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Assertation vs. Assertion: Mastering the Correct Spelling

By Janet White || Updated on March 8, 2024
"Assertation" is incorrect, while "assertion" is correct. Assertion: a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief.

Which is correct: Assertation or Assertion

How to spell Assertion?

Assertation is Incorrect

Assertion is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "assertion" with "question," both ending in "-tion" and used in dialogue.
Think of "assertion" as related to "assert," adding "-ion" to form a noun.
Use mnemonic i.e. “ASSERTION - A Sure Statement Expressed with Resolution and Conviction In One Notion.”
Recall "assertion" shares the "s" sound with "assure," which conveys certainty.
Remember "assertion" has the same "tion" ending as "action," indicating a process or act.

Correct usage of Assertion

He made an assertation that was quickly disproved.
He made an assertion that was quickly disproved.
The assertation of independence was a historic moment.
The assertion of independence was a historic moment.
Her assertation was based on faulty data.
Her assertion was based on faulty data.
His assertation of rights did not go unnoticed.
His assertion of rights did not go unnoticed.
Their assertation lacked any real evidence.
Their assertion lacked any real evidence.

Assertion Definitions

A statement presented as a fact in arguments.
His assertion in the debate was well-received.
Expressing one's beliefs or opinions confidently.
He made an assertion of his rights.
A confident declaration or statement of fact.
Her assertion of innocence was convincing.
Formally stating a claim.
The lawyer's assertion of her client's alibi was crucial.
A proposition maintained as true.
The philosopher's assertion challenged traditional beliefs.
The act of asserting.
Something declared or stated positively, often with no support or attempt at proof.

Assertion Sentences

The politician's bold assertion sparked a heated debate.
His assertion of innocence was not believed by the jury.
She made an assertion that climate change is accelerating.
Her assertion of the need for change was met with widespread agreement.
The teacher's assertion on the importance of reading was inspiring.
The scientist's assertion was supported by extensive research.
The lawyer's assertion of her client's alibi seemed convincing.
His assertion that the project would be completed on time was optimistic.
The assertion that technology improves learning outcomes is widely accepted.
The assertion of equal rights for all citizens is fundamental.
The assertion that exercise is beneficial for mental health is well-supported.
The historian's assertion about the event's cause sparked interest.
His assertion of being the best in the field was challenged.
The author's assertion about the origins of the conflict was controversial.
The activist's assertion of rights was powerful and moving.
Her assertion on the impact of diet on health was persuasive.
His assertion about the effectiveness of the new policy was hopeful.
The psychologist's assertion on human behavior was enlightening.
The assertion of independence from colonial rule was a historic event.
The assertion that the earth is flat was quickly debunked.
His assertion about the economic trends was accurate.
Her assertion regarding the safety of the vaccine was backed by data.
The CEO's assertion of the company's growth was met with applause.
The assertion of artistic freedom is crucial in a democratic society.
The assertion that we need to protect our oceans was compelling.

Assertion Idioms & Phrases

Make an assertion

To state something confidently and forcefully.
She made an assertion that the project would be successful.

Challenge an assertion

To question or dispute a statement that someone has made.
The reviewer challenged the author's assertion regarding historical facts.

Support one's assertion

To provide evidence or reasons for a statement one has made.
He supported his assertion with data from recent studies.

Baseless assertion

A claim made without any supporting evidence.
The article was dismissed as it was filled with baseless assertions.

Unwarranted assertion

A claim that is made without justification.
Critics deemed his remarks as unwarranted assertions.

Stand by one's assertion

To maintain one's stance despite opposition.
Despite the backlash, he stood by his assertion.

Bold assertion

A strong and confident statement.
His bold assertion caught everyone's attention during the meeting.

Controversial assertion

A statement that provokes disagreement or debate.
Her controversial assertion about the policy divided opinions.

Counter an assertion

To respond to a statement with an opposing view.
She countered his assertion with strong evidence to the contrary.

The assertion of power

Demonstrating one's control or influence over others.
The leader's assertion of power was evident in his decisions.

Undermine an assertion

To weaken a statement by presenting conflicting information.
New findings undermined the scientist's initial assertion.

Authority's assertion

A statement made by someone in a position of power.
The authority's assertion on the policy was final.

Question an assertion

To express doubts about the validity of a statement.
Scientists were quick to question the assertion made in the controversial study.

Reiterate an assertion

To say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis.
The spokesperson reiterated the assertion that the company was committed to sustainability.

False assertion

A statement that is not true.
The speech was criticized for its false assertions.

Implicit assertion

A statement that is suggested indirectly.
His comments contained an implicit assertion of guilt.

Firm assertion

A statement made in a strong and unwavering manner.
Her firm assertion of her rights was commendable.

Direct assertion

A clear and straightforward statement.
The report included a direct assertion of the findings.

Accept an assertion

To agree with or believe a statement.
The community was quick to accept the assertion of the local leader.

Validate an assertion

To confirm or support a statement as true or valid.
The experiment was designed to validate the researcher's assertion.


What is the verb form of assertion?

The verb form is "to assert."

Which vowel is used before assertion?

The vowel "a" is used in "assertion."

What is the singular form of assertion?

The singular form is "assertion."

What is the root word of assertion?

The root word is "assert," from Latin "assertus."

What is the plural form of assertion?

The plural form is "assertions."

Which preposition is used with assertion?

Prepositions like "of" and "about" are used with "assertion."

Which article is used with assertion?

Both definite ("the") and indefinite ("a" or "an") articles are used with "assertion."

Is assertion a noun or adjective?

Assertion is a noun.

Why is it called assertion?

It's called "assertion" from the Latin "assertionem," meaning a declaration or statement.

What is the pronunciation of assertion?

Assertion is pronounced as /əˈsɝː.ʃən/.

Which conjunction is used with assertion?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with "assertion."

Is assertion an adverb?

No, "assertion" is not an adverb.

Is assertion an abstract noun?

Yes, "assertion" is an abstract noun.

Is the word assertion imperative?

"Assertion" as a noun is not imperative; the verb "assert" can be used imperatively.

What part of speech is assertion?

"Assertion" is a noun.

What is the second form of assertion?

The second form is "asserted."

Is assertion a countable noun?

Yes, "assertion" is a countable noun.

Is the assertion term a metaphor?

"Assertion" can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

What is the opposite of assertion?

The opposite of "assertion" could be "denial" or "retraction."

What is the third form of assertion?

The third form is "asserted."

Is assertion a vowel or consonant?

"Assertion" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is assertion a collective noun?

No, "assertion" is not a collective noun.

How do we divide assertion into syllables?

Assertion is divided as as-ser-tion.

What is a stressed syllable in assertion?

The second syllable "ser" is stressed in "assertion."

Which determiner is used with assertion?

Determiners like "this," "that," or "each" are used with "assertion."

Is assertion a negative or positive word?

"Assertion" is neutral; its connotation depends on the context.

What is the first form of assertion?

The first form is "assert."

How is assertion used in a sentence?

Example: "His assertion that the project would succeed proved accurate."

How many syllables are in assertion?

There are three syllables in "assertion."

What is another term for assertion?

Another term for "assertion" is "affirmation."
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