Difference Between Presume vs. Assume


Main Difference

The Presume and assume are two words that might appear similar in the sense but they are not the same at all. Just properly speaking, in fact, there are a few differences between presume and assume in terms of their utilization even though they both are verbs. The adjective of assume is assumable. It can be well-known as a derivative of the verb presumes. In addition, the terminology of the “presume” has its sources in the Late Middle English. The Presume in reality comes from the old French word. While when we look at the meanings of these two words known as presume and assume, we can assure that the meaning of these words belongs really close to each other.


What is Presume?

Presume is a verb that intends to guess something to be genuinely based on past happenings or chance. While you presume you’re attaining an educated guess that is based on the selective information which you already accept or have. For making presume, you have solid grounds. There is no need of the important validation for Presume as it is intended to consider something. The words such as imagine, suspicion, conjecture, suppose, speculate, guess, surmise, suspect and daresay are employed as the synonym of presume. Adoption of the responsibilities or duties is the major feature of presume. A guess is made for the future situations is called presume.
1. We presumed that Shahzad would succeed the exam based on the information that he has already succeeded all of the tests this time of year.


2. I presume you’d wish to order your usual, Miss Saira? Chips, nuggets and burgers?

3. As it was covered in dust, I presumed that granny hadn’t used to sewing machine in quite some time.

What is Assume?

The Assume is a verb by nature that also intends to guess something to be real which is not real. It is based on no knowledge or evidence. While you assume, you’re not making an educated guess-you are simply making a guess. In order to make assume, you don’t have the solid grounds. Assume is used to intend to accept something for allowing for which there is no need of an appropriate validation. Other words which are utilized as the synonym of assume are undertake, bear, shoulder, take over and accept. A commanding role is adopted when we utilize the word of assume. As guess made for the present situation is known as assume.
1. As she did not eat her dinner party, Kiran’s mom assumed she wasn’t hungry.


2. The instructor just assumed we didn’t do our preparation because we were slow.

3. I assume you’re unhealthy because you do not eat healthy food.

Key Differences

  1. When you presume, you’ve a few grounds for your feelings. When you assume, you have no ground for the feelings.
  2. Presume intends to consider something without important validation. Whereas Assume intends to accept something for allowing without appropriate validation.
  3. Synonyms for the term presume is assume, imagine, suspicion, conjecture, suppose, speculate, guess, surmise, suspect and daresay. Whereas synonyms for the term assume is undertake, bear, shoulder, take over and accept.
  4. Presume can mean to adopt responsibilities or duties too. While assume mean to adopt a commanding role.
  5. Presume means to accept something before it had been offered or granted. Whereas assume means to accept something to oneself.
  6. The term presume is something you are pretty sure enough of, but not certain. Whereas assume is admitting something as true, but without any assertion that it is.
  7. Here we can also say that the word presume is indicating future guess. Whereas the word assume is supposing present guess.

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