Difference Between Moles vs. Warts


Main Difference

From the health point of view, the skin care is also important and this is the major reason that most of the people wish to care their skin. It is a dream of every person to have a clear and a radiating skin as a healthy and good looking skin is all that one need to look elegant, attractive and beautiful in the eyes of the others. Most of the spots present on the surface of the skin are not dangerous at all till the time when they are usual. But some of the skin conditions which are not natural in particular should be taken into consideration. These are the skin problems that you have to investigate mainly known as warts. Most of us are not able to understand the difference the Moles and Warts but it is necessary to know the dissimilarity because it will serve you well for the treatment of warts. Both of them are able to make the spots on the skin but these are the warts that are dangerous in nature as they have the tendency to spread not only to the other parts of the body and they are able to spread to other people as well. The color of the skin can be determined just because of the action of the melanocytes. This is the presence of the Melanocytes which gives the skin color of any person. The people who have more melanocytes in their body mostly have the dark skin color and just opposite to the case of those people having light skin color. Having more melanocytes is a favorable thing because it will decrease the rate of suffering from cancer. The presence of the moles on the skin’s surface is totally depending on the availability of the Melanocytes. After checking the creation process of the warts, you will come to know that this is the HPV that is commonly called the human papilloma virus, is the prime agent for warts. The appearance of the warts will come in front of you is the form of the rough growth that come into sight on the hands and fingers or on the soles of the feet in most of the cases. They are not secluded to these areas only but at the same time, you can observe them on the other parts of the body, including face, arms or legs and in some situation can be appeared in the genital or anal area as well. The moles are basically the pigmentation in the skin which becomes visible in various colors consisting of red, black or brown in most of the situations. The warts and moles are the skin abnormalities but totally unlike from each other.


What is Moles?

Most of us have moles in various parts of the body that may be large in number or small. In most of the states, they come into existence and blow up during the period in which a child is growing and they continue to appear till the adolescent age. But the moles can be appeared in the later age in addition in some cases. The size of the Moles can be as small as the minute dots but can be expanded to more than a centimeter in diameter as well. The looks of the moles and their texture are not similar and the color is dark such as black or brown in most of the moles. In rare cases, you may find yellow, flesh tone, or reddish in shade colors in the moles. There are very rare chances of having any pain because of a mole. The appearance of the moles is different that may be either bumps on the skin, or may be flat in nature. The presence of moles on the surface of the skin is not dangerous in most of the cases but there are some complications of moles are present. The skins cancer is said to be highly correlated with the moles for example those inborn moles having large size and uneven in shape. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), any person having the 50 to 100 Moles on the body is at high risk of the skin cancer. In order to initiate your moles treatment process, you have to employ some certain cream medications from which invented by a Filipino scientist is ideal. The moles sometimes are said to be a sign of beauty particularly when they appear on face.


What is Warts?

The presence of the warts can be found in different shapes. You can expect the appearance of a Wart on the surface of the hands or they may be appeared on the soles of the feet that are known as the plantar warts. When you find the warts on the surface of the face or forehead, they will be known as the flat warts commonly appear on young children. The looks of the Warts are non-oval and can be found in various colors ranging from light to dark. In most of the situations, the emergence of the warts may cause discomfort, if they are not rubbed or scratched. Having the genital warts is an alarming condition because they have the ability to spread in the body to other people causing cancer of the cervix or vulva in the upcoming days. The practice of the Pap smears is best for females who have genital warts. Different types of are wart removers, creams, and laser action are the common treatments of warts suggested by a dermatologist. The warts can cause pain in the case of getting infection and inflammation but they are painless in normal conditions.


Key Differences

  1. The major reason of producing the Moles is the melanocyte formation on the skin but the warts are come into life by HPV.
  2. The shape of the Moles is usually circular and flat. In contrast, the size of the warts is not regular and is raised on the skin.
  3. If any complication occurs in Moles, the chances of the skin cancer will rise. On the other hand, the cancers of the cervix or vulva are associated with the warts.
  4. The looks of the warts is always ugly, but the Moles can enhance the beauty if they appear on the surface of the face in particular.

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