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Consious vs. Conscious: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Consious" is an incorrect spelling. The right spelling is "Conscious," which pertains to awareness or perception.

Which is correct: Consious or Conscious

How to spell Conscious?

Consious is Incorrect

Conscious is Correct


Key Differences

Use mnemonic: “Be conscious of your conscience.”
Remember the sequence: "con-" + "scious."
Think of it like a sandwich: "con" at the front, "scious" at the back.
Associate the word with "awareness" — to be conscious is to be aware.
"Conscious" has two "c"s – one at the beginning and one in the middle.

Correct usage of Conscious

He tried to stay consious during the long meeting.
He tried to stay conscious during the long meeting.
Consious decisions often reflect our deepest values.
Conscious decisions often reflect our deepest values.
She was consious of the time as the clock ticked louder.
She was conscious of the time as the clock ticked louder.
Their approach was very consious and deliberate.
Their approach was very conscious and deliberate.
The patient became consious after a few hours.
The patient became conscious after a few hours.

Conscious Definitions

Conscious means awake and responsive to one's surroundings.
After the surgery, he was soon conscious.
Conscious implies intentional or deliberate action.
She made a conscious effort to save money.
Conscious refers to recognizing and understanding one's feelings and thoughts.
He's very conscious of his duties as a leader.
Conscious relates to one's awareness or perception of something.
She was conscious of her mistake.
Conscious indicates being especially aware or concerned about something specific.
The company is environmentally conscious.
Characterized by or having an awareness of one's environment and one's own existence, sensations, and thoughts.
Mentally perceptive or alert; awake
The patient remained fully conscious after the local anesthetic was administered.
Capable of thought, will, or perception
The development of conscious life on the planet.
Subjectively known or felt
Conscious remorse.
Intentionally conceived or done; deliberate
A conscious insult.
Made a conscious effort to speak more clearly.
Inwardly attentive or sensitive to something
As he spoke, he became increasingly conscious of his high-pitched voice.
Showing awareness of or preoccupation with something. Often used in combination
A cost-conscious approach to health care.
A value-conscious shopper.
In psychoanalysis, the component of waking awareness perceptible by a person at any given instant; consciousness.
Alert, awake; with one's mental faculties active.
The noise woke me, but it was another few minutes before I was fully conscious.
Aware of one's own existence; aware of one's own awareness.
Only highly intelligent beings can be fully conscious.
Aware of, sensitive to; observing and noticing, or being strongly interested in or concerned about.
I was conscious of a noise behind me.
A very class-conscious analysis
Deliberate, intentional, done with awareness of what one is doing.
Known or felt personally, internally by a person.
Conscious guilt
(rare) Self-conscious, or aware of wrongdoing, feeling guilty.
Passage=They found Aunt Carrol with the old lady, both absorbed in some very interesting subject ; but they dropped it as the girls came in, with a conscious look which betrayed that they had been talking about their nieces.
The part of the mind that is aware of itself; the consciousness.
Possessing the faculty of knowing one's own thoughts or mental operations.
Some are thinking or conscious beings, or have a power of thought.
Possessing knowledge, whether by internal, conscious experience or by external observation; cognizant; aware; sensible.
Her conscious heart imputed suspicion where none could have been felt.
The man who breathes most healthilly is least conscious of his own breathing.
Made the object of consciousness; known to one's self; as, conscious guilt.
With conscious terrors vex me round.
Intentionally conceived;
A conscious effort to speak more slowly
A conscious policy
Knowing and perceiving; having awareness of surroundings and sensations and thoughts;
Remained conscious during the operation
Conscious of his faults
Became conscious that he was being followed
(followed by `of') showing realization or recognition of something;
Few voters seem conscious of the issue's importance
Conscious of having succeeded
The careful tread of one conscious of his alcoholic load

