Difference Between Sexuality and Sensuality


Main Difference

It will neither be wrong to call sex the most heard, spoken, searched word of the planet earth. But at the same time the word is interchangeably used with word sensuality, that means even without much in sex many of us aren’t differentiable it with the word sensual. The main difference between both the words is that a girl in monokini will be looking sexy to all, whereas the girl completely covered might be attracting someone simply that is sensual. When we talk about sexuality majorly our sense of eyesight is most in forward whereas to feel sensuality one might be felling it with every of the sense, as in it one feel the touches, scents, movements, gestures and even smile says many things.

What is Sexuality?

It is defined as something relating to, involving, or characteristic of sex or sexuality, or the sex organs and their functions. The words like hot, bombshell explains the one’s sexual arousal after watching the specific type of person, who seems sexually attracted. The people around are sexual, as they follow the patterns seen in the porn videos or heard in the stories from fellows.


What is Sensuality?

It is defined as something relating to or involving gratification of the senses, especially sexual gratification (pleasure). The one getting a sexual pleasure as per utilizing the five senses and feeling deep in to it is sensual as one feel sensual with just smooching or even with other odors, movements and tastes of body. Sensual is a way ahead then the typical sex formulas being followed and it drives man crazy (sexually) as in this one’s sexual desires (apart from typical intercourse) are filled. It can be further explained as a sadist enjoys giving pain to the partner during sex, which is a desire different from the actual mindsets and it might be felt weird by many.


Key Differences

  1. Watching a porn video will make you sexually arouse, whereas watching the porn video of (plot story of your choice) makes you sensually arouse.
  2. Sexual is quite similar to that what everyone feels and react to a specific behavior, while the one finding successful you might be finding it unattractive.
  3. As sensuality is self generated, might others be finding it weird.
  4. Sexual is something following the minds being portrayed in our society, whereas sensuality (sexual pleasure) totally depends upon your creativity and self.
  5. An intercourse might be a pleasant sex, whereas as making it in specific style shows you r sensuality and the point which kicks off you to full fill your desire by creating sensation.
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