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Avalible vs. Available: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Updated on March 13, 2024
"Avalible" is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Available," denoting something that is ready for use or easily obtainable.

Which is correct: Avalible or Available

How to spell Available?

Avalible is Incorrect

Available is Correct


Key Differences

Focus on "avail," which suggests usability.
Associate "available" with "valuable"; both have similar structures.
Remember "A-VAI-LABLE," emphasizing the "VAI" to avoid the mistake.
Note that "available" has the word "able" at the end.
Think of the word "table" at the end; together they form "available."

Correct usage of Available

The product is not avalible in stores yet.
The product is not available in stores yet.
We have an avalible room for you to stay in.
We have an available room for you to stay in.
Is this dress avalible in my size?
Is this dress available in my size?
Unfortunately, he's not avalible to take your call right now.
Unfortunately, he's not available to take your call right now.
The tickets became avalible online yesterday.
The tickets became available online yesterday.

Available Definitions

Available can denote being uncommitted to other activities.
I'm available this afternoon.
Available can refer to the possibility to get; attainable.
Tickets are available at the counter.
Available refers to a person free to do something.
Is the manager available to speak?
Available suggests something obtainable from a source.
Fresh fruit is available at the market.
Present and ready for use; at hand; accessible
Kept a fire extinguisher available at all times.
Capable of being gotten; obtainable
A bedspread available in three colors.
Qualified and willing to serve or assist
A list of available candidates.
Was not available for comment.
(Chemistry) Capable of being used in a chemical reaction
Available electrons.
(Botany) Present, as in soil, and capable of being used by plants as a nutrient
Available water.
Available minerals.
Such as one may avail oneself of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose.
We have an available candidate.
Readily obtainable.
The list shows the available products in the store.
(legal) Valid.
This is an available plea.
(archaic) Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy to achieve the purpose; availing, effective.
Free to meet someone, speak on the telephone, enter a romantic relationship, or the like.
I have a question for you when you're available.
Hi, this is Mark Smith calling. Is your mother available?
I asked her if she was available, but she said she had a boyfriend.
Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy, for the object; effectual; valid; as, an available plea.
Laws human are available by consent.
Such as one may avail one's self of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose; usable; profitable; advantageous; convertible into a resource; as, an available measure; an available candidate.
Struggling to redeem, as he did, the available months and days out of so many that were unavailable.
Having no available funds with which to pay the calls on new shares.
Obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service;
Kept a fire extinguisher available
Much information is available through computers
Available in many colors
The list of available candidates is unusually long
Not busy; not otherwise committed;
He was not available for comment
He was available and willing to accompany her
Convenient for use or disposal;
The house is available after July 1
2000 square feet of usable office space
Available means present and ready for use.
The document is available online.

Available Sentences

She checked to see if the library had any computers available for use.
Parking is available at the rear of the building.
Are there any tickets available for the concert tonight?
The new book will be available in all major bookstores next month.
The course will become available for enrollment starting next week.
Fresh strawberries are available at the market this season.
The vaccine is now available to the general public.
Water will be made available to runners throughout the race.
The scholarship is available to all high school seniors.
The doctor is available for appointments on Monday and Wednesday.
Customer service representatives are available 24/7 to assist you.
He’s currently not available to speak with you.
The offer is only available for a limited time.
Table reservations are available online through our website.
The job listing is still available on the company's careers page.
The special edition sneakers are only available in select stores.
The mobile app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.
This service is not available in your country.
Free samples are available upon request.
The meeting room is available for booking by all department teams.
Emergency assistance is available at all times for our guests.
The apartment is available for rent starting July 1st.
Information regarding the policy change will be available on our website.
Hand sanitizers are available at all entrances and exits.
Gluten-free options are available in our restaurant.


What is the verb form of Available?

Available is an adjective, so it doesn't have a verb form.

Which vowel is used before Available?

The article "an" is typically used before "available."

Why is it called Available?

It originates from the Latin word "vālēre" meaning to be strong or well, and it implies something is at one's disposal or service.

What is the singular form of Available?

"Available" itself is singular.

What is the pronunciation of Available?

It's pronounced as /əˈveɪləbəl/.

Which article is used with Available?

Both "a" and "an" can be used, e.g., "a available seat" or "an available opportunity."

Is Available an abstract noun?

No, it's an adjective.

Which preposition is used with Available?

"On" or "at" can be used, as in "available on demand" or "available at the store."

What is the root word of Available?

The root is "avail," which means to be of use.

Which conjunction is used with Available?

There's no specific conjunction exclusively used with "available"; it depends on context.

Is Available a vowel or consonant?

"Available" is a word, but it starts with a vowel sound.

What is a stressed syllable in Available?

The second syllable, "vail."

What is the second form of Available?

N/A - Available is an adjective and doesn't have verb forms.

What is the plural form of Available?

Available is an adjective and doesn't have a plural form.

Is Available a noun or adjective?

Available is an adjective.

Is Available an adverb?


Is the Available term a metaphor?

No, but it can be used metaphorically.

How many syllables are in Available?


What is another term for Available?


Which determiner is used with Available?

Common determiners like "this," "that," or "every" can be used.

What is the third form of Available?

N/A - Available is an adjective and doesn't have verb forms.

Is Available a countable noun?

No, it's an adjective.

How do we divide Available into syllables?


What is the first form of Available?

N/A - Available is an adjective and doesn't have verb forms.

Is Available a negative or positive word?

Neutral, but context can change its connotation.

Is Available a collective noun?


Is the word Available imperative?


How is Available used in a sentence?

The book is available at your nearest bookstore.

What part of speech is Available?

It is an adjective.

What is the opposite of Available?

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