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Emmerse vs. Immerse: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Emmerse" is a common misspelling. The correct spelling is "Immerse," meaning to deeply involve or engulf in something.

Which is correct: Emmerse or Immerse

How to spell Immerse?

Emmerse is Incorrect

Immerse is Correct


Key Differences

"Emmerse" sounds like "emerge," which is the opposite of immerse.
Think of the phrase "I must immerse myself" to remember the initial "I."
Remember that "Immerse" starts with an "I" like "Involve."
Visualize something being submerged or "immersed" in water.
Associate "Immerse" with "immerge," which also starts with an "I."

Correct usage of Immerse

They planned to emmerse themselves in the local language.
They planned to immerse themselves in the local language.
She wanted to emmerse herself in the culture.
She wanted to immerse herself in the culture.
You can emmerse the fabric in dye for an hour.
You can immerse the fabric in dye for an hour.
It's easy to emmerse in a good book.
It's easy to immerse in a good book.
We tried to emmerse the seeds overnight before planting.
We tried to immerse the seeds overnight before planting.

Immerse Definitions

To engross or captivate completely.
The movie immersed me from the start.
To involve oneself deeply in an activity or interest.
She immerses herself in her studies.
To submerge in a liquid.
I immerse the cloth in water.
To baptize by submersion.
The priest chose to immerse the believers.
To cover completely in a liquid; submerge.
To baptize by submerging in water.
To engage wholly or deeply; absorb
Scholars who immerse themselves in their subjects.
(transitive) To place within a fluid (generally a liquid, but also a gas).
Archimedes determined the volume of objects by immersing them in water.
(transitive) To involve or engage deeply.
The sculptor immersed himself in anatomic studies.
To map into an immersion.
(obsolete) Immersed; buried; sunk.
Immersed; buried; hid; sunk.
To plunge into anything that surrounds or covers, especially into a fluid; to dip; to sink; to bury; to immerge.
Deep immersed beneath its whirling wave.
More than a mile immersed within the wood.
To baptize by immersion.
To engage deeply; to engross the attention of; to involve; to overhelm.
The queen immersed in such a trance.
It is impossible to have a lively hope in another life, and yet be deeply immersed inn the enjoyments of this.
Thrust or throw into;
Immerse yourself in hot water
Engross (oneself) fully;
He immersed himself into his studies
Enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing;
The huge waves swallowed the small boat and it sank shortly thereafter
Cause to be immersed;
The professor plunged his students into the study of the Italian text
To embed into a surrounding entity.
The culture immerses newcomers swiftly.

Immerse Sentences

To learn a new language, you must immerse yourself in it.
She loves to immerse herself in a hot bath after a long day.
Scientists immerse the specimen in a solution for analysis.
Virtual reality technology allows people to immerse themselves in another world.
To understand a culture, it's best to immerse yourself in it by living there.
He decided to immerse himself in his studies to achieve his goals.
When writing a novel, authors immerse themselves in the characters' lives.
Artists often immerse themselves in their work, forgetting about time.
To truly appreciate classical music, one must immerse oneself in its history.
Travelers can immerse themselves in local traditions to enrich their experience.
Chefs immerse vegetables in ice water to preserve their color after blanching.

Immerse Idioms & Phrases

Immerse and emerge

A process of diving deep into something and then coming out with new insights or knowledge.
After immersing herself in the research, she emerged with innovative solutions.

To immerse oneself

To become completely involved in an activity or interest.
He decided to immerse himself in photography and quickly improved his skills.


What is the pronunciation of Immerse?


Which vowel is used before Immerse?

It depends on the context, but often "to" as in "to immerse."

Why is it called Immerse?

It originates from the Latin word "immersus," meaning to plunge or dip into.

What is the plural form of Immerse?

Immerse doesn't have a plural form since it's a verb.

Which preposition is used with Immerse?

"In," as in "immerse in water."

Which article is used with Immerse?

"The," as in "the immersed cloth."

Is Immerse an adverb?


What is the singular form of Immerse?


Which conjunction is used with Immerse?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the context.

Is Immerse an abstract noun?


What is the verb form of Immerse?

"Immerse" is already a verb.

What is the root word of Immerse?

The root is "merse," derived from Latin "mersus."

Is Immerse a collective noun?


Is the Immerse term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically.

Which determiner is used with Immerse?

"This," as in "this immersion technique."

Is Immerse a negative or positive word?

Neutral; context determines its connotation.

Is Immerse a countable noun?

"Immerse" is a verb, not a noun.

How many syllables are in Immerse?

Two syllables.

How do we divide Immerse into syllables?


What is the first form of Immerse?


Is Immerse a noun or adjective?


Is Immerse a vowel or consonant?

"Immerse" is a word, not a letter. It contains both vowels and consonants.

What is a stressed syllable in Immerse?


What part of speech is Immerse?


What is the opposite of Immerse?


What is the third form of Immerse?


How is Immerse used in a sentence?

"She chose to immerse herself in the local culture during her travels."

Is the word Immerse imperative?

It can be used in an imperative manner, as in "Immerse the cloth!"

What is another term for Immerse?


What is the second form of Immerse?

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