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Real Boobs vs. Fake Boobs

It has been a long debate since the women are getting their breast implants and one can know that it is not too old concept(process) as it has created hype from the last several years. Amid all this the question arises that what is the actual difference between Real and Fake Boobs. There are plenty of differences as in Fake boobs women get silicon or saline implants in their boobs by surgery but the people are pondering how one can know about the difference between them by just observing them out of the bed or in the bed. Many people have elaborated their personal experiences of exploring both these types of boobs, but yet we can’t get an accurate difference just by seeing as technology is at gaining end, and the fake boobs are getting more alike the real ones. The main difference we can point out just by watching both of them is that, when the women walks real boobs also walk with them, means they actually move as they are not tightly packed and are fluffy, and one women jumps or runs you can clearly observe the difference as they also have some notable movement, whereas, Fake boobs are rigid and very minimal movement between can be felt by a naked eye as they are tightly packed.

Key Differences

Mostly the women have around 2-3 inches difference between both their boobs and if the distance between both the boobs is less than aforementioned gap that might be because of the surgery in which boobs are fixed closely to make it more sexy.
If you see the boobs naked or a girl wearing top tank and you observe the scars between the breasts, around the nipple or near the armpits you can think that they are fake as these might be the surgery scars, which she would have got after the breast implants.
If you ever experience the touch of a boob, you can differ between a real boob and fake boob as a real one is quite soft and can be squeezed easily, whereas the fake boobs are hard comparatively to the real ones and can’t be squeezed that much easy.
When one is wearing the clothes without bra you can accurately differ between real and fake boobs as if they are real they might be bending downside or will be having more movement because of their flexibility, on the other hand fake boobs will be rigid without any notable movement.
Samantha Walker
Jan 24, 2016
A study also reveal that when a women is lying the approx distance between her nipples and chin is around 10 inches, but that may vary in the one possessing fake boobs.
Harlon Moss
Jan 24, 2016
When a girl with real boobs jump dance or runs the boob excitedly moves, very same the way your body move, although in real boobs they stayed at their actual place and no such movement is being experienced.
If you hear it in a pin-drop silence room you might hear the sloshing sound when a girl with fake boobs walk as this is because of the saline implants. And the sound is produced when both these boobs rub against each other. Although, there is not such case, when it is about the home-ground boobs.

What are Real Boobs?

The are saggy, soft and of indefinite shape like pear and are mostly not much perfectly shaped like a football or melon. The most common observation which is seen that people make hasty conclusions and call every of the big boob a fake one. This comes on as one saw a bigger boob then what he/she earlier have not seen, they just comment on it calling a fake boob. These people are quite unaware of the fact that naturally blessed boobs are also of enormous size and this not compulsion that every of the big boos is being got after a surgery. Here it should be known that a women of US holds the record of largest real boobs and the gigantic size can be exemplified as she use to wears a US size 52I bra. The other thing people get confuse about this is that the women who gets their breast enhancement with having massage or other such kind of activities come under the category of fake boobs, but it isn’t so as they are also titled the real boobs

What are Fake Boobs?

The phrase ‘size does matter’ might be the most noticed or idealized phrase around the globe as majority of people go on dreaming to have things bigger, which they interpret as bigger the better. This is not just the case with women yearning to have big boobs, it is also the concern of men, who wants to have a big penis. As mentioned above, from past several years the breast implantation is quite popular and it is being opted by females worldwide. But at the same time it is also told that American women mostly choose this implantation. Hereby, it should be mentioned that according to the stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in year 2013 more than 290,000 women had breast augmentation. Beside the popularity of breast augmentation or breast implant surgery, the women also chooses breast reduction surgery, although that is not much popular across the globe.

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