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Attactive vs. Attractive: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Attactive is an incorrect spelling; the right spelling is Attractive, which describes something appealing or alluring to the senses.

Which is correct: Attactive or Attractive

How to spell Attractive?

Attactive is Incorrect

Attractive is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "Attractive" with "Active" – both have a single "t."
Use a mnemonic: "All Tall Trees Reach Incredibly Very Extreme heights" for "ATTRACTIVE."
Think of "Attract" like a magnet, pulling only one "t" towards "ive."
Remember "Attract" as the base, with the suffix "ive" to form "Attractive."
Picture "Attractive" as a magnet drawing things with its single "t."

Correct usage of Attractive

She found the offer to be very attactive.
She found the offer to be very attractive.
They were selling paintings at an attactive price.
They were selling paintings at an attractive price.
The brochure made the destination look very attactive.
The brochure made the destination look very attractive.
The idea seemed attactive at first glance.
The idea seemed attractive at first glance.
He has a very attactive personality.
He has a very attractive personality.

Attractive Definitions

Attractive means pleasing or appealing to the senses.
She wore an attractive dress to the party.
Attractive describes something that evokes interest or admiration.
The city has many attractive tourist spots.
Attractive refers to having a quality that draws attention.
The offer was attractive, so he accepted immediately.
Attractive signifies a tendency to attract or be drawn to.
The magnet was highly attractive to metal objects.
Attractive indicates having a magnetic or charismatic quality.
His personality was undeniably attractive.
Pleasing to the senses or mind, as by being beautiful
Plants with attractive flowers.
An attractive painting.
Interesting because of the likelihood of being advantageous or profitable
An attractive business deal.
Having the power to attract
The attractive force of gravity.
Causing attraction; having the quality of attracting by inherent force.
Having the power of charming or alluring by agreeable qualities; enticing.
That's a very attractive offer.
Pleasing or appealing to the senses, especially of a potential romantic partner.
He is an attractive fellow with a trim figure.
Having the power or quality of attracting or drawing; as, the attractive force of bodies.
Attracting or drawing by moral influence or pleasurable emotion; alluring; inviting; pleasing.
Flowers of a livid yellow, or fleshy color, are most attractive to flies.
That which attracts or draws; an attraction; an allurement.
Speaks nothing but attractives and invitation.
Pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm;
A remarkably attractive young man
An attractive personality
Attractive clothes
A book with attractive illustrations
Having power to arouse interest;
An attractive opportunity
The job is attractive because of the pay
Having the properties of a magnet; the ability to draw or pull;
An attractive force
The knife hung on a magnetic board

Attractive Sentences

That's a very attractive offer; I'll consider it.
He wore an attractive suit to the interview.
The garden looked especially attractive in the spring.
The company offered attractive benefits to its employees.
The brochure features attractive destinations for tourists.
They're selling the house at an attractive price.
The idea of working from home is attractive to many.
She has a very attractive smile.
He made an attractive proposal during the meeting.
The book cover is colorful and attractive.
The festival offers an attractive lineup of musicians.
The shop window displayed an attractive array of goods.
She found his confidence very attractive.
The city is known for its attractive architecture.
They added some attractive features to the new version of the app.
He's not just smart; he's physically attractive as well.
The new model of the car is more attractive than the old one.
The attractive packaging caught her eye.
The exhibit was filled with attractive pieces of art.
The attractive landscape is a photographer's dream.
Finding an attractive job in this market can be challenging.
The attractive rates are designed to lure in new customers.
The magazine's layout is both modern and attractive.
She has an attractive way of presenting her ideas.
They worked hard to make the product more attractive to consumers.


Why is it called Attractive?

It is called "Attractive" because it denotes something that draws or attracts interest or attention.

What is the verb form of Attractive?

The verb form of Attractive is "attract."

Which conjunction is used with Attractive?

Any conjunction can be used with "Attractive" based on context; there isn't a specific one tied to the word.

Is Attractive a noun or adjective?

Attractive is an adjective.

What is the root word of Attractive?

The root word of Attractive is "attract."

Which vowel is used before Attractive?

The indefinite article "an" is used before Attractive when it's necessary.

Is Attractive an adverb?

No, Attractive is not an adverb.

Is Attractive a negative or positive word?

Attractive is generally viewed as a positive word.

What is the pronunciation of Attractive?

Attractive is pronounced as /əˈtræktɪv/.

Is Attractive a vowel or consonant?

"Attractive" is a word, not a single letter, so it contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word Attractive imperative?

No, Attractive is not an imperative verb.

What is the singular form of Attractive?

The singular form is "Attractive."

What is the plural form of Attractive?

The adjective "Attractive" doesn't have a plural form, but nouns modified by it can be pluralized.

Is Attractive a countable noun?

Attractive is an adjective and doesn't have a countable form.

What part of speech is Attractive?

Attractive is an adjective.

What is another term for Attractive?

Another term for Attractive is "alluring."

What is the first form of Attractive?

The term "first form" typically refers to verbs. For "attract," the first form is "attract."

Which preposition is used with Attractive?

Various prepositions can be used, but "to" (as in "attractive to someone") is common.

Is Attractive a collective noun?

No, Attractive is not a collective noun.

What is the second form of Attractive?

The second form or past tense of "attract" is "attracted."

What is the third form of Attractive?

The third form or past participle of "attract" is "attracted."

How many syllables are in Attractive?

Attractive has three syllables.

Is Attractive an abstract noun?

No, Attractive is not an abstract noun.

Is the Attractive term a metaphor?

Attractive is not inherently a metaphor but can be used metaphorically.

How do we divide Attractive into syllables?

Attractive is divided as At-trac-tive.

What is a stressed syllable in Attractive?

The stressed syllable is "trac."

What is the opposite of Attractive?

The opposite of Attractive is "unattractive."

Which article is used with Attractive?

"An" or "the" can be used with Attractive, depending on context.

Which determiner is used with Attractive?

Determiners like "this," "that," "my," "her," "an," and "the" can be used with Attractive based on context.

How is Attractive used in a sentence?

Her smile was incredibly attractive, lighting up the entire room.
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