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Colision vs. Collision: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Colision" is an incorrect spelling. The right spelling is "Collision," referring to the act of crashing or coming together forcefully.

Which is correct: Colision or Collision

How to spell Collision?

Colision is Incorrect

Collision is Correct


Key Differences

Remember the "collide" in "collision."
"Collision" has two Ls, like two objects colliding.
Think of a "collision" as an "illusion" with a 'c' – both have two Ls.
Use mnemonic: "Cars Often LLide In Serious Impacts On Nways" where "LLide" hints at the double L.
Envision two objects colliding, both representing the letter "l."

Correct usage of Collision

The colision at sea resulted in the sinking of a small boat.
The collision at sea resulted in the sinking of a small boat.
A colision in space can cause significant damage to satellites.
A collision in space can cause significant damage to satellites.
The two cars were involved in a colision.
The two cars were involved in a collision.
He avoided a colision by swerving his bike at the last second.
He avoided a collision by swerving his bike at the last second.
The colision of the two cultures led to an exchange of ideas.
The collision of the two cultures led to an exchange of ideas.

Collision Definitions

A sudden clash or conflict.
Their opinions caused a collision in the debate.
A collision is the act of two objects coming together forcefully.
The cars had a collision at the intersection.
A disagreement or incompatibility between ideas or interests.
The collision of traditions created cultural tension.
An event of two or more moving things hitting each other.
The ship's collision with the iceberg was fatal.
An act of colliding; a crash.
A condition of opposition or conflict between two or more people or things
The collision between management and labor.
(Physics) A brief dynamic event consisting of the close approach of two or more particles, such as atoms, resulting in an abrupt change of momentum or exchange of energy.
An instance of colliding.
(physics) Any event in which two or more bodies exert forces on each other in a relatively short time. In a collision, physical contact of two bodies is not necessary.
(compilation) naming collision
The act of striking together; a striking together, as of two hard bodies; a violent meeting, as of railroad trains; a clashing.
A state of opposition; antagonism; interference.
The collision of contrary false principles.
Sensitive to the most trifling collisions.
(physics) an brief event in which two or more bodies come together;
The collision of the particles resulted in an exchange of energy and a change of direction
An accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object;
Three passengers were killed in the collision
The collision of the two ships resulted in a serious oil spill
A conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals;
A collision of interests
A situation in which two subjects overlap in a problematic way.
There was a data collision in the software.

Collision Sentences

A minor collision at the intersection caused a big traffic jam.
The collision between the truck and the car blocked the highway.
The two planets are on a course for a catastrophic collision.
The collision avoidance system in the car prevented an accident.
Witnesses described the collision as a loud and terrifying sound.
The car's front was damaged in a head-on collision.
The insurance company investigated the cause of the collision.
The collision of their ideals led to a heated debate.
The collision detector on the spacecraft malfunctioned.
The collision with the iceberg caused the ship to sink.
He suffered a concussion from the collision during the game.
Emergency services responded quickly to the collision on the bridge.
The collision between the two dance styles created something unique.
The collision of traditional and modern design can be seen in the building.
She was shaken but unharmed after the collision.
After the collision, the road was closed for hours for cleanup.
The deer ran into the road, causing a collision with a motorcycle.
The collision warning sounded seconds before the impact.
They managed to avert a collision by communicating effectively.
The historical exhibit showcases the collision of cultures in the region.
The collision caused a chain reaction of crashes on the freeway.

Collision Idioms & Phrases

Collision of worlds

When two very different cultures or environments come together.
The international conference was a collision of worlds.

Rear-end collision

A crash where one vehicle hits the back of another.
The icy roads increased the risk of a rear-end collision.

Brace for collision

To prepare for an imminent crash or conflict.
The crew braced for collision when they saw the storm approaching.

Avoid a collision

To prevent a conflict or accident from happening.
Diplomacy was used to avoid a collision between the two nations.

Inevitable collision

A crash or conflict that cannot be avoided.
With their stubbornness, an inevitable collision was bound to happen.

Survive a collision

To come through a crash or conflict without serious harm.
The company managed to survive a collision with the economic downturn.

Minor collision

A small accident with minimal damage or impact.
There was only a minor collision, but we still exchanged insurance information.

Head into a collision

Moving towards a conflict or problem.
Without change, they were heading into a collision with regulatory authorities.

Collision course

On a path that will lead to a conflict or crash.
The two countries were on a collision course over trade policies.

Chain-reaction collision

A series of crashes caused by an initial incident.
The fog led to a chain-reaction collision on the highway.

Collision avoidance

Techniques or systems designed to prevent accidents.
Modern cars are equipped with collision avoidance technology.

Head-on collision

A direct crash between the fronts of two vehicles.
The safety drill prepared us for a head-on collision.

Side-swipe collision

When the side of one vehicle is hit by another.
The narrow streets are notorious for side-swipe collisions.

On the verge of collision

Very close to having a conflict or accident.
The negotiations were on the verge of collision before the breakthrough.

Collision of ideas

When different concepts or opinions clash.
The meeting sparked a productive collision of ideas.

Make a collision

To cause a crash or conflict intentionally or unintentionally.
The reckless driver made a collision at the crossroads.

Prepare for collision

To get ready for an expected crash or conflict.
The soldiers prepared for collision with the enemy forces.

Out of the collision

Emerging from a conflict or accident.
Out of the collision of opinions came a new consensus.

After the collision

Referring to the aftermath or consequences of a crash.
After the collision, the community came together to support the victims.

Collision theory

A scientific theory regarding how chemical reactions occur.
In chemistry, we learned about collision theory and its applications.


Which vowel is used before Collision?

The vowel "a" as in "a collision."

Why is it called Collision?

Derived from the Latin "collidere" meaning "to collide" or "strike together."

What is the root word of Collision?

The root word is "collide."

What is the singular form of Collision?

"Collision" itself is singular.

Which article is used with Collision?

Both "a" and "the" can be used.

What is the verb form of Collision?


What is the pronunciation of Collision?


Is Collision an adverb?


Is Collision a negative or positive word?

Generally negative, but context matters.

What is the plural form of Collision?


Which preposition is used with Collision?

"In" as in "collision in the tunnel."

Which conjunction is used with Collision?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the context.

Is the Collision term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but can be used metaphorically in contexts.

Is Collision a noun or adjective?


Is Collision a collective noun?


What part of speech is Collision?


What is the second form of Collision?

N/A as "collision" is a noun.

Is Collision a countable noun?


Is the word Collision imperative?


What is the first form of Collision?

"Collision" itself.

How do we divide Collision into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Collision?

The second syllable, "li."

What is another term for Collision?


What is the third form of Collision?

N/A as "collision" is a noun.

How is Collision used in a sentence?

The collision between the two trucks caused a major traffic jam.

Is Collision an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete noun describing an event or occurrence.

Is Collision a vowel or consonant?

"Collision" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in Collision?

Three syllables.

Which determiner is used with Collision?

"This," "that," or "each" can be used.

What is the opposite of Collision?

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