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Equiptment vs. Equipment: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Equiptment" is the incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Equipment", which refers to necessary items for a particular purpose.

Which is correct: Equiptment or Equipment

How to spell Equipment?

Equiptment is Incorrect

Equipment is Correct


Key Differences

"Equiptment" has an extra 't' which isn't needed.
Visualize the word as "equip" + "ment", emphasizing no 't' after "equip".
Think of "equip" and simply add "-ment" to the end.
Remember the phrase: “You equip with equipment, not equiptment.”
Associate with the term "shipment" – both end with "-ment".

Correct usage of Equipment

We need to inventory our equiptment annually.
We need to inventory our equipment annually.
Her photography equiptment is very professional.
Her photography equipment is very professional.
The company invested in new equiptment for the office.
The company invested in new equipment for the office.
The gym has all the latest equiptment.
The gym has all the latest equipment.
All the equiptment was checked for safety.
All the equipment was checked for safety.

Equipment Definitions

The necessary items required for a particular purpose.
The laboratory has the latest equipment.
Apparatus or gear used for specific actions.
Safety equipment is mandatory in construction zones.
Assets employed in operations to produce goods/services.
The factory acquired new manufacturing equipment.
Tangible resources used to achieve an objective.
The soldier carried equipment weighing 50 pounds.
The act of equipping or the state of being equipped
Responsible for the rapid equipment of the troops.
Something with which a person, organization, or thing is equipped
The athletes keep their equipment in the locker room.
The rolling stock especially of a transportation system.
The mental and emotional resources of an individual
Doesn't have the equipment to cope.
The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition.
Any items used in equipping something or someone, for example things needed for an expedition or voyage.
We need more gardening equipment if we want to properly landscape our yard, not just a rake and some gloves.
The sports shop sells different kits of famous clubs, and equipment from all kind of sports.
The male genitalia.
Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; as, a railroad equipment (locomotives, cars, etc. ; for carrying on business); horse equipments; infantry equipments; naval equipments; laboratory equipments.
Armed and dight,In the equipments of a knight.
An instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
Items needed for a task, sport, or job.
The diving equipment is stored in that room.

Equipment Sentences

The laboratory equipment is state-of-the-art.
She meticulously cleaned her painting equipment.
Personal protective equipment is mandatory in the factory.
The kitchen equipment includes a professional-grade oven.
The construction equipment was noisy but efficient.
The new equipment has improved our productivity.
He brought all the camping equipment for the trip.
Our office equipment was upgraded last month.
The sports equipment was donated by a local business.
Their filming equipment was set up for the shoot.
The playground equipment is designed for all ages.
Musical equipment can be quite expensive.
I need to buy some gardening equipment this weekend.
We provide all the equipment needed for the class.
Educational equipment in schools has evolved significantly.

Equipment Idioms & Phrases

Heavy equipment

Large and heavy machines used for construction or engineering.
The site was filled with heavy equipment for the new building.

Standard equipment

The basic set of tools or machines needed for a specific task.
The standard equipment for the course includes goggles and gloves.

Personal equipment

Items that are used by an individual and not shared.
Each worker is responsible for their personal equipment.

Equipment check

A review or inspection of gear before use.
Before the hike, they did an equipment check to ensure everything was in order.

Equipment failure

When a tool or machine does not work as intended.
The project was delayed due to equipment failure.

Equipment upgrade

Replacing old tools or machines with newer versions.
The lab received an equipment upgrade to support advanced research.

Equipment rental

The process of borrowing tools, machines, or gear for a temporary period.
Equipment rental is a cost-effective option for the short-term project.

Equipment room

A space where tools, machines, or gear are stored.
Please return all gear to the equipment room after class.


What is the root word of Equipment?

The root word is "equip".

Why is it called Equipment?

It's called "equipment" because it stems from the verb "equip", meaning to provide with necessary items.

What is the pronunciation of Equipment?

Equipment is pronounced as /ɪˈkwɪpmənt/.

What is the verb form of Equipment?

The verb form is "equip".

What is the plural form of Equipment?

Equipment is an uncountable noun and doesn't have a plural form.

Which vowel is used before Equipment?

The letter "a" can be used before "equipment" as in "an equipment".

What is the singular form of Equipment?

Equipment is both singular and uncountable, so "equipment" is the singular form.

Is Equipment a noun or adjective?

Equipment is a noun.

Is Equipment an adverb?

No, "equipment" is not an adverb.

Is Equipment an abstract noun?

No, "equipment" is a concrete noun.

Is Equipment a countable noun?

No, "equipment" is an uncountable noun.

Which conjunction is used with Equipment?

Any conjunction can be used with "equipment" depending on the sentence, e.g., "and", "but", "or".

Is Equipment a vowel or consonant?

"Equipment" is a word, not a single letter. It contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the Equipment term a metaphor?

No, "equipment" itself isn't a metaphor, but can be used metaphorically.

What is a stressed syllable in Equipment?

The second syllable, "quip", is stressed in "equipment".

What is the first form of Equipment?

The verb form is "equip".

What is the second form of Equipment?

It doesn't have a second form as "equipment" is a noun. The verb "equip" has the past form "equipped".

Which preposition is used with Equipment?

"Of" or "for" can be used, as in "equipment of the laboratory" or "equipment for diving".

Which article is used with Equipment?

"The" is most commonly used with "equipment", but "a" or "an" can also be used based on context.

Is Equipment a collective noun?

No, "equipment" is not a collective noun.

What is the opposite of Equipment?

There's no direct opposite, but in some contexts, it could be "barehanded" or "without tools".

How do we divide Equipment into syllables?

Equipment is divided as e-quip-ment.

What part of speech is Equipment?

Equipment is a noun.

What is another term for Equipment?

Another term is "gear" or "apparatus".

Is Equipment a negative or positive word?

Equipment is neutral; it is neither negative nor positive.

What is the third form of Equipment?

It doesn't have a third form as "equipment" is a noun. The verb "equip" has the past participle form "equipped".

How is Equipment used in a sentence?

The gym has all the necessary equipment for a full-body workout.

Is the word Equipment imperative?

No, "equipment" is a noun, not in the imperative mood.

How many syllables are in Equipment?

Equipment has three syllables.

Which determiner is used with Equipment?

Determiners like "this", "that", "my", "our" can be used with "equipment".
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