Difference Between Robber Barons vs. Captains of Industry


Main Difference

From the term of the Robber barons, we mean those sorts of the industrialists the main purpose of which is to exercise the negative forces in the society. As an outcome, the ruthless businessmen and those industrialists who only concerned with personal benefit are come in the category of the robber barons. But on the other hand, the captains of industry are very opposite to the robber barons as they are the transformative leaders the main objective of those is to generate the great industrial strength and advantage to the whole society rather to cater benefits for their own. These two terms are very difficult from each other and refer to two very distinct types of industrialists and businessmen. The only similarity in these extremists is their contributed to the industrial revolution and development. It is a true fact that the Robber barons are the lesser respected of the two because of their major characteristics based on negative thoughts and actions. These kinds of industrialists were seen to be mostly self-centered, and their actions are based on the motive of achieving the wealth for themselves only no matter if they are harmful for the society. This is the practice of the Robber Barons that result in the specific sorts of situations consisting of the exploit workers, with awful working states and the low level of wages when you check the manufacturing side. After checking the open market situations, you will come to identify that the policies of the robber barons creates the monopolies with low prices, causing the elimination of every healthy competition from the market. The policies made by the Captains of industry are entirely different from the robber barons, resulting in the benefits for the entire society including them. The great leaders and philanthropists are come under the head of the captains of the industry. They work on the principle of benefits for all and thus, the creation of more jobs, opportunities, invention, increasing productivity and lots of other advantages are the ultimate outcomes.


What is Robber Barons?

Every ruthless businessman, industrialist and leader is come under the group of the Robber barons because they are very much anxious with the personal wealth and benefit only resultant in gaining the great financial benefit and wealth just for them. The policies shaped by the Robber barons only create the financial benefits for themselves no matter if they are dangerous for the entire society. The major outcomes of the society full of the Robber Barons are the common exploitation of the workers with below par working terms, total control on the natural resources by the brutal men, generation of the abnormal profits for them through the government influences unfair and even wrong labor practices and lots of others. The market conditions of the area in which the robber barons are present are not favorable creating the monopolies by annihilating the competition. The meaning of the robber is the criminals who robbed the deprived people to benefit the rich, and the word of baron means an illegitimate character in the general public.


What is Captains of Industry?

On the other side of the coin, the industrialists who proved themselves as the true leaders of the society generating the huge number of the business opportunities, resulting in the industrial revolution and economic development are come under the head of the Captains of industry. From the great policies of the Captains of industry, the huge number of advantages will create for them as well as for the entire economy. The Captains of industry are very beneficial for the society because they cause the enhanced productivity levels and the expanded markets which result in the environment where the growth of the innovation and development, job opportunities and the philanthropic activities is a sure thing. The worldwide examples of the Captains of industry are Andrew Carnegie, Invar Kamprad, and Bill Gates. The main target of these beneficial for the whole society is not to create the wealth for them but for the entire economy or even for the whole race of the humans. Just because of the actions of these leaders, the standards of living, economic development, industrial revolution and the environment for the innovation in products and processes will obtain an instant boost.


Key Differences

  1. The Robber barons and the captains of industry are the extreme level of the industrialists and businessmen who work in the opposite directions and take part their roles for the industrial revolution and development.
  2. The ruthless businessmen, industrialists and leaders who just focus on their personal wealth and benefits on the price of the loss of the whole society are come under the category of the Robber barons. While the captains of industry are the true leaders working for producing the great business opportunities, industrial revolution, and economic development that must be beneficial for them and the society and economy at the same time.
  3. The mistreatment to the workers with low wage packages, full control over the natural resources, abnormal profits for a small number of people, creation of monopoly and unfair labor practices are the common features of the robber barons. In contrast, the increased production level, market enhancement, the best environment for the innovation & development, various sorts of increased jobs and philanthropic activities are the main features of the Captains of industry.
  4. The Captains of industry increases the supply of goods by building factories but the robber barons decreases the natural resources of the country.
  5. The Captains of industry organizes the factors of production efficiently while the robber barons exploit them.

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