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Bicicle vs. Bicycle: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Bicicle" is an incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is "bicycle", which refers to a two-wheeled vehicle propelled by pedals.

Which is correct: Bicicle or Bicycle

How to spell Bicycle?

Bicicle is Incorrect

Bicycle is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "bi-" with "binary" (meaning two), as a bicycle has two wheels.
Visualize the shape of the letter "y" in "bicycle" as a fork holding two wheels.
Recall "i-c-y" in "bicycle" can stand for "I see why" it's spelled with a "y" - because of the two wheels.
Think of "bi-" meaning two for the two wheels of a bicycle.
Remember "cycle" as in cycling, relating to the circular motion of the wheels.

Correct usage of Bicycle

She got a new bicicle for her birthday.
She got a new bicycle for her birthday.
He rides his bicicle to school every day.
He rides his bicycle to school every day.
My bicicle has a flat tire.
My bicycle has a flat tire.
We went on a long bicicle ride through the park.
We went on a long bicycle ride through the park.
Can you teach me how to ride a bicicle?
Can you teach me how to ride a bicycle?

Bicycle Definitions

A bicycle is a means of transportation on two wheels propelled by human power.
He fixed the flat tire on his bicycle.
A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that requires balance and pedaling for motion.
Children learn to ride a bicycle at a young age.
A bicycle is an eco-friendly mode of transport with two wheels, a seat, and handlebars.
Bicycling through the park is her favorite weekend activity.
A bicycle is a manual vehicle with two wheels, providing a healthy way to travel.
They rented bicycles to explore the city.
A bicycle is a pedal-driven vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame.
She rode her bicycle to work every day.
A vehicle consisting of a light frame mounted on two typically wire-spoked wheels one behind the other and usually having a seat, handlebars for steering, brakes, and two pedals by which it is driven.
An exercise bicycle.
To ride or travel on a bicycle.

Bicycle Sentences

Fixing a flat tire on a bicycle can be tricky.
He learned to ride a bicycle when he was five.
She always wears a helmet when riding her bicycle.
They decided to go on a bicycle trip around the lake.
Every morning, I take my bicycle to work.
He can do amazing tricks on his bicycle.
My bicycle is blue with white stripes.
They bought a second-hand bicycle for their son.
We need to pump air into the bicycle tires.
The bicycle shop is just around the corner.
She decorated her bicycle with colorful streamers.
She entered a bicycle race last summer.
She uses her bicycle to deliver newspapers.
She taught her little sister how to ride a bicycle.
Riding a bicycle without lights at night is dangerous.
His bicycle was stolen from outside the library.
Riding a bicycle is good exercise.
I prefer riding my bicycle to driving a car.
They enjoy going on bicycle rides in the countryside.
He fixed his bicycle with just a few tools.
The family went on a bicycle tour while on vacation.
I use my bicycle to explore new parts of the city.
He bought a new bicycle seat for more comfort.

Bicycle Idioms & Phrases

Bicycle built for two

Refers to a tandem bicycle designed for two riders.
For our anniversary, we rented a bicycle built for two and rode along the beach.

Like riding a bicycle

Used to describe something that is easy to remember how to do after not doing it for a long time.
I hadn't played the piano in years, but it was like riding a bicycle.

Riding a bicycle

The skill of riding a bike, often used metaphorically to describe a skill that, once learned, is not forgotten.
Just like riding a bicycle, you'll never forget how to swim once you learn.


What is the pronunciation of bicycle?

The pronunciation is /ˈbaɪ.sɪ.kl/.

Why is it called bicycle?

It's called a bicycle because "bi-" means two, and "cycle" refers to the circular wheels, indicating a two-wheeled vehicle.

Which vowel is used before bicycle?

The vowel "e" is used before "bicycle" in phrases like "an eco-friendly bicycle."

What is the plural form of bicycle?

The plural form is "bicycles."

What is the root word of bicycle?

The root words are "bi-" meaning two and "cycle" referring to circle or wheel.

What is the singular form of bicycle?

The singular form is "bicycle."

What is the verb form of bicycle?

The verb form is "bicycle," as in "to bicycle."

Which preposition is used with bicycle?

Prepositions such as "on" (on a bicycle) and "with" (with bicycles) are commonly used.

What is another term for bicycle?

Another term for bicycle is "bike."

Is bicycle an abstract noun?

No, "bicycle" is a concrete noun.

Is bicycle a negative or positive word?

"Bicycle" is a neutral word, but it often has positive connotations associated with health and environmental benefits.

What part of speech is bicycle?

"Bicycle" is a noun and can also be used as a verb.

Which determiner is used with bicycle?

Determiners like "the," "a," "an," "my," "your" are used with "bicycle."

What is the first form of bicycle?

The first form is "bicycle" as in "I like to bicycle."

What is the third form of bicycle?

Similarly, there isn't a traditional "third form" for "bicycle" as it doesn't conjugate like a regular verb.

Which conjunction is used with bicycle?

Conjunctions like "and" (a helmet and a bicycle) are used with "bicycle."

Which article is used with bicycle?

The indefinite article "a" or "an" and the definite article "the" are used with "bicycle."

Is bicycle a noun or adjective?

Bicycle is primarily a noun.

Is bicycle a vowel or consonant?

"Bicycle" is a word, not a vowel or consonant. It starts with the consonant "b."

Is bicycle a collective noun?

No, "bicycle" is not a collective noun.

Is the bicycle term a metaphor?

No, "bicycle" is not typically used as a metaphor; it directly refers to a two-wheeled vehicle.

Is the word bicycle imperative?

The word "bicycle" can be used in an imperative sentence (e.g., "Bicycle to work tomorrow!"), but it is not inherently imperative.

How many syllables are in bicycle?

There are three syllables in "bicycle."

Is bicycle an adverb?

No, "bicycle" is not an adverb.

What is a stressed syllable in bicycle?

The first syllable "bi-" is stressed in "bicycle."

What is the second form of bicycle?

There isn't a traditional "second form" for "bicycle" as it's not a verb that changes form in past tense in the same way regular verbs do.

How is bicycle used in a sentence?

"He uses his bicycle for commuting to work every day."

Is bicycle a countable noun?

Yes, "bicycle" is a countable noun.

How do we divide bicycle into syllables?

Bicycle is divided as bi-cy-cle.

What is the opposite of bicycle?

The opposite could be considered a car, in terms of being a motorized form of transportation.
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