Difference Between Pregnancy Symptoms and PMS Symptoms


Major Difference

Though, many of the ladies felt confused while differentiating about these symptoms, especially the one who has never been pregnant before is always speechless to describe that whether she’s gonna have her periods or is up with the big news (pregnancy). The difference which makes them totally apart is that majority of women suffers from nausea and vomiting as pregnancy symptom whereas that’s not the case as a symptom of the periods or menustration.

What is Pregnancy Symptoms?

Despite the fact that one can quickly get to know about her pregnancy in this technology obsessed world by simply using the pregnancy checking strip but still many go on feeling it naturally as getting some of the distinguishable symptoms of pregnancy from time to time. Many of the women face such strong symptoms that they can’t even hide it from anyone as they suffer from Nausea and uncontrollable vomiting. Even some women become so choosy regarding their diet and get allergic to some smells that they immediately feel dizziness or start vomiting.


What is PMS Symptoms?

Pre-Menstrual Syndromes are the set of symptoms, which women feel around a week or two before she have to get her period started. The women have their periods as per the revolving menstrual cycle unless any irregularities hurdle in. The symptoms of it are enough stronger to get to know women that she soon would be having periods and prior to that they fit tampons or pads. The other thing is that diet of the women also get disturbed as she is’nt able to eat as per her regular routine as she feels several changes as compare to the daily routine like fatigue, illness and anxiety.


Key Differences

  1. Some women experience light bleeding or spotting after 10-14 days after conception and it is being observed as the first sign of pregnancy. It is a slight bleed, which can be easily discriminated from the blood flow in periods. Although, in PMS not any bleed of such kind happens.
  2. As after the conception body went under hormonal changes and which directly affects the digestive system and leads away to constipation. On the other hand, constipation is a rare case seen as a PMS symptom.
  3. Women rely on the symptoms when it’s time for PMS, whereas in the case of pregnancy they got cheap and easy blood test which tells that whether the pregnancy is positive or not.
  4. Another strong pregnancy symptom is that one may feel that she frequently has to urinate; on the other hand in PMS such signs are not seen.
  5. Anxiety and depression are the most prominent signs along with cramps on several body parts as a sign of PMS, although as pregnancy symptom mood swing are one of the most prominent signs.
  6. The consistent rise in the temperature (after ovulation) is also one of the strong indication that you might be pregnant, on the other hand, as a PMS symptom temperature slightly increase but that wouldn’t be consistent.
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