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Developping vs. Developing: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Developping" is incorrect, while "Developing" is the correct spelling. Developing refers to the process of growth or evolution.

Which is correct: Developping or Developing

How to spell Developing?

Developping is Incorrect

Developing is Correct


Key Differences

Remember the phrase: "One path (p) to developing."
Think of "Developing" as having the same 'p' count as "progressing."
Use the mnemonic i.e. "Developing growth, not doubling Ps."
"Developing" has one 'p', just like in "develop."
Link "Developing" with "op" in "opportunity," emphasizing the single 'p.'

Correct usage of Developing

Our company is focused on developping strategies for growth.
Our company is focused on developing strategies for growth.
They have been working on developping their skills.
They have been working on developing their skills.
He is currently developping a new software application.
He is currently developing a new software application.
The project is still in its developping stages.
The project is still in its developing stages.
The country is focusing on developping its infrastructure.
The country is focusing on developing its infrastructure.

Developing Definitions

In photography, developing is processing a film.
He's in the darkroom developing photos.
Developing also means evolving or elaborating ideas.
They're developing new strategies for marketing.
Developing can describe a nation in economic growth.
She specializes in studies of developing countries.
Developing can refer to improving skills.
She's developing her language abilities.
Developing refers to growth or progression.
The company is rapidly developing.
Having a relatively low level of industrial capability, technological sophistication, and economic productivity
Studied the economies of developing nations.
In the process of development.
A developing foetus
Of a country: becoming economically more mature or advanced; becoming industrialized.
A process of development.
Not industrialized but undergoing industrialization; - sometimes used as a euphemism for "undeveloped"; - of nations.
Becoming or arising; as, the rushing yellow of the developing day.
The process of treating a photosensitive material with chemicals in order to make a latent image visible.
Processing a photosensitive material in order to make an image visible;
The development and printing of his pictures took only two hours
Relating to societies in which capital needed to industrialize is in short supply
Gradually unfolding or growing (especially as of something latent);
His developing social conscience
After the long winter they took joy in the developing warmth of spring
Making or becoming visible through or as if through the action of a chemical agent;
He watched as the developing photograph became clearer and sharper

Developing Sentences

He enjoys developing his skills in coding and programming.
The team is developing a marketing strategy for the new product.
She is developing a plan for her science project.
The software company is developing innovative applications for users.
The photographer is developing his photographs in the darkroom.
The student is developing an argument for his debate topic.
The engineer is developing a new bridge design.
The city is developing new parks and recreational areas.
She is developing a recipe for a new type of cake.
The community is developing a plan to improve local safety.
The plot of the book is developing in an interesting direction.
The children are developing their artistic talents in school.
The company is developing a more efficient way to process orders.
The teacher is developing new teaching methods for her students.
The organization is developing programs to support the needy.
The athlete is developing her strength and endurance through rigorous training.
The writer is developing characters for his next novel.
The scientists are developing a vaccine for the disease.
The startup is developing a mobile app to help with budgeting.
The chef is developing a menu for the new restaurant.

Developing Idioms & Phrases

Developing a thick skin

Becoming less sensitive to criticism or insults.
As a performer, you need to develop a thick skin to handle negative reviews.

Developing a heart of gold

Becoming very kind and generous.
Despite his tough exterior, he's developing a heart of gold.

Developing a taste for something

Starting to like something that you did not like before.
After living in Italy for a year, he developed a taste for olives.

Developing cold feet

Becoming nervous or hesitant about a decision or action, usually at the last minute.
She was excited about skydiving but developed cold feet when it was time to jump.

Developing a knack for something

Becoming skilled at doing something through practice.
He's developing a knack for cooking Italian cuisine.

Developing a love for something

Beginning to love something you were not interested in before.
She never liked running, but she's developing a love for it now.

Developing an ear for music

Becoming better at understanding and appreciating music.
By taking violin lessons, he is developing an ear for music.

Developing a mind of one's own

Becoming independent in thoughts and decisions.
The young apprentice is developing a mind of his own, much to the master's delight.

Developing a keen eye

Becoming good at noticing or spotting things.
As a photographer, she's developing a keen eye for detail.


Why is it called developing?

It's called developing because it derives from the Latin 'develōpāre,' meaning to unwrap or unfold.

What is the plural form of developing?

The concept of "developing" doesn't typically have a plural form.

Which conjunction is used with developing?

Conjunctions like "and" and "while" are often used with "developing."

What is the singular form of developing?

The singular form is "developing."

Is developing an adverb?

No, "developing" is not an adverb.

What is the verb form of developing?

The verb form of "developing" is "develop."

Which vowel is used before developing?

The vowel "o" is used before "ping" in "developing."

Which article is used with developing?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "developing."

What is the root word of developing?

The root word of "developing" is "develop," from Latin 'develōpāre.'

What is the pronunciation of developing?

Developing is pronounced as "dih-VEL-uh-ping."

Which preposition is used with developing?

Prepositions like "into," "for," and "in" are commonly used with "developing."

Is developing a countable noun?

As a noun, "developing" is not typically countable.

How many syllables are in developing?

There are four syllables in "developing."

What is the first form of developing?

The first form is "develop."

How do we divide developing into syllables?

Developing is divided as de-vel-op-ing.

What part of speech is developing?

"Developing" can be a verb (present participle) or an adjective.

Which determiner is used with developing?

Determiners like "a," "the," and "this" are used with "developing."

Is developing a negative or positive word?

"Developing" is generally neutral but can be positive or negative based on context.

Is developing a collective noun?

No, "developing" is not a collective noun.

Is the word developing imperative?

"Developing" can be used in an imperative form in specific contexts.

What is a stressed syllable in developing?

The second syllable "vel" is stressed in "developing."

What is the opposite of developing?

The opposite of developing could be "declining" or "regressing."

What is the second form of developing?

The second form for the verb is "developed."

Is developing a noun or adjective?

"Developing" can be an adjective (describing) or a verb (action).

Is the developing term a metaphor?

"Developing" can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

What is another term for developing?

Another term for developing is "evolving."

What is the third form of developing?

The third form for the verb is also "developed."

How is developing used in a sentence?

Example: "She is developing a new approach to teaching."

Is developing an abstract noun?

"Developing" can be considered an abstract concept when used as a noun.

Is developing a vowel or consonant?

"Developing" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.
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