Conscious Sentences

He remained conscious throughout the procedure.
The cat became conscious of the dog's presence and hid.
Being conscious of our environmental impact is important.
He was fully conscious of the consequences of his actions.
The teacher was conscious of the student's confusion.
She made a conscious effort to be more positive.
Staying conscious of current events is important for informed citizenship.
She's conscious of her strengths and weaknesses.
She was conscious of the need to save money.
She became conscious of her responsibility as a role model.
She's conscious of the effect her words have on others.
The government is conscious of the economic challenges ahead.
They were conscious that time was running out.
The company is conscious of the need for sustainable practices.
Conscious breathing can help reduce stress.
She was conscious of the historical significance of the place.
The athlete was conscious of his body's signals during the race.
The artist is conscious of the colors she uses in her paintings.
He was conscious of the importance of being punctual.
Parents need to be conscious of what their children watch on TV.
He's conscious of the need to maintain a balanced diet.
Being conscious of others' feelings can improve relationships.
Conscious consumerism can drive positive change in the market.
Making conscious choices can lead to healthier living.

Conscious Idioms & Phrases

Conscious decision

A choice made with full awareness and deliberation.
He made a conscious decision to change his lifestyle for better health.

Stay conscious

To remain awake or aware.
The patient tried to stay conscious while waiting for help.

Conscious breathing

The act of being aware of one's breathing and controlling it in a deliberate way.
Conscious breathing can be a useful tool for managing stress.

Become conscious

To regain awareness or wakefulness.
The runner became conscious of her rapid breathing and slowed down.

Conscious effort

Making a deliberate and intentional attempt to do something.
She made a conscious effort to arrive on time.

Conscious of

Being aware of something or attentive to.
He was conscious of the need to conserve water during the drought.

Being conscious

The state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings.
Being conscious of the little moments can greatly enhance one's life.

Conscious thought

A thought that is intentional and deliberate.
Every conscious thought he had was about finishing the project on time.

Conscious choice

A selection made with full awareness and consideration of the consequences.
She made a conscious choice to avoid processed foods.


Why is it called Conscious?

It's derived from the Latin word "conscius," meaning "knowing with others or in oneself."

What is the pronunciation of Conscious?

It is pronounced as /ˈkɒn.ʃəs/.

What is the verb form of Conscious?

There isn't a direct verb form of "conscious." However, "become conscious of" can be used verbosely.

Which vowel is used before Conscious?

"A" is often used, as in "a conscious decision."

What is the plural form of Conscious?


What is the root word of Conscious?

The root word is the Latin "conscius."

What is the singular form of Conscious?

"Conscious" is an adjective and doesn't have singular or plural forms.

Which conjunction is used with Conscious?

There's no specific conjunction tied to "conscious"; it depends on the context.

Is Conscious an abstract noun?

No, but "consciousness" is.

Is Conscious a negative or positive word?

It is neutral.

Is Conscious a vowel or consonant?

"Conscious" is a word, but it starts with a consonant.

Is Conscious a collective noun?


Is the Conscious term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used in metaphorical contexts.

Is Conscious a noun or adjective?

"Conscious" is an adjective.

What is a stressed syllable in Conscious?

The stressed syllable is "Con."

What part of speech is Conscious?

"Conscious" is an adjective.

Which preposition is used with Conscious?

"Of" is commonly used with "conscious," as in "conscious of."

What is the opposite of Conscious?

The opposite is "unconscious."

What is the second form of Conscious?


Which article is used with Conscious?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "conscious," depending on context.

Is Conscious an adverb?


Is Conscious a countable noun?

No, it's an adjective.

How many syllables are in Conscious?

There are two syllables.

How do we divide Conscious into syllables?


Which determiner is used with Conscious?

Common determiners like "this," "that," and "a" can be used, depending on context.

What is the first form of Conscious?

N/A, as "conscious" is not a verb.

Is the word Conscious imperative?


What is another term for Conscious?

An alternate term is "aware."

What is the third form of Conscious?


How is Conscious used in a sentence?

She was fully conscious when they carried her to the ambulance.
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