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Aswell vs. As well: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Aswell" is an incorrect spelling. The correct form is "As well," meaning additionally or also.

Which is correct: Aswell or As well

How to spell As well?

Aswell is Incorrect

As well is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "as well" as two separate words denoting addition.
"Well" is a familiar word, and you'd not merge it with "as."
Imagine a pause between "as" and "well" when speaking.
Recall familiar phrases like "might as well" or "may as well."
Note that "Aswell" doesn't exist in English dictionaries.

Correct usage of As well

They're looking forward to the weekend aswell.
They're looking forward to the weekend as well.
He's bringing dessert aswell.
He's bringing dessert as well.
We should invite them aswell.
We should invite them as well.
I'm going to the party aswell.
I'm going to the party as well.
She can come aswell if she wants to.
She can come as well if she wants to.

As well Definitions

Too, besides.
He's a writer as well as a professor.
Used to suggest that a fact is unsurprising.
He failed, as well, which was expected.
Similarly; in a like fashion.
She's a good singer, and she dances as well.
Used to indicate that something happens in the same manner as something else.
If he's going, I'm going as well.
In addition to; also.
I like pizza, and I like pasta as well.

As well Sentences

He's interested in learning French as well as Spanish.
Can you help me with this problem as well?
She's not only talented but also very hardworking as well.
I'd like a coffee as well as a piece of cake.
You should bring a sweater, as it might get cold in the evening as well.
As well as being a great writer, she's an excellent speaker.
We need to clean the living room and the kitchen as well.
I'm going to the library and might stop by the bookstore as well.
They offer painting classes, and pottery classes as well.
Can you check the back tires as well?
We're planning to visit the museum and the art gallery as well.
He'll be joining us for dinner, and his sister will come as well.
As well as being reliable, this car is also very fuel-efficient.
As well as the main course, the chef prepares amazing desserts.
They were all happy about the project's success and excited about the next phase as well.
You'll find this book interesting if you liked the author's previous works as well.
The festival celebrates traditional music and dance as well.
As well as a singer, he's also a talented songwriter.
Please make sure to lock the front door and the back door as well.
The documentary covers not only the history but the culture of the region as well.
I'd like to thank my parents and my teachers as well.
She enjoys hiking as well as biking in her free time.
The trip includes visits to several cities in Italy and France as well.
She's studying to be an engineer and works part-time as well.
I'll need your report by Friday and the budget analysis as well.

As well Idioms & Phrases

As well as can be expected

Doing as well as possible under the circumstances.
After his surgery, he's recovering as well as can be expected.

As well as

In addition to.
She plays the piano as well as the violin.

Might as well

Used to suggest doing something, often because there are no better alternatives.
We're already late, so we might as well take our time getting there.

Just as well

Suggesting that it is fortunate that something happened in the way it did.
It's just as well you brought an umbrella, considering the rain.

As well off

Being in a good or equally good condition or situation.
After the settlement, he was as well off as before the lawsuit.

As well meaning

Having good intentions, even if not always resulting in good outcomes.
His advice was as well meaning as it was misguided.

Come off as well

To appear or seem in a particular way.
She came off as well prepared for the interview.

May as well

Similar to "might as well," indicating that one option is as good as another.
Since we have to wait, we may as well get some coffee.

Do as well to remember

Advising that it is important to remember something.
You would do as well to remember the deadlines are non-negotiable.

As well put

Appropriately or suitably expressed.
His apology was awkward, but his intentions were as well put as could be.

As well that

It's fortunate that.
It's as well that we decided to leave early, avoiding the traffic jam.

Feel as well

To feel equally good or satisfactory.
After a week of treatment, he began to feel as well as he had before.

As well known

Widely recognized or famous for something.
The artist is as well known for her philanthropy as she is for her music.

Stand as well

To remain in a good or stable position.
Despite the economic downturn, the company stands as well financially.

As well suited

Appropriately fitted or matched.
They are as well suited for each other as anyone I've ever seen.

Leave as well

To leave in a satisfactory state.
Let's clean up the project space and leave it as well as we found it.

Every bit as well

Just as good or satisfactory.
The sequel was every bit as well received as the original movie.

As well to consider

It is worth considering.
It's as well to consider all your options before making a decision.

Know as well

To be equally knowledgeable or informed.
You should know as well that the meeting has been rescheduled.


Why is it called As well?

It's a combination of the words "as" (in the manner of) and "well" (satisfactorily), indicating addition.

What is the verb form of As well?

"As well" doesn't have a verb form as it's an adverbial phrase.

Which preposition is used with As well?

"As" is already a preposition in the phrase.

What is the root word of As well?

There's no single root word since "as well" is a phrase.

What is the pronunciation of As well?

/as wɛl/

Which conjunction is used with As well?

"And" can often precede "as well" in a sentence.

Is As well a noun or adjective?

Neither, "as well" is an adverbial phrase.

Which vowel is used before As well?

The choice depends on context, but commonly "a" or "e" as in "a book as well" or "the song as well."

What is the singular form of As well?

"As well" does not have singular or plural forms.

Which article is used with As well?

It varies with context; either "a," "an," or "the" can precede phrases containing "as well."

What is the plural form of As well?

See answer to #6.

Is the As well term a metaphor?

No, it's a literal term indicating addition.

Is the word As well imperative?

No, it's not imperative.

Is As well an adverb?

Yes, "as well" is used adverbially.

Is As well an abstract noun?

No, "as well" is not an abstract noun.

Is As well a countable noun?

No, "as well" is not a noun.

How do we divide As well into syllables?


What is the second form of As well?

See answer to #27.

What is the opposite of As well?

There's no direct opposite, but "but" can often contrast its additive meaning.

What is the third form of As well?

See answer to #27.

Is As well a collective noun?

No, "as well" is not a noun.

What part of speech is As well?

It's an adverbial phrase.

Which determiner is used with As well?

Depends on the context, but common determiners include "this," "that," "these," "those."

How is As well used in a sentence?

"She enjoys reading, and she loves writing as well."

Is As well a negative or positive word?

It's neutral, indicating addition.

How many syllables are in As well?

Two syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in As well?

The stress is typically on "well."

What is another term for As well?

"Too" or "also."

What is the first form of As well?

"As well" doesn't have verb forms as it's an adverbial phrase.

Is As well a vowel or consonant?

"As well" is a phrase containing both vowels and consonants.
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