zen."
Think of "zen" in "frozen" as a state of calm, like ice is still.
Remember "frozen" as the past participle of "freeze," noting the "en" ending common in past participles.
Use mnemonic: "Freezing Over, Zen Ends Naturally," highlighting the transition from "freeze" to "frozen."

Correct usage of Frozen

The meat should be frozed immediately to preserve it.
The meat should be frozen immediately to preserve it.
The lake has frozed over early this year.
The lake has frozen over early this year.
The pipes have frozed due to the cold.
The pipes have frozen due to the cold.

Frozen Definitions

Turned into ice.
The lake was frozen solid in winter.
Preserved by freezing.
She bought frozen vegetables for convenience.
Assets that cannot be accessed.
His accounts were frozen due to suspicious activity.
Unable to move or act.
He stood frozen in fear.
Unchanging or immobilized.
The computer screen was frozen.
Past participle of freeze.
Made into, covered with, or surrounded by ice.

Frozen Sentences

The movie "Frozen" is popular among children.
The pond is frozen solid in the winter.
Frozen vegetables are convenient for quick meals.
They enjoyed frozen yogurt on a hot day.
She used frozen fruit to make a smoothie.
The waterfall had completely frozen over.
The roads were slippery because they had frozen overnight.
Make sure the fish is fully frozen before you store it.
The berries need to be washed before they're frozen.
Her fingers were frozen after playing in the snow.
The lake is dangerously thin where it's frozen.
They offer a variety of frozen desserts at the café.
The windshield wiper fluid was frozen, so it didn't spray.
They watched as the mist turned into a frozen spectacle.
Frozen meals can be a time-saver on busy days.
The city was covered in frozen fog this morning.
Frozen peas are added to the soup without thawing.
He preferred his drinks with frozen ice cubes.
The meat must be kept frozen until it's time to cook it.
He got a frozen shoulder from not moving his arm.
Frozen assets were inaccessible during the investigation.
The windows were frozen shut from the ice storm.

Frozen Idioms & Phrases

Frozen in time

Something that appears unchanged from the past, as if time has stopped.
The abandoned village looked as if it was frozen in time.

Frozen with fear

To be so scared that one is unable to move or react.
When he heard the noise, he was frozen with fear.

Frozen out

Excluded from a group or activity.
She felt frozen out by her coworkers and didn't enjoy going to work.

Frozen solid

Completely frozen through to the point of being solid.
The lake was frozen solid, perfect for ice skating.

Frozen over

Covered with a layer of ice.
The river had frozen over, making it impossible to fish.

Frozen in shock

Unable to react because of a shocking event or revelation.
They were frozen in shock when they heard the unexpected news.

Frozen in one's tracks

Suddenly stopping in movement or thought, often because of surprise.
The sight of the deer had her frozen in her tracks.

Frozen assets

Money or property that cannot be accessed or used due to legal restrictions.
The court order froze his assets during the divorce proceedings.

Frozen out of

Being prevented from participating in or accessing something.
He was frozen out of the decision-making process by the board.

Have a frozen heart

To appear lacking in emotion or compassion.
Despite his stern appearance, he didn't have a frozen heart.

Frozen to the spot

Unable to move or think of how to react.
When the lights went out, she was frozen to the spot in fear.

Frozen smile

A smile that is fixed and unchanging, often indicating discomfort or unease.
Despite her frozen smile, it was clear she was not enjoying the party.

Frozen to the bone

Extremely cold, to the point of feeling it in one's bones.
After hours in the snow, they were frozen to the bone.

A frozen moment

A moment captured as if time has stopped, often used to describe photographs.
The photo of the snowflake was a frozen moment, capturing its intricate beauty.


Why is it called frozen?

It's called frozen, derived from the verb "freeze," indicating something has been solidified by cold.

What is the pronunciation of frozen?

Frozen is pronounced as /ˈfroʊ.zən/.

What is the root word of frozen?

The root word is "freeze."

Which vowel is used before frozen?

The vowel "o" is used before frozen.

Which article is used with frozen?

"The" is commonly used, as in "the frozen lake."

Is frozen a noun or adjective?

Frozen is primarily an adjective but can be used as a noun in contexts like "frozen foods."

What is the singular form of frozen?

Frozen serves as both singular and plural in adjective form; as a noun, it doesn’t change.

Which preposition is used with frozen?

"In" is commonly used, as in "frozen in time."

Is frozen an adverb?

No, frozen is not an adverb.

Is frozen a negative or positive word?

Frozen is neutral; context determines its connotation.

What is the verb form of frozen?

The verb form is "freeze."

Which conjunction is used with frozen?

"And" is often used, especially in listings (frozen peas and carrots).

Is the word frozen imperative?

No, frozen is not imperative; it's an adjective or noun.

How many syllables are in frozen?

Frozen has two syllables.

What is the opposite of frozen?

The opposite could be "thawed" or "melted."

Which determiner is used with frozen?

Determiners like "the" or "some" can be used with frozen.

What is the first form of frozen?

The first form is "freeze."

What is the second form of frozen?

The second form is "froze."

What is the plural form of frozen?

As an adjective, frozen does not have a plural form; its use is invariant.

What part of speech is frozen?

Frozen is an adjective and can also be a noun.

Is frozen an abstract noun?

No, frozen is not an abstract noun; it describes a physical state.

Is frozen a countable noun?

As a noun (in contexts like "frozen foods"), it can be countable.

How do we divide frozen into syllables?

Frozen is divided as fro-zen.

What is a stressed syllable in frozen?

The first syllable "fro" is stressed.

What is the third form of frozen?

The third form is "frozen."

Is frozen a vowel or consonant?

The word frozen starts with a consonant.

Is frozen a collective noun?

No, frozen is not a collective noun.

Is the frozen term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, especially to describe immobility or emotion.

What is another term for frozen?

Another term is "iced" or "frosty."

How is frozen used in a sentence?

The river was frozen over, making it a perfect place for ice skating.
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